''Before squid game'' (By: JoseAzteca)

Iba a ponerle texto pa’ dar más contexto pero realmente me dio una pereza increíble el hacerlo, por lo cual, como es obvio, no le puse nada más que los dibujos. Por mi estupidez, algunos paneles están un poco raros debido a que perdí la mayoría del proceso de los mismo estando despistado haciendo que me sea muy difícil la tarea de obtener los colores exactos (No sé si me expliqué bien)

I was going to put text to give more context but I was really lazy to do it, so, as it is obvious, I didn’t put anything but the drawings. Because of my stupidity, some panels are a bit weird because I lost most of the process of them being absent-minded making it very difficult for me to get the colors right (I don’t know if I explained myself well).



I wish I could have maintained the quality Dx


I’m sorry, but which panel is “bad” quality? Fantastic work, I adore your coloring and line work.


This is high quality man, not a single doubt about it


maintain the quality ?
OH come fucking on
it’s all gorgeous


Half the fluffies may survive Red Light, Green Light, but then the rest would die from the Honeycomb Game because hooves lol.

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The quality is wonderful throughout all the panels
Wonderfully done :heart:

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Hahaha nice work!