berry by marzipan

I’ve only had one fluffy oc this whole time so I made a second, berry! it’s based on a (non-fluffy) minifigure I made a while back.


Is the second one rotting?

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Is that a tiny strawberry hat? :0 with a little bow?? It reminds me of those obviously-gardener NPCs in cute games


Looks like

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yes! <3

yea, I didn’t know that was a thing, I’d love to play a game like that! <3 <3

A fresh strawberry hat is cute. A rotting strawberry hat, not so much.

My heart-

This fluffy stole my heart.

It’s okay, they can keep it.

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Cute! A sweet and creative accessory like this would be a hit for fluffies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: