Bestesh Daddeh (by fluffysomething)

Fluffy is… a fluffy. Fluffy is a daddeh fluffy! Babbehs are so little and cute, but fluffy’s special-friend won’t let fluffy have special-huggies anymore! Fluffy wants special-huggies, but special-friend said that babbehs need milkies and huggies more! Dummy babies! What can fluffy do?

“Speshew-fwend wet fwuffy hab speshew-huggies nao?” Fluffy asks, sounding exacerbated. Fluffy’s special-lumps have hurties, and fluffy wants special-huggies right now!

“Nu. Fwuffy am sowwy, speshew-fwend. Babbehs dwinkin’ miwkies wite nao. Babbehs su widdwe, nee’ mummah.” Special-friend says, still feeding and nuzzling the six little babies. Why doesn’t she get it!? Fluffy wants special-huggies!

“Buh, waiiiii?? Fwuffy hab wowstesh speshew-wump huwties, nee’ speshew-huggies! Huu-huu…” Fluffy whines, complaining and whimpering. Special-friend only gives fluffy a normal hug, and goes back to feeding those dummy babies!

Special-friend has babbehs. Babbehs make special-friend do mummah-things. Mummah-things mean no special-huggies.

What if… fluffy made babbehs go bye-bye?

Fluffy is smart! Fluffy can just make babbehs go bye-bye! Fluffy is the smarty-est fluffy in the whole… everything!

It is dark-time. Special-friend and babbehs are sleepies. Fluffy stumbles out of the cardboard box they all live in, plucking the babbehs off special-friend’s back one by one, carrying them away.

“Dummeh babbehs nu wet fwuffy haf speshew-huggies nu mowe… Git foweba-sweepies!” Fluffy says, stomping on the little babies until a gorey puddle remains. Fluffy walks back, boo-boo juice on their hoofsies.

“Speshew-fwend, wakies. Babbehs go foweba-sweepies. Speshew-huggies nao?” Fluffy asks, as special-friend stirs awake. Babies went what!?

“Wha… Wha!? Nuuu! Nu wan speshew-huggies, whewe babbehs? Babbehs!” Special-friend cries out, noticing the bloody puddle and sobbing.

“Munstah get babbehs… Am bad mummah…” Special-friend sobs, curling up on herself as… what’s behind her? Is that babies?

“Speshew-huggies nao! Enf, enf, enf…” Fluffy grunts, hovering over special-friend. Fluffy gets special-huggies now! Yay!

“Nuuu! NUUUUU!! STAHP! NU WAN! WAN BABBEHS!!” Special-friend sobs, trying to move away.

Silly special-friend, special-huggies make more babies! Fluffy can just get rid of those babies if he doesn’t get special-huggies again, too! Fluffy is the bestest daddeh!


Simple minded fluffies I love this. Can enf cause of babbehs? Just smash them.


This scenario and dialogue are all from a pre-existing image, though I can’t find the image itself. You should credit the original creator.

U mean this ?

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Ty <3

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He should have smashed them one by one to get rid of the pain in his special lumps while blaming it on a monster.