Big litters ( Gal-with-Pastels)

I like to head cannon that mares have 6 teats, and depending on how big their litter is , Results in how many teats will be full of milk for they’re young.

the biggest litter they can have is 6


Mother of god she is gonna go splodie !


Mares like this are probably a better explanation for why Fluffies are so rampent.

Don’t need to worry about population decline when you’re firing out 57 foals once a month.


this may be my personal headcannon. but big litters for me have up to 12 foals.

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6 Is about the max for my breed
( I consider every artist to be his or her own breed of fluffies, so less head canon and more Pastel fluffies can go up to 12. )


yeah, i sorta thought of them being like cats and dogs with the amount of foals they came have , along with how many teats they have.

I consider them more like rabbits.
Fluffies can carry only up to 6 but they carry them to term really quickly and foals grow up fast.
So a single pair of fluffies could bring 24 foals in to the world in a single year.

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ah i see

That’s just me though.
( and possibly kitsune fluffies)

Dang she’s gotta have a wickedly sore back.


… J-just how many foals are coming out of that thing?!


Not enough to have a fry up.


Reminds me of regular animals we got like pigs, catto and doggos


was sorta going for that,

Fluffies remind me of my Pug, Very clingy and needy.


But unlike horses.

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As prolific as her creator.
There are precedents for extra sets of teats on fluffies - Deliverance, for example. Some headcanons have such well-endowed mares being a special milking breed.

Wow! She is gonna be busy with all those babbehs.

My personal head canon is a large litter could be 6-8, but most litters are 2-4. In my mind they can properly feed about 3 or 4 normally with only two tits. But it can also depend on the fluffy as some produce more milk than others, some produce very little, and it’s also possible to induce milk production using special food. I’ve seen fluffies with four before, but six is interesting!

honestly thought about them having teats similar to dogs and cats

[quote=“BFM101, post:3, topic:38630”]
firing out 57 foals once a month
[/quote] * Imagines a fluffy with a full-auto “special pwace” popping out babbehs in three shot bursts and falls over laughing*

Probably gonna have 20 or 30 foals.