Billy The Filly! #2 (A littlepog series)

Billy The Filly
Pt 2
Bathroom Burnout

(Taking place directly after the ending events of part 1)

Brad grits his teeth as he climbs back to his feet. He knew he needed to fix the problems here. All of them. One. By. One. Starting with this god-forsaken smell. He holds his breath and reaches up for the small window above the toilet, unlatching it and swinging it open. He could feel the soft mist of cold water as raindrops collided with the window screen, sending a cold micromist of water and chilled air into his rancid restroom.

Billy, cowering on her shit-caked belly, let out another round of soft scardie chirps as the cold breeze began to wrap itself around her tiny soggy body like an ice-covered blanket.

chirp chirp CHIIIRR

Billy shivered violently. The cold air stung as it nipped into her wet fluff and soft skin; The pain and cold caused her toothless gums to chatter at such a violent rate that they began lightly bleeding in the pits that would soon be the sites of her first teeth.

Billy opened her mouth slightly to once more let out a cry for help, but was only met with a sharp sting of pain as her toothless jaw clamped down on her little tongue in another wave of violent chattering. While it didn’t cause any serious damage, it did ever-so-slightly break the skin on her tongue causing just a bit more bleeding inside her mouth.
The foal could only flop back down on her belly and sob as her body violently shook from the cold, occasionally stopping to cough or spit up varying amounts of blood and snot.

Ignoring her pained cries from the cold for a few minutes, Brad quickly reaches into the cupboard below the sink and produces a can of Fabrizzle, a totally non-copyright air-freshener scented mister spray, and begins gassing the room. “Air Freshener” scented mist slowly fills the room, masking the smell of fluffy shit and piss.

“Thank god. I can breathe. Next problem. Billy.”

The words seem to slide out of Brad’s mouth one by one, slicing the air around them as they fluttered out into the silence of the cold, salmon pink bathroom.

Silence… Cold…

“Oh shit, Billy?”

Brad’s face suddenly shifts back into one of great concern as he shifts his attention back to the bathtub. Billy has stopped chirping, and at this point Brad can’t tell if she’s shaking or not. Without skipping a beat, he’s picking her up by the scruff of her neck and lunging for the sink of warm water.

The sudden pinch of her scruff and jolting motion causes Billy to let out a soft, fearful peep before Brad is submerging her in belly-deep water. It’s warm. It’s comforting. It feels safe. Billy doesn’t let out another sound as Brad softly pours warm water from a dixie cup over her matted fluff.


Part 2! I’ve got 1 or 2 parts left in this section of the Billy saga, so stay tuned!


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Half expected Billy to get shit triggered three times in this chapter after the last. ~Chuckle~

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