Birthday huggies (carniviousduck)


Happy Birthday, CD!

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Happy birthday friend :heart: Hope your wishes come true ^w^

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You are getting those hugs, and you’re gonna like them, young duck!


Happy birthday! Man, I wish I got hugged by a bunch of fluffies.


Happy Birthday! I’m glad you get some nummie treats today.

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Happy birthday, legend!!!

Happy Birthday… :birthday:

Happy birthday, remember you are only allowed to kill them when they least expect it.


Talk about a turd’ducken. xD

Didn’t realize you were also a fellow September baby! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on having completed yet another orbit around the sun. :grin:

happy birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day. Here’s to another year of creative art and laughs.

Happy Birthday Duck!

Happy Birthday :birthday::tada::balloon::duck:

Maybe it should be happy duckday.

Happy Birthday!