Bitch Princess (by: FallenAngel)

Base on story by @TheHauntedTypewriter

Story can be read HERE

Before and After

Poor Rena learn a valuable lesson.


I see a pattern here.

Oh hey, neat work! Didn’t expect to see this today, and I’m glad I did.

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Glad ya like it :blush:

Yeah; reminds me that folks still like my content, even when I ain’t writing as much these days. Hopefully, with the Summer, I can fix that.

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Still waiting patiently on chapter 16 and the revenge for Ruddy. :blush::+1:


I’ll prob re-edit and rerelease it later this week, after I handle some paid writing.

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Yeheyyy will wait for it as always :blush::clap:

So the Bestest Babbeh is taking milk that’s developing during a pregnancy? Good job on fucking over your would-be siblings, kid.

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Basically that fat shit is hogglin both tits and demanding thats his alone added her dumb mother said so as well. Because being “bestes baby”

Hahaha what a stupid shitrat mare she is. Also what a stupid shitrat bratty foal.

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Hahaha the shitrats get what they deserves.

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She learns humans are munstahs?

No Rena learn being a mother isnt that easy without proper guidance and time.

Its base on the fic linked on the art

The fat baby and dumb bitch deserve so much worse, but at least they get their comeuppances.

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