Black and White, a FOF MRI Short Story by Loopie

Black and White

Serenity couldn’t believe her eyes! How could she, a beautiful reddish pink unicorn, with the bestest special friend, a bright yellow unicorn stallion named Lemondrop, produce nothing but…but…poopie babies? Lemondrop and Mummah, the nicest hoomin lady who adopted the pair of fluffies when those mean FluffMart workers wanted to separate them, were oooing and awwing over the babies, declaring them to be the prettiest babies they ever saw. Was something wrong with their see-places? These were all poopie babies, how can poopie babies be pretty?

Over the course of many forevers, Serenity tried in vain to get her special friend and Mummah to see the babies for what they truly were, a bunch of dummeh poopies who were trying to hide her true babies from her! When her pleas went unheeded, she decided the next best course of action was to get the poopies to admit to her where they had hidden her babies. Surely by now they were having worstest tummy hurties with her milk!

“Dummeh poopie babbehs, teww Sewenity whewe ou hidsies pwettiest babbehs ow nu gib mowe miwkies!” The chorus of peeps and chirps that responded to her demand only caused more frustration for the mare. These dummies were crying for milk, even now! She hadn’t been giving them their fill every feeding time, worrying that when her true babies showed up, she wouldn’t have enough milkies for them. Huffing, she raised a hoof up “Dummeh poopie babbehs, take sowwy hoofsies!”

Before she could even start being her hoof down to strike the chirping foals, she was tackled hard from the side, tumbling into a roll before slamming into the safe room wall. Dazed and confused, her eyes focused just enough on her attacker to recognize the blurry shape as Lemondrop! “Huu huu, why speciaw fwen huwt Sewenity, am gud fwuffy!” Lured in by the noise, Mummah came thundering into the safe room, taking in the scene that lay before her. Before Serenity could muster the strength to speak again, Lemondrop shouted “Mummah, Mummah, Sewenity twy tu gib babbehs foweba sweepies!” The stunned mare tried to speak up, to defend her actions, but she was so winded and tired suddenly, her eyes fluttering shut. The last thing she remembered was Mummah’s footsteps and the feeling of being lifted up…

“…and when I went to check on what all the ruckus was, Lemondrop told me she was trying to kill them!” Serenity was just starting to wake up again, but her Mummah’s voice was unmistakable to her. She stirred a bit, then shakily tried to raise herself up onto her hooves to stand. It wasn’t until her hooves slid out from underneath her that she realized she was in the fluffy carrier that Mummah used when taking her to the Fluffy Doctor! She glanced around, and sure enough, she was in one of those bright white rooms, with the icky smell that reminded her of sickies and medicine.

Looking around some more, her eyes focusing as her mind cleared, she then noticed the poopie babbehs on a towel, their bellies full and looking content in a fluff pile! She tried to lunge for them, to make them pay for their misdeeds, but the carrier stopped her. “Ah, looks like she’s recovered from having the wind knocked out of her.” Came a strange, almost cold voice. It sounded like a daddeh hoomin, but not the same voice of her usual Fluffy Doctor. “Whewe am Sewenity doc-tah, whewe am Sewenity babbehs?”

The face, or the spot where there should have been a face, that leaned down made Serenity give a little yelp of fear, but no scaredy poopies came out with it. Unbeknownst to the mare, she had been emptied out while unconscious, so as to make sure the examination room remained sterile. “Your babies are right here, receiving treatment for their malnourishment.” came the cold voice again, this time from the shiny, dark colored faceless face that loomed in front of the frightened mare. “D-d-dose n-nu Sewenity’s b-b-babbehs, a-am dummeh p-p-p-poopie b-babbehs!”

A curious “Hmm…” was all she got in reply, and then the carrier was turned to face away from the foals, before the door was unlatched and opened, a gloved hand reaching in to grab Serenity by the scruff of her neck “Eeeee, bad upsies!” she cried, dragged from the safety of the carrier to sit before the scary no-face hoomin, who then shined a bright light into her eyes. A muttered “Huu huu, tuu bwight fow see-pwaces, why huwt fwuffy?” voiced her displeasure, but then she was presented with seven soft, squishy blockies! “Am pway time? Why scawy doc-tah gib Sewenity bwockies?”

“The blocks aren’t what is important here, it’s the colors. Can you tell me what color each one is?” No-Face Doctor asked, standing imposingly over the fluffy. Serenity glanced over the blocks, then pointed at each one saying “Dis bwockie am wed wike Sewenity, an dis one am yewwow wike Wemondwop…” she paused, pointing to the next two and saying “Dis bwockie am bwown wike poopies, and dis one wook gween wike sickie wawas…” Before she could point out the rest of the colors, the blockies were taken away, just as soon as they had appeared! “Whu abou west of bwockies? Sewenity nu dun tewwing wha am cowows!”

“I’ve seen enough, and I believe I have a solution.” said the No-Face Doctor, though it looked like he was saying it to Mummah. Serenity was herded back into the carrier, and the doctor left the room. After what felt like forever, Serenity was back out of the carrier, fussing and complaining the doctor fit an elastic band around her head, which were connected to two weird looking tiny windows. When the meanie doctor stepped back, Serenity looked at Mummah and blinked in confusion “When Mummah head fwuff change cowow?” The mare looked around confused, her eyes falling onto the blockies from earlier. Where were the brown and sickie green ones? “Wha happen tu bwockies?”

“What’s she talking about, doc? What are those glasses for?” Mummah said, a twinge of concern in her voice. The No-Face Doctor let out a satisfied huff, then set Serenity down by the shallow bowl where the poopie babies were still sleeping in their fluffies. Only now, the poopies weren’t poopies, but a glorious color she had never seen before! She approached the bowl, staring down in disbelief at the prettiest babies she had seen, then frowned as her thinkie place ticked like crazy. What had Mummah called the things on her head again? “Gwasses…pway twick on Sewenity see-pwaces? Make poopie babbehs nu wook wike poopies?”

This got a hearty chuckle from the No-Face Doctor, which scared Serenity more than anything! “No no, your see-places were playing a trick on you. The glasses are to help them to stop being mean to you and your babies.” Turning to Mummah once again, he started in on his summarized explanation “Your fluffy here suffers from colorblindness that, in her specific case, makes her see oranges and bright greens as much duller colors, like brown and olive drab. It’s quite ironic, given their predisposition to be so brightly colored all the time, for them to have such a condition. All out research here says that only one in every one hundred thousand fluffies has some form of colorblindness, though that could be much higher, given that there are possibly billions of fluffies out there.”

Serenity continued to stare into the bowl, the gears in her head finally clicking into place and making a horrible connection. “Babbehs…awways pwettiest babbehs? Bu…Den…am bad mummah?” As soon as the words left her mouth, she started bawling, reaching into the bowl and scooping up one of her foals, hugging it tight, but not too tight. “Mummah suuuuu sowwy babbehs, nu wan be meaniest Mummah ebah!”

Still crying and singing a tearful rendition of a mummah song, she and the foals were placed into the carrier once more. Paperwork was exchanged, payment rendered, and a friendly goodbye of “Thank you once again for coming to the Friends of Fluffies Medical Research Institute. We hope you and your fluffies enjoy their improved health.”


I saw MRI and thought this would be about a Fluffy being cooked by radiation.

This is a much nicer story with a good redemption arc for Serenity. Hopefully she doesn’t spoil the kids too much trying to make up for it


MRI is just the shorthand I’m using for Medical Research Institute. This was just a silly little idea of “What if a fluffy was colorblind and needed corrective lenses?” that popped into my head earlier, and belting it out in a way that felt natural for both me and the setting of my larger story universe came easier than I thought it would.


I always wondered why I’d never seen a colorblind fluffy. I always thought this idea had potential and lo and behold here it is. Nice one.
I’d still be pissed about her trying to kill her fucking babies because of fluffy racism.