Blind (as in blind bag) foal in a cans?

Idea for a plot threat or story for you guys:
Breeder loot boxes, or blind foal in a cans. You buy a fluffy for a set price and you can get anything from a brown on puke earthie to a gold and silver alicorns with coloration patterns.

I don’t imagine actual breeders would partake in gambling like that since a fluffy isn’t a csgo skin that can just sit in your inventory indefinitely, and anyone who’d try to make money or youtube content this way would have a fuckton of fluffies they probably don’t want but I think it has potential.

Let me know what you think


I believe there may actually be already something similar, to the best of my memory, it was a gumball machine that would give you a foal, is this similar to what you are thinking of?

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you can if you skin it

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I made a comic with that concept once! I don’t know if anyone else has done anything similar, though. It definitely operates on the sunk-cost fallacy.


Sounds like a good idea. Since most people enjoy unboxing videos, I can see someone’s channel grow like other unboxing channel. Most likely, the behind the scenes may have the unboxing channel partner with a large Abuser Torture channel that also partakes in the mystery box deals, which would make some people irate when they see a profitable get abused and tortured.

I did something similar with One of my stories. Essentially the vending machine has a frosted glass front so you can’t tell what you’re getting.

Of course Foal-in-a-can being so cheap, most people just dump the ones they don’t want and buy another one.


I had this idea already. Mystery foals. Basically a foal in a can but the glass is blacked out. Two levels, basic and deluxe. Deluxe includes the possibility of an alicorn.

That’s genius. Absolutely genius.