Bluejay and Kit-Kat. (fluffersnuffer)


Recently adopted into a loving family and treated kindly, this fluffy is fiercely determined to return the kindness. the well-mannered mare Bluejay scours the backyard relentlessly for something to give her owners. Kit-Kat, her only surviving foal, accompanies her on the short trip. While the backyard holds nothing of true value, it is a treasure trove of colors and wonders for a fluffy to waddle through. Eventually, she settles on a (horrifically drawn) sunflower, which she will return as a token of her appreciation.

It is unknown why she took so long to spot it, despite being drawn with eyes the size of car hubcaps.

(shoutout to bad roomie for a pointer on how to add fluff)


a nummie for a nummie


super cute!


Oooh, what was the pointer? I suck at drawing fluff!


…Werent you 3.0 last time ?

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uh, add lines first. That sounds basic, right?
my dumbass never did it.

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nope, absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. always been four. yessir, good old four, that’s a good number.


Right right I see , I’ll be keeping that in mind when V6.0 rolls around.

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That’s the trick: if you don’t know, you don’t know. You’ll notice 99% of my fluffies look like muppets. No fluff :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, I like the style.

Fluff is just wavy blobby or scraggely lines anyway.

“Just” suggests its easy. I suck at it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s where practicing a lot comes in.

I think there’s an underlying understanding that needs to be there. I don’t do primitive shapes/skeletons well, so my drawing of people is horrendous.

I love this idea, and your fluffy is adorbs! Wanna give her huggies!


Big cute🥰

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Awwww a applicational fluffy she deserves to live a good long life​:+1::+1::+1:

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Wholesome and adorable
Love it :heart:

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Honestly the only way you can get any of that is to practise a lot.
All the tips and advice in the world wont matter or help anything, if you don’t pick up a pen pencil or stylus and put them to use.

Well, I’ve been practicing. Been working on color recently.