Boopco Pinata Munchkin Fluffys by Boopco (by Booperino)

who asked for new boopco lore TOO BAD HERES NEW BOOPCO LORE


Fuck I actually want one. It’s like a phoenix but dumb.


I know how you feel, explosion-fetish fluffy. Shameful, inconvenient sexual desires happen to the best of us.


Confetti type with a new one inside! Boppoco make sure their brand is only theirs alone.

Poor stallion getting pop up every enfie good thing it never blow up his no-nos :sweat_smile:


The little new fluffy is just friggin’ adorable! :heart_eyes:


raises hand nervously Uh I wanted more Boopco lore, Mr. Booperino s-sir.

And my god does this not disappoint. A reinvention of the classic fluffsplosion that actually, kinda sorta if you squint makes sense!

Very impressive, sir, very impressive indeed.

Now, what happens if we stick more potent explosives in one of these little guys? Asking for a “friend” who could really something to “lift his spirits”.


You could use these as timebombs.

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Party Popper. Stop mislabeling. Do I have to whistle blow again?

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Phoenix fluffies, yes.

Especially if there’s a genetic memory/reincarnation sort of thing going on…

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How big is the explosion?

Can the explosion be made bigger by feeding them something like baking soda?

If I tape nails to the side of one will I have a nail bomb or just more mess to clean?

Can they be cut open to replace the glitter with the radioactive particulate thus creating a makeshift dirty bomb?

How soft is their fluff?

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Can I like, have an infinite piniata if I use it as such at the right time? A solid WHACK and a new fluffy flies out

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you gotta time it carefully but yes, you can :stuck_out_tongue:

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answering your questions in order:

like a big party balloon

you’ll have baking soda along with sparkles and a premature explosion for not being a boopco food

i mean, it wound explode too far to begin with

attempting to cut open would lead to premature explosion and as the explosion radius is minimal you’ll only be making a localized mess

very very soft

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Responding to your answers in order







and this is show looners appeared

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Goodness Gracious this is hilarious and funnily written

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I’m gonna need at least twenty of these fuckers, the research must begin immediately

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