Bowl Fluffiy's adventure, THE GAME

A fluffy game I made forever ago, can’t remember if I posted it to the site or not, but here you go. Try your best to save the falling babies, lol.


love the detail of the music going slower the heavier she gets lol also the tiny legs wiggling is adorable


Does the color of the babbehs affect the score and weight?


Yes to both, the better the foal the better their score/weight ration is.

This is a pretty neat little game and a nice touch that not all foals are worth the same point value to make it a little more interesting than just catching whatever foals you see. idk if you plan on updating or making different versions, but it’d be cool if when the foals land in the water, some sort of “screee” or “nuu, nu wawa pwease!” sound played to make it different from the sound of the rocks landing in the water.


That was great! The slowing music and panicked flailing as she gets heavier really made it funny! :laughing:

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Or let them die and the mare get depressed.