Bowl Foal Accident (By: Jejjick)

Another phone doodle shit post, now featuring an unfortunate bowl mama and an over eager bestest baby.


Bowl fluffies are the most counter productive breed its actually insane

“so we are really wide so we can float on our backs and move around on water”

"we cant swim however and our foals have no ability whatsoever on water, oh we cant really steer where we go either and have no natural defence when on our backs so jesus take the wheel ¯_(ツ)_/¯ "


Yeah lmao it’s like a weird attempt at evolution but leaves them ridiculously vulnerable, so it’s basically useless.


So bowl fluffies are kinda like otters but fucking dumber and with a dumber design. Though seeing then drown or perish never gets old.


Don’t worry. Maybe a convenient wave will wash him up just in time for him to only be severely and permanantly derped from lack of oxygen to his brain, rather than have forever sleepies. There’s hope, mummah!

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The original idea as I half-remember it from the booru was actually that they’d stand in fields and hide their foals under their fluffy bowl-bodies for protection and warmth. Not sure what kind of practical use that would have actually, but there you go.

Personally I like the idea of them as terribly inept sea otters. It’s funny.

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