can't figure out how to delete my account

shouldn’t have joined in the first place, wanted to delete this for a while now. if a mod could delete all my posts, comments, etc, that’d be lovely jovely, aye. thanks for the fun experiences, i’ll be thinkin about yall!


Rather enjoyed your content. But I respect the wish to leave/delete your account. Hope you’re okay though!

I’ll miss you, Hope things go better for you.

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Take care out there! I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

I have never seen your art before but its very pretty and I wish you the best for your future adventures.

You could ask a mod or admin directly if you´d like this to go faster.

I think you need to delete them manually. I could be wrong but as far as I know thats how the site’s system works .

Do what you must, but I find “shouldn’t have joined in the first place” to be odd, you drew some great art and even thanked for the fun <3 I know it’s not for everyone but try not to regret what you’ve done. Have fun out there space cowboy.


If I remember your account doesant get deleted your name just changes to anonymous and numbers and any art I think gets archived.

For everyone’s notice: until we are sure that the cause of leaving is something we can’t fix, we are not deleting anything. This means that if anyone of you want your account deleted, please wait for a massage from someone from a mod team instead of saying bye and bolting into the sunset.


SHIT sorry lmao, knew i shoulda checked before :,)

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