Capitulo cuatro parte 1 (Bryart)


I can’t really translate it but how it’s playing out is telling me exactly how it’s going to play out.


So he stop them from eating the sketties and they start having tantrum callin him names looks like another feed for the snake😈

Just save the poor poopie babu he seems been bullied there.


Nunca le he visto sentido a traducir “sorry poopies” por “popós/cacas de perdón”. En español carece de sentido y creo que la traducción correcta aquí sería interpretar “sorry” por “lástima” o “pena”.

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Babies seem varying degrees of derp.

Salmon is supposed to be throwing a tantrum I suppose, but it looks more like it is legitimately trying to eat the carpet.

Canary shit on the floor, but its a tiny baby and I don’t see a litter box, plus the giant open mouth smile as it walks away suggests its not all there.

Sod there is a bullied Poopie. Also, the rare Pegasus Poopie, which would be quite valuable as a cutie.

Blue has chosen to respond to sketties by continuing to bully sod Fluffy, suggesting aggression issues that could be solved with a creative outlet so he becomes a Toughie-friend.

I didn’t even notice, and its probably a Bestest Smarty given its riding her, but it should have a chance.

The mother looks like she has one facial expression, which as we know is a social media plus for cases like Tarter Sauce.

The human has wall eyes, so he quite possibly is a Derped Lab Brat (if I may use my own term).

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ese wey amarillo creyendo que dió una lección, es tan lindo y patético <3 quiero patearlo (??)


Purple mare: “SKETTIEEES!! Dankyu daddeh, mummah nao can can make bestes miw-”
Guy: NOP!
Purple mare: Wha!? Bu’ daddeh! Fwuffy am gud fwuffy!! Dummeh daddeh giv mummah sketties!!
Pink foal: Dummeh daddeh!
Blue foal: Dis am dummeh poopie bwotha’s fauwt!!
Yellow foal: Dummeh daddeh! Take sowwy poopies fo’ nu giv mummah sketties!! shits Dummeh daddeh, babbeh teach 'ou!


So the poopie is possible the only decent one there?


It is the case in 99% of the times. A cheep tool to make you feel more sorry for him


If only the yellow foal sprayed the blue in shit.

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Mother is being set up for bratty behavior so punishment is not exactly justified beyond the purpose of correcting behavior.

Pink is literally just repeating what it just heard. So its learning new behavior. I still argue that it was chewing on the carpet beforehand.

Blue is a moron, but isn’t showing the owner hostility and instead is blaming the family. Being taught that bullying its sibling is bad would fix it.

Yellow is showing serious behavioral issues beyond the rest of the family, and seems most arrogant of all. That one needs corrective work done.

White is completely quiet. Good babbeh. Same with sod Fluffy.

Human is still Derped and probably artificially altered.

Time to breakout the pillower again. Give the brown one all the sketties and make the rest eat their own weggies while they watch him eat the sketties.