Château de Vertige. Cours: deux [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint stared in curiosity as the Next meal was brought in.

As the dish rattled. Clint could hear a very conflicting noise coming from the dome. Verdun raised the it to reveal five Fluffies. The ‘Smarty’ was a Alicorn and had a Sulfur Yellow coat, with a Green Blue mane. The Smarty was hitting a mare that he kept calling ‘Dummeh Speshuw Fwend’. The Mare was Cream Colored, with a Raspberry Red Mane, The poor thing was being hit by two of the three foals around her. The First Foal was a Carmine Red Peagaus with no mane. The Pegasus kept suckling at its mother’s teat as the other two tried hurting their mother, not a care in the world as it’s mother begged for mercy.

The Second Foal was an Earthie one of the two who were beating their Mother, had a Pebble Grey Coat with Pure White mane. Old enough to blame its mother for the situation it was in. Finally the Third Foal, it had a Lilac Coat and a Flame Red mane, and surprise, surprise, it was a Alicorn. Seeing enough, Clint pointed to the Mare. “Her, ill take her, But I’d like to speak to her first.” Verdun obliged, swatting the Smarty away from the mare, picking her up, and placing her next to Clint in the booth of the table.

“P-pwease sniff… Nu mowe huwties… S-sowwey… Fwuffy am sowwy… Huu-huu.” Cried the Poor Mother, it’s Foals and Special Friend blowing raspberries at her, not noticing Verdun beginning to sharpen his knifes behind them. “Hey there Sweetie… Are you okay?” Clint asked, genuinely saddened by how her own families treatmen of her. “F-Fwuffy hab nyu name? Namesie a-am Sweetie? W-weawwy?!” Sweetie asked. Clint’s face became one of ‘Fuck I was totally gonna name her something else’ then back to caring, as he scooped up Sweetie and gave her a big hug. “Sure Sweetie, sure…” Clint said. Sweetie reacted to the Hug as if she had never had one before in her life. “W-wuv nyu namesies! Wuv bein’ Sweetie! W-WUV NYU DADDEH!” Sweetie cried hugging Clint as hard as she could. Clint noticed Donna laughing as Sweetie hugged the full grown man.

“Sweetie, this is Donna, she’s a nice lady who takes care of other Fluffies.” Clint explained, handing over Sweetie to Donna, mid drink into her Root-Beer. “Hi Sweetie! I’m Donna!” The two ladies talked, Sweetie noticing that she did in fact smell like other fluffies, as Clint pointed to the Carmine Red Foal. “that one SBS?” Clint asked. “Yes sir, but don’t worry, that will not take away from its flavor.” Verdun responded. Verdun excused himself, came over to pick up Sweetie, and handed her to Damien, just outside the room. “Bye-bye nyu Daddeh! Wuv 'ou!” cried Sweetie as she was taken to wherever the Lucky Fluffies go.

“Nyu Daddeh?” The Smarty asked, two of his foals also joining in on the question.

All but the Sensitive Foal was asking about the aspects of a father, It wanted milk! “PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! PEEEEP!”

As the chef picked up the overweight foal, Clint was reminded of Mambo… Only Mambo cared for his family, not like this fat fuck. The foal was shaved, and was completely naked to the two Customers before it. “NU! WEABE DUMMEH BESTES’ AWONE! SMAWTY GIB HUWTIES!” The Smarty said, trying to appear deadly. Verdun simply back handed the stallion, and went back to work on the Sensitive Foal.

The Foal was set in front of his father for the entire preparation of Farci Duveteux…

Stuffed Fluffy.

The Foal was kept alive as Verdun began to cut a thick layer of skin off of the back of the sensitive foal revealing the bare muscles along with its spine. As the Foal’s back was ripped off from its still living body, it cried and screeched out. “SCREEEEE-PEEP-PEEP! SCREEEEEEEEE-SCREEEEE-PEEP-PEEP!” The Smarty father and its two brothers watched as Verdun dislocated and broke each and every leg on the foal. All had been severed and placed into a similar sauce to brine in. The Foal now practically a Ball of Fat, had its ribs broken and formed into the range of a Bloody Eagle resulting in the Foal’'s Lungs to puncture and bleed. Finally, as the Foal choked on its own blood, Verdun severed the spinal cord, leaving the Ribs Spread as if a decoration for the mean. as the knife passed thru the Foal, the light from its eyes, faded instantly, causing it’s head to go limp and the foal to fall dead.

The Smarty stared at his now dead baby, jaw agape as it was now dead before him. He made no sounds, made no pleas. He was silent. His two remaining foals… were not so quiet. “Stoopi’ dummeh munsta! Hate 'ou!” Cried out the Grey and White Foal. “Gib sissy back nao dummeh stoopi’ dummeh!” Chimed the Lilac and Red Fluffy.

Verdun ignored them, filling the Sensitive Meat Dish with what looked like the braised legs, breadcrumbs, onion, and some form fine herb. Once the stuffing was filled, and the organs removed and replaced with the stuffing, Verdun then glazed the Foal with a ‘Savory Béchamel’ and was placed into a Small Oven in the second cart that was brought in with the Fluffies.

“BABBEH! NU! NU BUWNIE HUWTIES! PWEASE! SMAWTY NEE’ BABBEH! PWEASE!” cried the three remaining Fluffies, as if in unison. Verdun, again ignoring the please grabbed the Lilac Foal, and began to prepared it as it’s Sister.

Clip the Fur, Open the back, De-Gut, Stuff, Glaze and popped into the oven. As the two Foals ‘sat’ side by side, the only way to tell them apart was that the Sensitive Foal was MUCH fatter than her siblings. Verdun again repeated the process with the final foal, ripping it away from its father as he cried out for mercy, begging for his son to be spared the same fate as his other babies.

“P-p-pweas… Nu mowe… N-nu m-mowe… Nu take w-wastes’ babbeh… P-pwease…” Cried the Father. Clint stared in a twisted sense of enjoyment as the father was smacked and forced to watch his ‘wastes’ baby being gutted and stuffed, placed in a open oven with it’s siblings. Finally the Smarty was then prepared. Surprisingly enough not for dining…

For watching.

“W-wan die… W-wan-die… Wan-die… WAN-DIE, WAN DIEWANDIEWANDIEWANDIE! WA-” the Smarty said, being interupted by Verdun, Slicing the head off of the Smarty.

“Pardon sir, but house rules state, that when Stock reaches the ‘Wan-Die’ loop, they are to be put down immediately, as to not soil the other stock.” Verdun said informing Clint and Donna, who were confused. “Well tht better at least be a discount for that.” Donna said as Damien cam back into serve refills.

“Babbehs wuv 'ou! Enjoy!” rang out from the Oven, as it’slight went out. From inside Clint and Donna could smell the succulent meat of the Roasted Farci Duveteux. Donna was given first pick of the foals, choosing what would have been the Lilac Foal. Clint chose the sensitive foal, deciding to share the last foal.

The two devoured each of their meals, the meat tender and succulent, practically feel off of the remaining bones. The stuffing mixed with the foals inner fat, having been heated enough to practically liquefy. Each bite was heaven, and after each bite was gulped down, a little regret fell over the two.

“Um… Verdun? I may need that wine.” Clint admitted. “Same here… need something to numb the uh… Guilt.” Donna agreed. After the meal was complete and a few glasses of Red, the two were sufficiently full. Damien came in as Donna was just finishing a story about how one of her more twisted rescues tried to eat another foal to get to the kibble first.

“Have you enjoyed your evenings?” Damien asked.

“This will be a night to remember, that’s for sure!” Donna said. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Whenever your ready, the gentlemen had already paid for the meal, so you don’t need to wait for myself to escort you out.” Damien said as he left the room to Clint and Donna. “Wait… You paid? I invited you!” Donna said, a little upset at the gesture. “I’m sorry… I was raised old fashioned! if my dad were alive today, he’d smack me across the face for letting a pretty girl like you pay.” Clint said.

“He gone?” Donna asked. “Yeah… Passed when i was in my late 20’s if i remember correctly… 78? Doctor said it was a stress induced heart attack.” Dylan scoffed. "The man was a fucking health nut, dude had more vitamins in him on any given day than a pharmacist office. Tried to live forever… But just kept bending over backwards whenever money was involved… " Clint said, staring down at his glass of Red. Clint was unfortunately drunk, although his size would make others think differently, he was, in fact, a light weight. Sure he could handle a bear or two. But wine was much more effective on him. “I’m… I’m sorry to hear that… Listen, i think your drunk, and i maybe as well… SO i say we get an Uber and take our ‘leftovers’ and go to bed.” Donna said, her drunken blush turning even redder.

“Buh… But why would we… I don’t… Okay.” Clint said, now feeling the full effects of the win in his gut. Not fully realizing that he had agreed to share a roof with a woman who cared for him.

Taking the two carriers into the Uber, Clint and Donna sat close to one another, practically connected to the waist. Clint could smell the alcohol on Donna’s breath, and Donna could smell the scent from Clint’s as well. As the driver made his way further into the city, Donna and Clint kissed. They stayed in that dreamy world their kiss made for what seemed like hours…

“hehehe! Wha’ am nyu Mummah doin?” asked the little white unicorn foal. “Shushies babbeh, Nyu Daddeh am pwayin Mummah an’ Daddeh game, tuwn 'way, ow gu tu sweepies…” Sweetie said, catching glances at the two Fluffy owners.

All in all… A very good date night…

At least until the two have to go get their cars back from the parking lot of Château de Vertige.

But still… A very good date night.


Well atleast Smarty and his 3 spawn of hell was DELICIOUS!

Let’s see how Clint fluffiest react to 2 new comers.

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bro how tf did you spell so many of those words wrong, like, i love you bro but hot damn


Well, damn. Now I’m hungry and wondering what wine pairs best with fluffy.

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As Fluffies are mainly small fuckin pig horses, anything that goes good with pork should suffice.

Apparently, anything Red or Rose would pair well with a Savory Fluffy Dish

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Wups! Looks like the wine is affecting Clint there now :smirk:

I hope to know whats with Sweeties story that even her foals abuse her :thinking:

But the preparation is well done :ok_hand:

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i thinking about using the ‘enfie fluffy’ smell in a part explaining that, but im still writing up some things for that, nothing concrete yet

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Poor gal but man that fat foal cares bout is milk guess that added the flavor to it :ok_hand:

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Excellent. I do love me some dry reds.

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Need a proofreader?

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“Oh boy ribs~” ~picks up ribs as meat vanishes~ “#@$^ this economy!”

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