Cheek Spikes (Salapet)

I was told that the cheek fluff I drew tended to look more like oversized spikes, so boom now you have sentient tendrils on a rampage through the park. This is what happens when you try to drown fluffies in toxic waste.


this is so fucking weird and funny I must laugh in my original language:


It made me laugh to see those two foals celebrating the death of the babbeh poopie even though they may be the next ones xD


Lol good show, and even better lesson. What a waste of good toxic…waste

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Excellent weirdbox!

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If Slenderman had a fluffy.

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I love abomination fluffies!

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Time to put it out of its misery

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aight now kill the one’s celebrating the brown one’s death

lul wtf)) ok

John comes in with a m1 and double barrel while blasting cultist base

Was this made in Procreate?

Krita if I can remember. Does procreate leave behind telltale signs or something?

Nah it just felt similar

Ha ha haaaa that’s some good weirdbox