Clint's Birthday [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint stirred in his sleep that night.

He was turning 37 this year… And feeling… Old? If it wasn’t for the Fluffies and Donna, he probably would be doing the same thing he did for his birthday two years ago…


That was it. At a certain age, you just… Stop. It’s not because you don’t want to celebrate, but as you and your friends get older, they sometimes… Drift away.

And the same happened for Clint. Even his closest friend of 20 years had drifted away… Well, more like he ghosted him and moved out of the literal Country… Things after that left an impression on Clint, and made it hard for him to really open up to people, even with Donna for a time, but she had a way of… cracking open Clint’s crunchy shell.

As Clint slept, he felt something shift over on top of him, as if a significant weight had just been tossed onto him. Clint snapped awake when he smelt smoke. Worried he scrambled out of sleep to see Donna sitting atop of him…

Donna held a small cake, two candles on it’s top, 37… In Donna’s other hand, was a Present, a carboard ox with a blue ribbon wrapped around it, small air holes speckled around the top of the lid.

Clint looked to Donna smiling, only to get red in the face when he noticed her peculiar choice of attire.

Donna was dressed up in a skimpy costume, a Pilgrim. But with some… Outer modifications… Where the Black shorts ended, Fishnets began, and ending at her long colonial styled socks, only for those to end in… Belt buckled high heels?

Atop her curly set of auburn hair was a small tilted Pilgrim’s hat, and below her intentionally messy hair, was a dolled up, with a notable addition of Black Lipstick.

“Uh… Hey.” Clint finally said, feeling Donna rock a bit in his lap.

“Hey… Got you something.” Donna said, quietly setting the cake down on Clint’s side Dresser. Setting the box down in Clint’s hands, Donna got up off of Clint, and moved over to the foot of the bed, watching him as he opened up his gift.

Clint looked inside to see, what else, a Fluffy… But a beautiful one at that. It was an Alicorn, mostly white with confetti style patches of color all along the Filly’s coat. Splotches of Blue, Red, and Yellow decorated the Filly, even her horn was a stacking pattern of the previous colors.

Her mane was Red and Blue, parting along the middle of her head. He Tail was also parted down in half, one side Yellow, the other side Red…

As the Filly notice the change of light, she looked up to Clint, and smiled. “H-happy b-biwfday Nyew-Daddeh! N-nyu Mummah gib da bestes kissies Ebah nao!”

“Aww, well aren’t you just adorable! Wait… ‘Kissies’?” Clint said, only to see Donna had snuck under the covers while Clint was admiring the gift…

‘Oh… OHOH…’

Oingo woke up to the sounds of happy chirping and playing, seeing as he had taken care of the foals last night for Gwendolyn, she offered to watch them so he could sleep in.

Oingo looked over to see the Tee-Bee was playing the Fluffies new favorite show, Fluffymon*. Seeing Hero playing and happily watching as a Orange Pegasus blew fire on screen, Oingo nuzzled into Gwendolyn who was feeding Bingo, Bongo and Sunshine. The three were getting bigger and bigger, which meant they would be eating big-Fluffy food soon…

Oingo reminisced about his youth, the good and the bad, remembering just how much he too had grown…

Oingo was snapped out his thoughts as he, and the Herd saw the door to the Safe-Room open, hearing the door handle twist, only to see Daddeh CLint with a bunch of Black stuff all over him. Clint didn’t say good morning, instead, he simply set something on the ground.

Oingo watched as some of the Fluffies departed from watching the Tee-Bee, to investigate the ‘something’ in question, missing a part in the show where a Yellow Fluffy shot electricity at the Orange Pegasus.

As The Safe-Room door close Oingo heard the loud footsteps, meaning Daddeh Clint was going up the ‘Stairs’… Oingo noticed a Blur of Color rush around the Members of the Herd, seeing them play with a new addition.

As the Filly ran around and played, Oingo felt his heart warm up a bit, knowing Clint and Donna, they probably rescued her, as she was a Wingie-Hornie Fluffy, and most Outside Fluffies hate them, calling them Munstas…

Oingo looked to his Family and smiled, knowing that he was in such a great and loving home…

Oingo looked over to some of their newer editions, Snowflake and Agis…

While Agis was a bit more… reserved, Snowflake was just ecstatic. she was happily expecting, and was just glowing.

Oingo watched…

It’s what he did… He watched, and he happily guided his friends…

Oingo was happy…

Clint hugged Donna, resting his chin on her heard as they spooned…

The two just held each other close and simmered.

Clint thought back to the many birthdays and decided this one was probably up there with the best…

“Hey Sug?” Donna asked, turning to meet Clint’s face. “What’s up?” Clint asked, resting his forehead on hers.

“Ever thought about having a kid?”

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday Dear Biorb, happy birthday to me!


I was watching the world cup yesterday and an announcer made a comment about the “aging generation of players” and I thought “hey! These guys look like they’re my age…oh…” Over 30 hits hard sometimes :joy: happy birthday my dude :partying_face::partying_face:

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Can’t wait to see Clint smash the toddler’s head with a sledgehammer because its crying woke him up. He’s usually good with that.

Also happy b-day to the birthdaying hooman that is you!

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Maybe Donna will stab him in the chest, that worked out well for Josef.

Though maybe having a kid will calm Clint down, or maybe it’ll give him an excuse to vent more frustrations out of unsuspecting herds.


Ahhh, the good memories that brings back.

Not as satisfying as Crimson’s demise, but satisfying nonetheless.

Though, truth be told, I’d expect Lexi or her father to be the ones more likely to do something bad to him, especially if his ultra-abusive nature came out in the open, because the father would likely deem him a hypocritical piece of shit for calling the cops on his daughter (ignoring the fact she was going in his house with a knife and a psycho smile because that’s how parents usually are) just because of some shitrats he himself tortures.

While I wouldn’t normally be rooting for the psychos, Clint’s all around victories despite him being a crappy person irk some part of my soul…

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Happy Birthday! :partying_face:


Imagine seeing the younger players and realizing you’re probably a few years older than their parents… :sweat_smile:

@Biorb_Biorb Happy birthday, mate. :partying_face:


How to ruin a perfectly good life.


Unkess thenkid griws up into a right fuckin abuser like his old man!

Nah, that’s still years away. Kids don’t cross the threshold from pet to human until they’re like, what, 4 years old?? 4 years of having to take care of something almost as useless as a fluffy, but how well you do MATTERS?? Nah mate.

Maybe in a fiction. :smirk:

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Well now Happy Birthday :birthday::balloon::tada: to you dear sir :blush:

And thats some Pilgrim you have :smirk:

Well looks like thats the next question he have to move into now :blush:

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