Clint's New Groove (Ch.1) [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint sat down in the garage. It had been a long day for the man after all!

Clint had done so much today! He helped out almost all day at Uptown Fluffs, then he helped Oingo and Gwendolyn pick out matching costumes for Halloween (Chucky and Jennifer Tilly from the Chucky films), and then spent the rest of his afternoon with Donna, talking about the possibility of kids.

Clint… Clint needed a break.

More importantly, he felt that-


Yeah… That.

It was the first time he had felt like this since that Golden Bastard about a year ago. And by golly…

He really needed to scratch this feeling away…

Clint walked through his home, hearing the playful sounds of his Fluffies happy and content. What normally made him feel happier than ever was causing him to fucking fume…

He needed an outlet soon.

Clint kissed Donna, plainly telling her he’s got an itch and that he’ll “Be right back”.

Donna wished him luck, and with a playful tap on the rear, sent him away to hunt.

Now to be fair here. Clint was a bit rusty at luring Fluffies to him. And after the incident with that fucking hugboxer and Fluffy blindsiding him, he didn’t want to take any real chances with strays.

Instead, he decided, quite easily…

Why go to the market for eggs, when you own a fucking chicken farm?

Clint walked thru the sliding glass doors of Uptown Fluffs, striding in with a warm demeanor that hid the very-fucking-pissed attitude of the man’s sour end-of-day feelings.

Thankfully, the store was closed for the day, and being the owner of an entire store of Fluffies had it’s perks.

Clint waltz through the aisles, watching the sleepy Fluffs hunker in for the night, some were still up and about, playing and enjoying the false lights of their nest. A perk of the lights were that they dimmed, never fully going dark.

The best part?

The sliding doors to the pens were see through, and due to the lights of the store being closed down for the night, all the Fluffies saw past the dim lights of their pens was darkness, almost pitch black, but due to Fluffies being on either side of the aisle they saw small dim lights where other fluffies played with their families.

But still…

Dark is Dark.

And Families of Fluffies would hunker around and face away from the windows, allowing Clint to get a good look at the families without them being alerted of his presence, unless of course they were still up and playing.

Clint strode by the “Fluffy Help Here!” Kiosk and grabbed a clipboard, wanting to see the names and families that were still available for adoptions.

Clint felt his back itch as he read the names and matched the pens.

He needed something fresh… Something he had never worked with in a very long time…

Eh, she’ll do…

Sleeping in Pen 24 was a Bright Blue Pegasus, with a long, straight White mane. Her name was Puff, and she was an expecting mother.

Puff had already had one set of children and was still nursing two young colts, a Purple Unicorn named Marty, and a Dark Blue Unicorn named Trent, the two had matching White manes.

Just like their mother.

Now while most Fluffy Stores never name their foals before adoption, the foals at Uptown Fluffs had simply allowed it, as all the Fluffies on the main floor were very good, and required very little in terms of discipline or any punishment at all.

Plus, the snot nosed brats that bought them would name em something later and the Foals would eat it up! Saying that they loved their new names.

If they were bought with their Mummah and Daddeh, then most of the time their names would stay the same, so it wouldn’t really matter.

After they were adopted, the names would be erased from the clipboards and the Pens would be set to be filled again after cleaning.

A very simple system to abuse.

Clint erased the names of Puff, Marty and Trent. Listing the Pen in need of Cleaning and refilling. Tossing the board back into the Kiosk with a swish, Clint grabbed a basket and tapped on the Pen’s door gently.

Puff woke to the sound of tapping. That and her two boys, Marty and Trent were up and about saying a Hoomin was here.

‘Siwwy Babbehs, hoomins nu cume duwin’ dawk-sweepy time.’ Puff thought rolling over to face her two sweet boys.

Puff first saw, through groggy, crust filled eyes, her Boys, dancing and playing, facing the see-twough thing.

She then saw the big Hoomin. The sound of his voice was all she could recognize, as he was too close to see his face! But Puff knew! It was the nice Big-Mistah who let her have Babbehs!

“Wook mummah! peep! i’d da nice mistah! peep! peep! su 'cited!”

“Mummah! peep! Wook! Nice Mistah h-hewe tu- tu gib nyu-peep!-housie!”

Puff couldn’t believe it! First she had Babbehs, then MORE Babbehs, now she was getting a new home?

“W-weawwy nice mistah?” Puff asked, looking out at Clint’s chest. The only visible part of him…

“Sure thing Puff, now come on! Put Marty and Trent on your back so I can pick you all up!” The nice mistah said, reaching his big not-hooves into the pen.

“O-… Otay!”

Puff quickly, albeit sorely, picked up Marty and Trent, placing them onto her back, the two were dancing and hugging each other while they rested on her back. Having to walk was a chore and missing her sleep was awful! But the idea of a nyu housie?! A nyu Daddeh?!

It was all just too much!

Puff felt the large not-hooves wrap around her, and taker her and her babbehs up to see the face of their Daddeh!

When Puff and her boys made their way out of the pen, quickly, and happily looking up to meet Big-Mistah’s face, it was not one of soft kindness the Fluffies were used to.

It was one that made Puff very scared. But that was weird because the Big-Mistah was smiling…

Clint wore a smile that would put any Baki Antagonist to shame, it was as if he were given a second winning lottery ticket, but one that would scream and beg as he turned it in for money.

He wore the face of a man, who looked like he wanted to eat poor Puff and her foals.

Too be fair he wasn’t hungry. But damn if that didn’t sound like a killer idea.

Clint, still smiling as he carried the now, slightly scared-shitless Puff, and oblivious Foals, made his way out of Uptown Fluffs, of course only after locking it up securely.

“Wouldn’t want any Monsters to get in, eh guys?” Clint said looking down at the Fluffy Family.

“Das wite! Peep! Big mistah am da bestes’! *Peep! gibe safe pwace tu su many fwuffies!” Marty replied, still hugging he brother.

“Big Mistah am da bestes’ peep!” Trent replied, peeping and snuggling into his brother, as well as Puff.

Puff just nodded, as a mix of joy and fear confused her too much to even speak.

Clint just smiled, eager and happy to introduce his new Fluffy Family to the Sorry-Room…

Maybe he would even bring out Sherri for the family to meet?

Oh the possibilities!


I mean, he’s smiling! How bad can it be? >:)

Be good little fluffies, now, and maybe you’ll see the light of dawn.


“Oh it’s this bad”


Same goes for torture!

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The stuttering and fuck in in the foals speech makes the peeps actually blend in, which is something I’ve been wracking my brain on how to do forever. Man I fucking LOVE foal abuse, and this is shaping up to scratch my itch as well as Clint’s


glad to be of service!

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