Concept art: Pinkie and the Brainless years later. [The results of stupid entitled parenting] (SillyFilly)

This is years later, both Pinkie and Greenie are being bred for their desirable traits. Cannon genetics live longer and are stronger and smarter than most fluffies, they also have better bowel control… Of course they can’t produce as many young…

Pinkie wants lots of babbehs but had to work hard to just have the one… She’s perpetually pregnant but keeps miscarrying… It causes substantial weight gain and hormonal imbalance… All which she blames Poopie Munstah for somehow…

Greenie is studded out… But never gets to keep the mare or babbehs… It wears on him after a while… He eventually stops eating and drinking… Focused only on keeping himself busy with menial tasks until next enfies… He’s afraid if he stops he’ll realise how unhappy he is… As there were several mares he wanted to be his specul fren but he was never allowed to keep them…

Both are completely miserable but when Poopie sneaks in to visit them… They act as if she’s the failure in life… And act like they’re lives are so wonderful…

This is just concept… Not sure if I’ll make it cannon or not…

At very least it will be one possible future…


…PS… Pinkie’s only babbeh is a black Poopie color… Pinkie, now known as Sassy… Refuses, so hard, to admit her babbeh is Poopie that she calls her a very dark Blue and will throw tantrums if you say she’s anything but blue! In full force denial… And she is stuck with a very violent stallion who breeds with countless mares and tells her to her face how worthless and fat she is… But she’s so in denial that she calls him “specul fren” and “Bestus stallion ever” as a way of furthering denial… She’s forced to breed with other stallions as well but denies all of them because she overheard the farmer saying he was the best stallion out there… So now she invents this perfect life in her mind, she’s specul fren to the bestus stallion with the bestus babbehs on the whole farm…

Fluffies and their imaginations right?!

But Greenie’s no better… He thinks he’s hot $hit on a silver platter and HE IS THE BESTUS STALLION ON the farm… Even more than Sassy’s abusive mate…

But his start on the farm he was teased so terribly for being the fattest stallion there, he went nuts… He tried dieting… Which worked… But then went overboard as his favorite mares were taken away from him… He loved them… But few loved him back… All drove him further and further into depression… Soon… He was practically a living skeleton… But his denial has him bragging about how tough and we’ll loved he is… How he’s the highest bred stallion because the mares can’t keep off him… (They literally can’t or they’ll be tossed out)… So he’s just as bad as Pinkie/Sassy… His name is DUMB@$$ but he pronounces it DuMoss to make it sound French and sophisticated…

Again… Just a potential future! Only concept…


Considering how dumb most fluffies are it’s bizarre to think that Greenie can understand not only the concept of another language but also that one sounds more sophisticated than another (also what sophisticated means).

Are black fluffies considered poopie? Honestly, if I was gonna get a fluffy I would want a black one.


They’re still not bright colors like pink and green or blue… I like black too! But if it’s brown, black, grey or other nu pwetty bwite cowaws… It might as well be poop too! “Onwy pwetty bwite babbehs git bestus miwkies…” Some even reject yellow because it “wooks wike pee-pee juice!”… Or red because it “wooks wike boo-boo juice”…

Fluffies are dumb… And mean… They don’t need a lot of reason to be…


So basically…

Pinkie/Sassy= Karen

Greenie/DuMoss= Kyle

Just put yoga pants on her and hand her a cellphone… a muscle t-shirt on him and hand him a monster energy drink!


Damn, they really just dislike half the colour spectrum because of their stupidity, haven’t even factored in the alicorns or possibly specific fluffies that hate certain types for their own reasons.
Breeders must be required to keep an eye on them at all times when they’re close to giving birth so they don’t kill anything valuable.

Imagine if you went to a breeder for a certain colour and after a long time you get a call to let you know they finally got one and then get the news that the mummah thought “Hmm, nah, nu wike” and squished it.


Yep! There are several head cannons on this in fact… It’s why breeder usually blind and de-leg the soon mummahs!


At least the latest ones in my head cannon…

They program the mother’s to be this stupid to curb the population…

Some mummahs will kill their foals because they think they’re supposed to come out fully formed fluff covered babbehs… But then these naked, fluffless amniotic covered abominations come out their snatch and they freak out and murder them instantly…

Some Mummah are so stupid that they birth the babies… Go out to get nummies or show specul fren or daddeh… Forget they have babbehs and the foals starve… By the time she remembers them… They’ve been dead for three days!

These are the really stupid ones… Very inbred programmed to be dumb ones… It’s why you can’t have distractions in the room of a pregnant mare… She may even start playing with toysies and her foals will starve from that…


Damn, IQ has gotta be in the negative if you think “I finally have babbehs now, giving birth was a lot of work and gave me big hurties but now I can give them all the love, milk and hugg- OOH TOYSIES”.

Reminds me of one of Wolfram Sparks’ comics of mares on the other end of that spectrum where they’ll love the foals so much that they won’t want to stop playing with them and let them feed until eventually they also die of starvation.

Also had a laugh at the idea of a fluffy using the term ‘snatch’ instead of ‘speshul pwace’ (I’m immature).


Who drew this?

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Is it okay if I use this in my headcanon too? Some mares even reject green foals because they look like boogies/sickie wawa.


The art isn’t mine (Mummah with sockies) so I’m not sure about using it per se, for head cannon…but the concept of black foals and yellow being rejected… (If that’s what you mean… A lot of people use it… So have at it if you wanna head cannon it! I think a lot of people do… Kerosene cannibal has a reject blackie babbeh and it goes Even further… In Wolfgang sparks, greys get rejected for no reason at all… They just don’t think it’s a pwetty cowow… And throw them out…

It’s wild… Mothers throw out over half their babbehs at this rate… Such high standards for $hit eaters!..



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Sorry… Artist is Tan Tan… When I found it before it was artist unknown… I’ll delete it… I didn’t get permission…

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Yeah thats what i meant. The rejected color foal thing…but with red babies and yellow babies as well. I notice some green babies get rejected as well in some works and for me it will be because they look like boogers/bile/vomit.

I think a bad fluffy domestic mom will throw out one of her babies in the backyard if she doesn’t like its color/thinks it doesn’t “smell pretty” and lie to daddeh saying it died and she tried to bury it. She would go out and hastily cover it in some leaves to cover her lying ass.


Yeah! Mummahs hella reject… Not just the color but if it’s the wrong shade… She’ll favor sky blue over navy blue and bright green over puke green…

I think it’s the human part of them… I don’t see animal rejecting healthy offspring because of color… Only humans are that fuked up!

There are those who reject their darker skin children, and you can’t be too white either… Albino babbehs get rejected too… Kids born with jaundice… And so on… We also reject based off of sexual orientation, or disability… Wrong colors eyes…

So I’m guessing big time, fluffies get that from us…


The only animals (besides humans) I know that reject the offspring because of color are ravens. White ravens aren’t uncommon but their parents and the murder usually reject them and few make it to adulthood. And they are always alone. Also they aren’t albinos.


Pigs sometimes kill there babies, they squish all them with no known reason. It’s called savaging.


I know about that.



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You know, I like your stuff—but a lot of it is so black and white. Poopie Monster is a perfect, flawless victim Mary Sue who is tormented for things she can’t control, and her siblings are horrible slobs who get away with everything in the short term while destroying themselves in the long term through their own refusal to listen to Poopie Monster.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, even, necessarily. We all like a good poopie justice story sometimes. But there’s something so personal and vicious about this series that it honestly feels like a revenge fantasy. It always felt uncomfortable to read because every scene felt like an idealized projection of a personal experience.

Which, you know, writing based on personal experience is fine, too—but from the first few pages I read, it just felt like the kind of story an angsty edgelord writes where they have Rick & Morty level IQ, and everyone else just doesn’t get them—taking things that actually happened and fictionalizing them so that the writer’s Mary Sue is always right and anyone who disagrees with the writer is portrayed as an idjit, and the writer goes on to win bigly while their detractors end up groveling at their feet. It’s that, but with way more vitriol.

I might be missing some context. I apologize if you’ve explained this in the past, or something. I’m also very sorry if your own family was anything like this—it is a lot more understandable if that’s the case. But I don’t know anything about you, so I’m just going based on what I have.

In a technical sense, I think your art is far superior to your writing and you should probably invest in a tablet if you decide to create more content. Let the art tell the story for itself. While your writing is basically just blocks of sentences separated by ellipses, your art has a distinctive style to it, and I would imagine most people on FC would recognize it by now.

Some of the issues I talked about in the early few paragraphs may actually be a side effect of the way you tell stories through brief sentences, and I think that with your excellent artistic style, simply telling a story through a few panels of art instead would be phenomenal.

But, as always, that’s just my opinion. You arem’t obligated to listen to me, obviously, and what really matters is whether you and your audience are enjoying what you create. :heart: