Da Twiwight Pwace: Button, Button (by recreationalsadist)

My first submission to @BFM101 's Da Twiwight Pwace - Community Project. It’s based on the Twilight Zone episode Button, Button.

The black and white alicorn Wod Sehwing trotted out in front of a safe room, then began speaking.

“Fwuffies habe poow impuwse contwow and wiww du anyting fow sketties. But am dat wise? Awthuw and Nowma wiww discobew da consqwences ob dewe actions in Da Twiwight Pwace.”

Arthur and Norma were fluffies. Their original owner hadn’t realized that naming a fluffy a word containing the letter “R” was a bad idea.

Arthur and Norma wanted spaghetti.

“Awthuw wan sketties.”
“Nowma wan sketties tu.”

A man walked in with a box with a button on it.

“If you press this button you’ll get spaghetti, but a fluffy you don’t know will be fucked to death.”

He only had enough time to get to “you’ll get spaghetti” before Arthur and Norma had charged the box and were pressing it as many times as they could.

The man who brought the box in was surprised at first, then sighed.

“I really don’t know what I thought would happen with this. Oh well.”

He put a plate of spaghetti in front of Arthur and Norma, then picked up the box.

“This box will be reprogrammed and brought to a fluffy you don’t know.”

Arthur spoke through a mouthful of spaghetti.

“Nu cawe, habe skettis nao.”


Arthur and Norma were getting raped to death by an enraged spiked-dick acid-semen bear.

Wod Sehwing trotted out in front of them.

“Nao yu see dat habing skettis nao nu am da best ting tu habe. A mowaity pway in da-”

The bear notices Wod. Wod notices the bear has noticed him.

“Oh fwuff!”

Wod runs offscreen, pursued by the bear. It’s eventually subdued by the crew and Wod comes back out bedraggled and with his suit and tie torn. He wipes sweat from his brow with his hoof.

“Awso aways wemembew tu be extwa cawefuw when bwining animaws on set. Fwuffing heww.”

Someone waves an opposable thumb at Wod from just off the screen and he continues.

“Su nebeh ask yu mummah ow daddeh fow sketties ow yu get huwties. In Da Twiwight Pwace.”


" A savage clamour!
Well may I get aboard! This is the chase:
I am gone for ever.

[Exeunt, pursued by a bear] "
-Antigonus, in The Winter’s Tale, by William Shakespeare.


Never give Fluffies a choice involving instant gratification. Because they will take any and every dopamine hit they can get.

And they don’t even know what the fuck dopamine is.


Sounded more like you’d get hurties in the poopie place.