Daisy: Part 1 [by SilverOwl]

Daisy: Part 1 [by SilverOwl]

In an icy cold alleyway in Chicago lay a small tattered cardboard box. In the box was a powder blue mare named Daisy, with her four foals shivering. Daisy tried to keep her foals close, but was freezing cold herself. Her “cee-pwaces” were too cold to keep open and her nose had ice on the tip. She had five, but one went forever sleepies from the cold. She nuzzles one of her foals, a little red unicorn making sure he is alive. The other three squirm under her letting her know they haven’t gone forever sleepies. She prods the red unicorn foal again, “babeh nu go sweepies then babeh go forebasweepies…gib mummah biggest heart hurties…babbeh…BABBEH?!? HUHUHUHUHUHU!!!..” The red unicorn foal was already icy, and her other foals started to slow their movement under her.
She tried her best to cover more of her foals with her fluff, but none of that would matter soon anyway with no “milkies” from her not eating the foals would soon starve. There was no food, she couldn’t go find food without her foals freezing to death, and she thought “why did I wrun away from daddeh, am big dummeh fluffy for wrun away from daddeh”.

The sound of heeled boots could be heard in the alley, click, klop, click, klop, louder until it was right over the box. The fluffies could be heard inside chattering their teeth and shivering. A slender woman in leather boots, camel slacks, and a very nice cashmere sweater kneels near the box, and places a cat carrier down on the ground. She smiles warmly at the fluffies, “You poor little things, you look so cold! Come climb into the carrier and I will make sure you have a nice warm house with warm beds, and sketties!”

The fluffies blinked not sure if they were having a “sweepy tyme pictuah” or not. They slowly and reluctantly with ducked heads walked into the carrier. The woman smiled at them as they walked in feeling warmer already inside the plastic carrier. They laid down on a towel they found inside, and cuddled up on it. The woman, was Savannah, and she owned the corner store, which these fluffies lived behind. She wasn’t heartless, but she couldn’t have feral fluffies chasing off customers either. She would find these fluffies a new home and get them out of her alleyway.

The fluffies sit in their carrier in the backseat, as Savannah made a phone call.

Ring Ring

Savannah’s boyfriend, Adam answers on the other end for the fluffies to hear on speaker phone.

Adam: Hello?

Savannah: Hey honey. So I have the fluffies from the back of the store in a cat carrier in the backseat.

Adam: You aren’t bringing those shitrats home are you??!

Savannah: Well maybe for the night until we find them a good home?..Please…I’ll do that thing you like…

Adam: Oh fine…ok… I think I know where I can give them a good home anyway.

Savannah: Thanks honey! I will see you soon! Bye

Adam: Ok fine…See you soon.


Savannah, leans backwards and turns her head into the backseat, but not for long as the poorly smelling fluffies turn her nose. With a stifled cough she says “You fluffies need to get cleaned up and then tomorrow you will get a new mommy or daddy”.

The fluffies in the backseat being warmer now start to liven up, and say things like “yay new housie!” and “Fwuffy wub mommah and daddeh an hab sketties”. Savannah laughed and said “I think we have some spaghetti-Os in the cabinet”.

Daisy couldn’t believe her “hear-pwaces” she was going to have sketties? She had never felt so happy or privileged to have such a great life. Ten minutes ago she was freezing in an alleyway with her three remaining foals, after two went forever sleepies, and not she was going to have sketties, in a warm “housie” with a new mommy? She was the luckiest fluffy in the whole world.

Arriving to the house, Savannah takes the carrier out of the car and places it by the door in the garage, before walking into the house. The fluffies were warmer than before, the garage wasn’t necessarily warm, so they shivered in their carrier. After about 5 minutes, Savannah came back and took the fluffies to the bathroom where they were presented with a warm bubble bath, in a very lavish marble bathroom. The fluffies were reluctant at first to climb in as they all ranted about “wawa bad fo fluffies”, but settled in nicely when they saw how warm it the water was. Savannah gently cleaned all of them, and scrubbed away a lot of dirt from all of them. She then blow dried their fluff, and gave them nice smelling perfumes to “smell pwetty”. Daisy and her foals were so happy.

Savannah took them all into the living-room and turned on FluffyTV for them, and set up the cat’s spare litter-box for them to use. Smiling at how cute they all were dancing to “Dancie Babbehs” on the AllFluff channel, she leaves the room to find Adam. She finds him getting dressed in the closet, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Then she makes the “I want something” smile and looks cute, making Adam say “What…what is it…?” She smiles and goes “I really like the fluffies…can we keep them…at least until we see how it goes?” He looks hesitant and says “But I was going to pay that place that rehomes fluffies tomorrow…” He looks into her eyes, and knows there is no point arguing about it and says “ok…ok” and kisses her before stepping out of the closet.

Adam walks into the living-room and immediately hears a loud crunch and squish. Looking down he sees a smear of red, and purple and pink fluff with about half of the organic rainbow colored mess on his boot. Adam paused for a few seconds astonished how fragile the creature was, almost like a large roach, but the size of a hamster. A few seconds later Daisy can be heard “SREEEE NUUU BABEHS!! NU GO FOREBA SWEEPIES!! OU IS GUD BABBEH!!” She sobs and “Huhuhuhus” for a while as Savannah runs in, “What happened?!” Adam, still confused says, “sorry babe…I accidentally stepped on one…I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry babe…I’m sorry…”

Daisy and her remaining two foals slept that night in their new warm cat bed with blankets, and a couple plushes Savannah had. Daisy missed her three "foreba sweepie babehs, but she had two “gud babbehs” and she loved them very much. She went to sleep that night sad but content, and hopeful for the future.

The next day Daisy woke up to the smell of strawberry pancakes, and the lovely voice of her new mommy Savannah saying “Do you three want some yummy pancakes?” Daisy didn’t even know what those were, but they smelled yummy and she wanted to try them. Her and the foals were sat on the kitchen counter and given little plates with fluffy sized strawberry pancakes with strawberry jam on top. They ate them greedily like they had never eaten before. Savannah’s eyes lit up, "Oh my! You poor babies you were so hungry! The two foals were just old enough for solid foods, and this was their first taste of it. Savannah brought out some fresh fruits for them to eat on the floor she she didn’t want them falling off the counter, or into the garbage disposal. She had enough accidents for one day with Adam stepping on one of them.

Savannah washed the dishes while Daisy and her foals played on the kitchen floor while eating blueberries, strawberries, and apple slices. A blueberry was kicked across the floor by Daisy as she was in the middle of catching one of her foals in huggie tag. The other foal saw the blueberry slide across the floor and chased it. The foal was so happy, running, almost to the blueberry, when he felt slammed down to the ground, and two sharp sets of teeth give him the worstest hurties ever on his back, tummy, and leg. The house cat had pounced on the foal, and now had it in her teeth. With a crunch the cat’s teeth pierced the foals tiny body in four places as blood dripped down the cat’s chin. Daisy watched in terror as the cat ran away through the cat door and outside with the barely alive foal in her jaws.

Savannah squinted trying to understand Daisy,

Daisy: Mummah!! Mummah!! Kitty cat munstah gib gud babeh foreba sweepies an wrun way!

After hearing it a couple of times, Savannah gathered that their cat had eaten one of the foals. She assured Daisy and her last foal that it would be ok. She would even give her last foal a name, which seemed to cheer up the two fluffies considerably for some reason. Savannah looked at the green and blue colt and said …How about we call you Berry. This was followed with “yay bawee wub nu namsie!” and Daisy saying “Mummah so pwroud of gud babeh bawee, mummah wub bawee, babeh bawee wub mummah…” This song continued for a few sickeningly sweet moments.

Later that evening Savannah was cleaning up while listening to her playlist on full blast, and thought “the house sure did smell better before we had fluffies”. She had cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the cat and fluffy litter-boxes, and now for laundry. She gathered up the laundry from the bedroom and bathroom, and tossed it into the machine along with a laundry pod, set it to cold, and normal.

Daisy woke up from her nap in the bedroom and walked around the house looking for “bwerry the gud babbeh”. She shouted his name, and found Savannah and Adam in the living-room watching tv. Tapping on Savannah’s leg “Mummah where am babbeh at nu cee bwerry anyware nu cee him”. Savannah and Adam spent the next hour looking to find nothing. Suddenly it hit Savannah, she had headphones in and wouldn’t have heard it if a foal were in the laundry. She rushed to the washer, and found smashed against a towel in the spin cycle, and probably drowned before that, the dead foal. Savannah was devastated and cried into Adam’s chest “We couldn’t keep three foals alive for more than one day Adam. How will we ever be parents?”. Adam comforted her crying into his chest, and said “I’ll find the mare a good home so we don’t have anymore accidents. I’ll take her tomorrow”.

Daisy spent most of the night “Huhuhuhuing” about her “foreba sweepie babehs”. She had lost all five of them in a span of a few days. She cried softly into her pillow. Morning came early with Adam gently loading the sad fluffy into the carrier she had arrived in two days before. Adam looked at the poor creature whose fluff was all matted and wet with tears, “It’ll be ok girl, I’ll take you to a nice place”. He gently puts the crate into the backseat and drives to a good place he knows will take care of the poor creature.

Walking into a very clean professional office building, he places the carrier on the front desk, and talks with their administrative assistant. Smiling at the woman behind the desk he says “Hi, my name is Adam, and I wanted to drop off this fluffy to you, I know you take good care of fluffys”. The woman warmly smiled back at Adam, and said “certainly Adam, if you will just fill this form out”, and hands him a clipboard.

Adam looks at the clipboard and fills out what he knows

Name: Daisy
Gender: F
Age: ?
Spayed: Probably not
Fluff Color: Blue
Number of legs: 4
Comments: *Please don’t contact me about this fluffy I am just dropping it off"

Adam hands the woman the clipboard who looks it over, smiles, and says “Thank you very much sir, we will take it from here”. Adam nods with a smile and turns walking out of the building. He gets in his car and glances back at the building with its big sign THE FARM, and drives away.


Humans dumber than fluffies.