Danger noodle (carniviousduck)


It’s weird there aren’t more images/stories about fluffies trying to eat snakes and then getting eaten/otherwise killed by snakes because they thought the snakes were spaghetti noodles.


Rattlesnake Translation: “Leave me the fuck alone or you’ll regret it!”


I think we all know where this is going.

Impending doom tag?


Not for long I guess.

Careful where you tread, shitpig.

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Usually it’s the snakes eating the fluffies.

I once trespassed into some undeveloped city property just to see what was there. After walking a dirt path for a while (picking up litter along the way), I spotted a rattlesnake then heard the characteristic hiss. Immediately I backed the fuck up and got out of there, since I didn’t want to invade its space.

Fluffies, apparently, are not wise enough to heed that warning.

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Seems like this tupid fluffy is gonna get the hurt juice

How can you tell the difference between a danger noodle, a nope rope and a nope noodle?

Smarty is about to learn how “hurt juice” affects the body of a fluffy the hard way.
Hopefully the venom of the shake snek won’t kill it so quick that it won’t have time to savour the experience.