Dangerous affairs pt.1 remastered (swiftbitches)

A tiny green mare trotted along the well worn path, a chunky blue foal swaying back and forth in her jaws. Blood trickled down her chin as the colt wiggled and cheeped in fear. Her home, a cozy little hollow in the trunk of a rotting tree, was slowly coming into view.

As she approached her home a soft and nervous “U-uhm, hewwo!” squeaked out from behind her,

She dropped the foal, who let out a dull squeak as it hit the ground and began pitifully trying to drag itself off to safety. Emma kicked her food into the bushes and whipping around to see who was trespassing in her home.

“Who’s dewe!” She shouted. Her cheeks puffing up and her fluff standing on end.

“Hewwow,” A dark blue stallion with an eye wateringly, bright red mane, bigger than any fluffy Emma had ever seen, came trotting out of the bushes. “Fwuffy name am Cowt! Cowt saw pwetty mawe an-an w-wanted to say dat 'ou am da pwettiest mawe Cowt habe ebew seen!” Colt was nervously pawing at the dirt. Truthfully, she was the only mare he had ever seen.

“AND-And, Cowt wub babbehs a wot, can be bestest daddeh ebew! Cowt awsho wiww bwing 'ou wots and wots of nummies and pwotect 'ou fwom ebyting, eben kitteh-munstahs! So…wiww 'ou be special fwend?” Colt lowered his head to give her big puppy dog eyes.

Emma was as speechless as a fluffy could be, her mouth partially hung open as she tried to process everything that this stallion had just thrown at her. Her eyes narrowed as she felt suspicion creeping into her mind, an emotion that she didn’t often feel as a fluffy.

“Emma aweady hab babbehs.” She informed Colt coldly, readying herself for the stallions anger at her rejection. To her surprise he looked sad, heartbroken even.

“Oh…pwetty mawe aweady hab special fwend and babbehs…hu” Colt’s shoulders sagged and his eyes dropped to the ground.

“Nu, Emma onwy hab babbehs.” She shook her head, still ready for a fight. After her foals had been born Emma had killed and eaten her old “special friend” to help with feeding her young. She missed him sometimes.

Mentioning her lack of special friend was the wrong move as Colt’s head shot up and his eyes beamed. He gave a small hop and squealed “Cowt wub babbehs! Please wet Cowt be pwettiest Emma’s special fwend! Cowt wiww be da bestest daddeh and bwing 'ou bestest nummies ebewy day!” He pleaded for a chance to be her special.

Emma let her guard down and studied the midnight blue stallion, his brown eyes betrayed nothing but sheer joy and hope as his black hooves tapped happily on the dirt. She also took note of the tattered collar that fit a little too snuggly around his neck, a tiny, broken bell dangling from it. Humans usually didn’t bother fluffies with collars, at least that’s what her mummah had taught her.

“Weww…” Colt was a big stallion and maybe Emma could use him. He’d be good protection and he seemed a tad dimmer than most fluffies so he’d be easy manipulate. The only problem was that hideously, bright red mane that stuck out like a sore thumb, it was far to noticable among the trees and bushes. Emma would have to do something about that if he was to become her "special friend ".

“Maybeh 'ou could be Emma’s special fwend…” She paused, Colt’s chest puffing with excitement and he looked like he could pop. “If 'ou can steaw thwee nummies fwom da hewd in da big field!” Emma declared, pointing a pale hoof at Colt.

Surely the dumb stallion couldn’t compete this impossible task

Colt galloped through the bushes, crunching twigs and and leaves as he ran in the direction Emma had sent him.

He skidded to a halt as the large field came into view, his huge haunches almost flying over his head as he lurched to a halt.

The field was massive, dotted with ten, twenty, maybe thirty fluffies all mulling around in the tall grass. Colt was awestruck at the amount of fluffies in front of him, he couldn’t even begin to count them. The blur of colors and the snippets of laughter and talk overwhelmed him.

Colt began to back up, his tail tucking between his legs and ears flattening to his head. But he couldn’t just back down, not with the prettiest mare in the world waiting for him.

He took a deep breath and glanced around for maybe another way to get the nummies. A dark mass of buildings caught his eyes, trash spilled from the cement alleys. Tiny dots of color paced back and forth from the garage pile.

Looking even further Colt spotted an alleyway just across from him that the field fluffies seemed to not be using. That’s where he would go to get his nummies!

He jogged across the tree line, keeping a very careful eye on the field fluffies. Colt giggled and focused on the nearing trash pile, he was soooo sneaky!

The stink of dank moldy concrete and rotted food cut through the fresh flowery air of the bright fields. Trash was overflowing from the alley way in dark glossy bags. Scents of rot and food and mold overwhelmed his senses as he stepped into the alleyway.

Colt carefully stepped towards the nearest trash bag and gripped the thin plastic and tore it open. Half eaten pizza, garlic bread and pasta spilled out and onto the damp concrete.

He squealed in delight and began digging into the mound of day old delights. Soft pasta and sour sauce filled his mouth, but how was he supposed to get all of this back to his special friend?

A deep growl sounded from the depths of the garbage in front of him. Claws struck him across the face, causing him to fall on his ass. He yelped and pressed a hoof to the softly bleeding scratches on his snout.

“Wha?!” Colt looked up to see a huge grey and white tom cat looming above him.

The cat yowled before swatting at Colt again. Colt scrambled to his feet and flared his wings at the alley cat. He snarled and reared up, batting at the tom cat and stricking it across the muzzle.

Colt beat his wings and puffed his cheeks at the cat. He was going to get these nummies for his sweet Emma!


Hey swiftbitches, This a really good story and Im Stud_CreamFilledMuffin :smirk: pleased to meet a cool story maker