Dangerous affairs pt.3 (swiftbitches)

Emma and Colt walk side by side, the corpse of their fresh kill dragging between them. Colt had the scruff clenched tightly between his teeth and Emma had a hold on the tail, giving off small squeaks and squeals of excitement. Colt could feel the warmth slowly fading from the mare’s body, leaking out with the blood that seemed to flow endlessly from her gaping wounds.

They reached home in a few long minutes and Emma picked up the pace letting out a couple muffled shouts to let her foals know she was back. Colt could barely keep up he felt mentally and physically exhausted, life as a domestic fluffy had never been this demanding. He had to fight to keep his eyes open and he’d begun tripping over his hooves in the final stages of the trek home.

His companion hadn’t been blind to this. Emma dropped her half, making it impossible for the exhausted stallion to carry on by himself, and trotted over to his other side.

Laying a soft lick on his cheek she softly directed him toward the tree hollow, “Way down, 'ou do suu much today!” Emma cooed as Colt dropped the corpse and started shambling towards the hollow. He started to lay down outside in a small patch of leaves and grass but Emma quickly interrupted him.

“Nu, nu, sweep in da nestie. Get bestest sweepies in dewe.” She pushed herself up against his side and began to guide him in, shooing her children out in the process. Emma took a second to take a look at his blood soaked front hooves and laid down to start grooming him. Colt cooed as his head swayed and drooped in sleepy bliss, his eyes no longer able to hold themselves open.

When Colt awoke the sky had just begun to change colors and he could here the loud buzzing of the summer cicadas. Giggling and squeals caught his attention and he lifted himself up from the nest…the nest? Had Emma allowed him to sleep in the hollow? A small smile forced it’s way onto his face and his heart soared in his chest.

He also noticed his legs were clean, none of the blood or leaves or dirt that had been mashes into his fur. His stomach turned a little at the thought of what he’d done, but, it had been for Emma and her foals so it was ok. It was all ok.

Colt poked his head out of the hollow and immediately saw Emma in the middle of the clearing in a fighting stance, head down and legs out to steady herself and a small snarl on her face. He felt his heart jump and looked for her attackers, two little black and green balls of fluff. Pine launched herself at her mother with a resounding war cry only to be grabbed and tossed aside by her mother.

Colt was terrified for a brief moment before he heard Pine’s happy giggles as she rolled back over and ran back into the fray, helping Fern pin their mom. Emma noticed Colt watching and shook her daughters off, waltzing towards the confused and alarmed stallion.

“Hewwow,” She nuzzled his cheek, he couldn’t help the beaming grin that shone across his face “did 'ou sweep weww?” Emma asked him, looking up at him with a much softer look than before the hunt. He chest filled with pride, he had earned Emma’s affection.

“Ye-Yesh! Cowt sweep suuu weww.” He nuzzled her ear and she leaned into him. His hooves tapped happily all on their own and his tail wagged Emma giggled at him and turned away from him to continue playing with her fillies, as she turned, her hips and tail swaying playfully, Colt caught a small glimpse of her special place.

His jaw dropped slightly and a new aching in his special lumps shocked him. He’d never felt anything like this in his life.

It had been a very happy few days, the fillies had warmed up to Colt, Emma was still a hard ass but she’d playfully tease him now, even snuggling into him at night when they slept. Colt was already forgetting about his old life with his daddeh and his old housie as his little head filled with new memories of his new family. The girls climbing on him and attempting to playfully bring him down or letting them chase him as they tried to catch the bell that dangled from his collar, Emma leading him into the bushes, a flirtatious little smile and her tail flicking back and forth.

It had only been a coulple weeks since Colt had joined the little trio and everything was seemingly perfect, Colt had become a good hunter, Emma had finally weaned Pine and Fern now that she had more foals on the way and the two had begun joining them on hunts.

“Stay stiiiwwww!” Pine whined as she tried to grab onto Colt’s leg. Colt hopped across the little dirt clearing, Pine desperately biting onto his fur in an attempt to hold him down. Play fighting was a little odd to the passive and friendly stallion but he had started to grasp the concept from watching Emma do it, though he didn’t dare fling the fillies like she did in fear of hurting them.

“Ou gotta catch Cowt!!” He laughed, shaking off the little black filly and running past where Emma lay, Fern desperately begged for some milk and getting a soft kick every time she tried to nuzzle into her momma’s milkie place.

While it looked like Emma was dozing, her chin tucked down into her dewlap and her eyes closed, her ears still remained perked up and twitched at the slightest sound.

“Pweeaase! Fewn am hungwy! Wan miwkies.” Fern desperately pawed at her her mother’s flank, hoping for just a tiny sip of milk.

Emma let out a sigh and opened her eyes, looking at the tiny pouting expression on her fillies face. “Babbeh, dis miwky is fow dah oddah babbehs in mummah’s tummeh. 'Ou am a big fwuffy now, 'ou eat big fwuffy nummies!” She spoke softly to the upset foal and giving her a comforting lick on her cheek and wrapped her front hooves around the little filly.

A distant shout causing her ears to shoot up and swivel back. She lifted her head and put a hoof to Fern’s mouth and loudly shushed Colt and Pine.

“Watz wong?” Colt trotted up with a worried look. Emma harshly shushed him and bopped him across the snout. She scanned the tree line, straining her ears and eyes as she listened for anymore sounds and tried to spot the any approaching threats. A flash of light blue caught her eye and she spotted a small group of fluffies making their way towards them.

“Fwuffies!” Emma hissed, jumping to her feet and pushing her foals towards the nest.

“Oh fwuffies!” Colt chirped excitedly, he was excited to meet more fluffies but the way his special special friend was acting made him nervous. He stood to watch the herd, glancing back and forth between them and Emma. Were these bad fluffies?

A powder blue unicorn with a light cream, almost white, mane led the small party. Three toughies followed behind the unicorn, one orange and purple toughie, trotted a almost directly behind him, a mean glare on his face. The next, a green on green stallion, was farther back and more to the left. He was watching the surrounding undergrowth with another fluffy. Then last, bright pink with orange stallion, was on the opposite side of the green toughie staring out to the right with another fluffy helping him watch. A scruffy young colt held up the rear, dark blackish brown fur and a deep almost purple looking mane that seemed almost iridescent in the right light.

“Spwead out. Smawty smeww sumpin! Fwuffies gon find dah munstah dat gabe Tuwip and odew fwiends fowebah sweepies an gon gibe it fowebaw sweepies!!” The blue unicorn stopped and started spreading his tiny force across the small patch of forest.

Colt’s blood ran cold at the Smarty’s declaration, smartys were not good but even worse was what he had said. Tulip, that was the name of the mare that they had killed for nummies. Colt army crawled over to his special friend, trying to curl under her swollen belly, whimpering and peeking out through her legs.

“What am 'ou doin dummy!” She hissed at him, pausing in her attempt to cover her fillies in dried grass and fur she’d ripped from the hides of their recent kills.

“Sma-Smawty.” He whimpered into his hooves like a frightened little foal. Emma rolled her eyes and kicked him in the head, hoping he would act like the stallion he was.

“Stop acting wike wittle foaw, 'ou am big stawwion,” She finally pulled her head out of the tree hollow and nuzzled his cheek. “an big stawwions don’ cry wike wittle babbehs.” She cooed.

“Sowwy, sowwy.” He scrambled out from under his special friend only to find the dark brown colt staring staring at them.

“Uh-uhm, hewwow? Poopie waz wondew if yu hab seen any munstahs wound hewe! Poopies hewd am wookin fow da munstahs dat nummed fwiends.” He tapped his hooves nervously as he glanced back and forth across the tiny clearing. His eyes widened at the glistening ribs and tiny bones scattered across the dirt.

“Am…am yu da munstah?” He whispered in quiet…admiration?

Emma had been about to thrown on an act to try and draw the little Colt in but paused at the note of admiration in his voice. Her eyes were drawn to the nub of a horn on his head and the flutter of tiny wings on his back. He was a wingie-pointy!

“Poopie am munstah too!” He flared his wings happily and made a small hop towards the two, his tail wagging back and forth.

“Stay away.” Colt stepped between the tiny alicorn and Emma, spreading his wings in a defensive manner. The alicorn looked a little spooked for a second before taking a step back.

“Waz just wondewin’ if maybeh…munstah could hewp poopie get wid ob stoopid Smawty?” Emma was absolutely bewildered, this grass muncher was actually asking her to kill his herd. This had to be a trap.


I love this story so far. Poopie munstah getting revenge!


Grass muncher, teehee

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hell yea rebellion!

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