Daycare miscare. By hackerkyle

Hello everyone. This is the first ever fluffy related thing I’ve created. I’m very new to the fandom so please any kind critique will be appreciated.

It was a typical hot summer day of July. At the small fluffy daycare center, a young high school boy is scrubbing the dry remains of fluffy shit off the outside toys for the fluffies. His name is Tommy as his sour expression only grows in intensity from the horrible smell and beating down heat of the sun.

“Fuck this shit already.” He curses under his breath as he finally finished cleaning up the mess made by those shirts.

If he was being paid for this he’d expect a good check for all this work. But sadly he was only a volunteer worker. Not by choice, his dad forced him to take this work for the summer. Ssid some crap about how it builds character. But all that it’s built up in Tommy is a growing resentment of the shit spewing pest.

Tommy dumped the foul smelling water down the storm drain and put away his cleaning supplies. He wanted to go take a break. But knew if he tired his bitch if a manager would chew him out. So he went to start his new chore for the day. He grabbed a large laundry hamper on wheels and pushed it to the playroom. Already he can hear the fluffies being obnoxious shits. He pushed the door open.

All around the colorful room were toys and the heavy hanging scent of crap and pee from the numerous litter boxes. But more prominent were the brightly colored tiny horse abominations running around. Some playing with a ball or blocks, other hugging another, a few sleeping peacefully.

Tommy pushed the cart in and closed the door, not wanting any of the fluffies to escape the room and be reprimanded for it. His reason for coming in here was to gather up any shit covered or piss soaked blankets, plushies, and pillows. Normally a job like this would be done at the end of the day once everyone had gone home. But with the amount of crap these pests produce it’s best to do a midday clean and shift a clean wash from the day before.

“Hewwo mista aw 'u nuw daddah?” Tommy heard at his feet as he looked down to see a young neon pink fluffy say to him

“Not in your life, you shit factory.” Tommy responded with scowl.

“Huu huu! Nu say meanie wowds tu fluffy.” Whimpered the pink foal.

“Get out of my way before I throw you in the trash.” Said Tommy.

“Scheeee! Nu thwow away fluffy!” Said the foal as it shit itself in fear and wobbled away.

Tommy huffed in relief that the threat worked. He couldn’t actually harm any of these things if he wanted. He’d be in trouble if he tried anything. So he went about his work gathering up anything made of cloth and covered in waste and tossing it into the hamper. He was almost done when he was about to grab a sizable plush bear when suddenly a red stallion charged at him and pathetically headbutted his hand.

“Gu away dummeh! Dis aw smarty enfie toy!” The stallion said as he puffed out his cheeks to seem intimidating.

“Enfie toy? Oh dude gross!” Tommy remembered his manager saying sometimes this happens.

He recalled the manager saying something about fluffies calling themselves smarty are trouble and enfie is what fluffies said when they meant sex. So What tommy has his hands on here was a ego inflated shit box and sex toy.

“Well thanks for warning me.” Tommy said as he batted the stallion aside and carefully grabbed the toy by the ear and tossed it into the hamper.

“Nu! Put smarty enfie toy back dummeh or smarty gib 'u fowebeh seepies!” Huffed the stallion as he stomped his hooves in protest.

“Sorry ‘smarty’ but your girlfriend is dirty and need a wash.”

“Put back now!” The stallion demanded as he now bat his hooves against Tommy’s leg doing nothing but ruffling the pant leg.

Tommy just shook his leg a bit and knocked the temper tantrum having fluffy back as he finished his work and pushed the hamper towards the door. Once he got to it he opened it and pushed the hamper through before closing the door behind him. But what Tommy didn’t notice the smarty had slipped out of the playroom right behind him. The fluffy followed right behind him as Tommy headed for the laundry room and set the hamper by a small step stool.

As Tommy went to enemy the washers contents into the dryer the smarty wobbled into the laundry room. Spotting the hamper where he enfie friend was trapped.

“Dummeh hoomen, smarty get enfie toy back.” Said the smarty as he walked to the hamper.

The smarty knew tried to climb up the hamper but couldn’t get anywhere near the top. For a second anger at the dummeh hamlet but then looked at the stepping stool to his side. He grinned as if he was the smartest being alive and managed to pull his fat ass on top of the stool. He then turned his attention back to the hamper and could just barely get his hooves to the rim of the hamper as he pulled and jumped at the same time. His little face turned red at the strain of pulling himself up. But he did it as he triumphantly flopped into the hamper.

“Nuw, where aw 'u enfie fend?” Said the smarty as he dug himself into the pile.

Tommy had finished emptying the industrial washer and went back to the hamper. He was supposed to load the washer by hand but at this point he was too done to care as he just grabbed the bottom rim of the hamper and huffed as he tipped it up to dump the load in.

The fluffy inside suddenly felt everything flip as he screeched and fell with the tumbling toys into the washer. Tommy heard this and looked around confused. Dreading seeing if one of the shit rats escaped the play area. He didn’t see anything. But as he felt the last of the load fall in he dropped the hamper down and quickly shoved down the load that was spilling out if the washer. At the bottom of the washers drum the fluffy huu huued from his fall.

He screeched again as the load above him was shoved down now pinning him to the bottom of the washer. Again Tommy heard this.

“Shit one if them must’ve gotten out. Fuck.” He swore as he quickly dumped a hearty glop of industrial strength laundry soap into the washer.

Tommy slapped the kid in a rush as he quickly turned the dial on the washer and pushed the on button. He wanted to get this wash going quickly so he could find the runaway fluffy and return it to the playroom before anyone else saw.

He then quickly left the room to search for the source of the fluffy screams he heard. As the washer began to fill with hot water the fluffy smarty inside began to panic.

“L-LET SMARTY OUT DUMMEH HOOMEN!!” he cried as the water washed up his ass and tail.


The fluffy scrambled towards the top of the quickly filling washer drum as the soap dripped down right into the fluffies face.


The fluffy sniffed and began to chirp in distress as he got to the top of the pile. But he then hit his head on the lid of the washer and shat himself in shock.

“Huu huu, open up dummeh hoomen! Let fluffy out nuw!” The smarty called out but got no response as he again felt the water at his back end.

He huffed as he tried with all his strength to push the heavy lid open. Fully expecting a great smarty like himself could do it as the hot water rose more and more till the fluffy cloud just barely keep his face above the water.

“Huu huu! Let smarty out n- SCEEEE!!!” he cried as the washer began to violently trash right to left as it began it’s cycle.

The smarty fluffy was hammered side to side against the hard metal drum as a mix of water and soap not just cleaned him but also was forced down his nose and mouth.

Some time later Tommy was getting ready to leave the daycare. Relieved he didn’t find any fluffy outside of the playroom. And if any other worker had found it he would’ve heard of it by now.

As he walked out of the back to leave the building out the front entrance he saw a whale of a woman screaming at the receptionist at the desk.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T FIND HIM?!?!” screamed the whale of a customer.

“I-im sorry ma’am, but all the fluffies have already gone home. We don’t your little Nicklas in the playroom.” Said the receptionist looking very nervous.

Shit. So one of the shit rats dis get out? But Tommy didn’t see it, maybe it got outside and ran away? Tommy thought of the pain in the ass it’d be if it was his fault that this one fluffy got out.

But then he thought of the fact he’s only a volunteer. It’s not like he’d be losing his job if this lady decides to sue. He stood there for a moment and listened to the entitled woman screaming at the young lady and was reminded of that entitled smarty he met today. With that he turned away and walked out of the daycare.

“Let the manager deal with this shit for once.” He said to himself as he walk towards the bus stop to head home.


And that, ladies and germs, is why you always pay your staff to give a fuck about what they’re doing!

Pretty good work for your first story, my main recommendation to you would be to watch your auto-correct .

There are a lot of instances where fluffspeak gets converted into ill fitting words, but the jhist of what your trying to say mostly gets across.


Volunteer worker yet too dumb and lazy actually look for it.

But anyway that ranting owner same as her pet shouldve shove her in the washer too :joy:

Good story, just need a lil double check on some of the words. Keep it up :+1:


What working in a manufacturing facility most of my adult life has taught me: they should have had an operation standard for doing laundry that requires some sort of safety measure to prevent things like this. Because they should have seen this coming a mile away.


Thinking about real fluffies in a serious way, I certainly would not be an abuser. I doubt any remotely sane person would. But hearing one actually say he wants to kill me would just be absolutely infuriating. I’d probably leave the room so I wouldn’t be tempted to smack him upside the head or shake him like a deranged nanny or something.


Really it autocorrected them? Dang that sucks I tried very hard to make sure I got the fluff speak right. Even made a cheat list to look at.

Is it the fluff speak that’s messed up? I tried hard to make it right. Made a cheat list to reference for words.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure if I added enough bratty bits to make the smarty seem like he kind of deserved what happened. But it’s reassuring you think it was enough.


Love it! Good job for your first story. I always love to see accidental abuse.

I use this translator. It’s not perfect; you’ll definitely have times you need to make adjustments to make it sound how you want. But it does do most of the grunt work.


Oh thank you so much. This should definitely make it easier.

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Nice job writing :+1:

Sometimes smarties are a reflection of thier owners, nice job with that detail.

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Good point, most people wouldn’t bother Abusing fluffies too much hassle, and not to mention you’d probably look like a weirdo in doing so.

Much like the stray cats and dogs that occasionally show up near my home. I usually show them away or give them some food and their own thier way. The only time I had actually harm a feral animal, was when I lived with my relatives on thier ranch. Had to shoot coyotes often.

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You switched tenses a few times.

Not really just some typos:

" As Tommy went to “enemy” the washers contents into the dryer "

“Enemy” should be “empty”


Right. Thank you. Will forsure give it a very thorough read through before I post anything new.


I think fluffies would be more different than you’d expect. They are very aggressive with wanting things. This isn’t done in stories very often, but I bet there would be a lot of issues with fluffies trying to run into your house if they saw the door was open. Plus the more cliche situations of running right up to you and begging for aid. So, while I do think recreationally killing and maiming fluffies wouldn’t have the appeal it seems to in most fluffy settings, I bet people would be much less tolerant of them than cats. They’d probably get killed a lot more often.

On the flip side, I would be worried they’d get sexually abused a lot. Creepy pedos liking their childlike mannerisms, as well as emotionally fucked up incels wanting a girlfriend so bad they use a talking animal with weirdly human boobs as one. Also, just regular bronie/ otaku types who would actually prefer to bang what is essentially a living cartoon character.


Some story I read mostly the mares , 2nd the smarty are forcing their way to a person’s door demanding its their “howsie” and let the foals slip in.

Throw them out and get that irritating "why hurt fluffy am good fluffy / mummah "


Welcome to the community! Well done on the story got my blood boiling. (that’s a good thing) hope to see more from you.

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I really liked it.
Don’t sweat the typos/errors as you can always go back and fix them.
Really good story and welcome to FC