Dead-Fluff Float. By TarkOfTheWild

I hate the 3 tag rule cause it doesn’t have what i look for and i don’t wanna spam the tags cause i dont know what this count as…Drowning, yes, feral, yes, but abuse? Maybe. I want corpse tag.

As you can see that is my first corpse drawing! I dont know fluffy gut antatomy to start so i based it half on a horse where it neck spine kinda dips down and then back up…?? I cant explain it.

But my first major post here! A four panel comic! and it includes your favorites! Dead small horse!!

Expect the brown one, the brown one is going to be our protaganist. She doesn’t have a refence yet but if you remembered from the last post, she does have white insides.

No i can’t draw water!

Excuse the poor spelling, english is my first language but im super dyslexic and lazy.

I would like critism on my work but be nice please.


Forgor :skull: a few things about de-comp on a body, but i thought the tail hairs would go first, I would of drawn it abit more…bloated but I like to draw my fluffs with abit more HORSE to them, make them actual pests cause they can run faster that way instead of breed like rabbits, (which they still do in my universe.)

I will set up a small theory boards and tag the people that have inspired me to draw small horse abuse later. Major one is FallenAngel007, and a few other forgotten artists over the…4 years? I have watched…See ya guys on the flip side.

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The #death tag would work as a good substitute for corpse.


Yeah, the dead man float technique is very helpful. If you ever get knocked out of a river kayak, and the current is stronger than you know that you can swim to shore, dead man float on your back, and your going to conserve your energy for when you get a chance to swim to shore in a less strong current.

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Good advice here. Though in the early days a fluffy would drown just from seeing this picture.

Ok I am just stupid and that tag went over my head…? thrice…? Thanks for the reminder.

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Ok floating on your back is also a good tactic, But i dont think any fluff would survive a river that faster then a lazy river, cause I just think fluffies can just BARELY survive lazy rivers. I was using my own survival tip that one of my marine friends told me, should of asked for more details instead of off-shoot memory.

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Ya thats what particularly gave me the insparation, like even with the fluffiest of these stupid idiots atleast i think would have buoyancy with how fluffy they are, or its mostly fat…dunno.

A lazy river would be an equal to a fast moving current for a fluffy, and a still current is something perfect for them to try and survive. Although, the chances of a fluffy being skilled with this knowledge is different for ferals and domestic fluffies. With that in mind, in my head cannon, ferals are most likely to be skilled at this and few domesticated fluffies belonging to a family who loves being outdoors and playing on small rivers and lakes with there wee fluffies.

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