Dinners ready (by: AnimakeYT(cardickfetish on reddit))

You walk into your basement where the fluffies are caged under a blanket and you open one of the cages up it’s a green mare with a blue mane you strap it to the table belly facing up and shine your lamp on its face… the dust in the air becoming visible as the Ray’s of light shine on the fluffy

“Were gonna play a little game”

“Fwuffy… fwuffy nu wike gaem”

“Hm well I do”

You then grab a newtons cradle with one blade instead of 4-5 balls and begin to push the blade so it swung

“Pull in that disgusting fat of yours or this wont be fun for either of us”


The fluffy strained to keep its stomache from being exposed to the blade, but alas the fluffy cant hold their body like that forever and gave out and with a SWISH

“Oh well”

The fluffy had been sliced up in the stomache dying slowly as you hushed its mouth by taping it shut and leaving it to die in its cage you then grab a foal from another cage and attach It to a wheel with torture options on it

“Let’s spin the wheel friend”

The wheel spun

And spun

And spun


“Why looks like we rolled a punch how lucky”

You slam your fist into the fluffy’s legs as to not kill it but due to the foal being young its legs flew off at high speeds as you used your lighter to make the wound stop bleeding


“Will you… SHUT THE… FUCK UP”

You slam your fist onto the deal’s stomache popping the foal like a balloon and going to grab your next victim from the cages this time a smarty stallion white fur with a pink mane it demands

“Smawty nu wan cagie gib sketties ow foweba sweepies”

“Shush see the foal on the wheel? If you talk you will end up like that foal”

The smarty shuts it’s stupid mouth and you wrap the smarty face up on the table like the mare was the smarty notices the “booboo” juice and immediately cries






You then grab a toothpick and have it hanging on a string right above the smarties eyes you pull out a rat and make it go near the first string the smarty actually lives up to the name and understands gravity so it cries as the mouse chews through the string


you then put the rat to cut the next string


You aren’t done you then grab a cheese grater and hold it against the smarty’s stomache and shave away the life of the fluffy laughing as an insane murderer would as they killed someone

You then finish the smarty off with a sledgehammer blow to the head cracking the head and splattering blood all over your basement you leave and go upstairs holding some remnants of the body you dump it into the blender and blend It up picking out the bones from the result you mix the substance with pasta sauce and make a plate of spaghetti

“Oh lilac… dinners ready…”


Hmmmmm… Hmmmmm… 6/10 not enough collateral damage with sledgehammer

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With skin and joints this weak even standing or tripping on a pebble or on anything would be fatal, not suitable for even saferooms let alone cages

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Hm maybe I should have added an explosion they always make things better

“newtons cradle with one blade” is called a pendulum

Sorry it was 3am when writing this

Overall, I rate this 3/10. The kills are lackluster, due to the characters being under developed. When I kill, it’s creative and unique, like drilling up a leg and into the heart, or death by a thousand cuts.