Does anyone have this?

Many of my favorite pieces of abuse I’ve collected during the days of the booru are gone. I am looking for one particular piece and I can’t seem to find it.

I beleive it’s two panels. The top shows a “plump” purple foal using a litter box to the appraisal of it’s mother. The bottom panel shows that very same purple foal stuck inside a plastic tube with thumbtacks sticking out of it’s ass and needles in it’s feet. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


Are you talking about this?


Oooooh, those are illustrations of the “No Miwkies” story!

Are those the ones you were searching for?


I think so. Thanks for the help finding it.


Ah yes the no milkies foal, the story is very good and quite creative but god damn did Kerosene Cannibal do an incredible job making a comic of it.

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Yes that’s the one! Thank you. Do you happen to have the first part where it’s with it’s mother? The contrast of happy and miserable side by side (above and below) really sets it off.

@Zaraishu posted the link under my previous comment.

Doesn’t seem to work. I found the original comic on google but the re illustration that goes along with what you posted earlier I still can’t find. The one by fiddwe

join this group and the Zaraishu’s link will start working

just found it on an old /b archive!

did you ever find what you were looking for schtupid