Double Standards [By BFM101]

“Daddeh, wai du Deb-ee hab wound tummeh?”

“What, let me see?”

Roxie stepped back and watched as her owner Harry knelt down beside their resting dog Debbie, a lumbering but loveable Golden Retriever who Roxie had noticed had gotten less active in the last few days and now had a pronounced bulge in her tummy.

Debbie smiled and panted as Harry softly pressed against her stomach, after a moment he leaned back and smiled.

“Well, I’ll have to get a doctor to confirm it, but I think Debbie’s pregnant. Must’ve been that mutt who’s been hanging around the back garden, well at least he’s willing to stick around.”

“Wha pwegnant daddeh?” Asked the peach Pegasus.

“It means Debbie’s going to have babies.”


“Now hold on Roxie, you can’t just…”


Harry sighed, knowing it was his own damn fault he was in this mess.

“Ok Roxie, it’s only fair. Let’s call some people up and see if we can find you a mate.”

“YAY, Woxie hab biggesh heawt-happies, fank yu daddeh.”

Roxie leapt forward to give Harry a hug, he smiled and pulled Debbie in for the three of them to share in the moment.

Debbie barked, not fully understanding what was happening.

“Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah, gun hab babbehs, wub aww babbehs.”

Harry listened to Roxie’s off-key singing, for about the hundredth time that hour, and kept himself silent, Roxie’s enthusiasm for her unborn foals was mildly infectious, especially when she found herself sharing lunch with Debbie.

“Wox-ee an Deb-ee, bov soon-mummahs, bov hab babbehs, wub dem aww.”

Debbie barked in agreement, or just happiness that the song was over, and rolled over, laying down so her engorged stomach wasn’t pressed too hard on the ground.

“Oooh, Deb-ee hab su many miwkies pwaces daddeh.”

“Dog’s can have large litters, it’s not uncommon to have eight or even nine puppies, sometimes even more. Plus Debbie can’t move her puppies around like you can, you’ll be able to pick them up and take them to and from you when they need feeding Debbie can’t do that so she needs to make sure there’s a place for everyone at once, luckily the vet’s told us she’s having a litter of six puppies so there’s more than enough room for everyone.”

“Did Vet say how many babbehs Wox-ee hab?”

“Um, no, sorry, the vet can’t tell with Fluffies just yet.” Harry hoped that would be enough to sway her off the question, he didn’t want to rely the horror stories the vet told him about Fluffies and ultrasounds. Turns out the sound-waves do some irreparable damage to the stupidly weak creatures and nobody had bothered to look for a better way.

“Dat ok daddeh, Wox-ee knyo she wub AWW hew babbehs.”

“I’m glad to hear that Roxie, now finish your dinner and we’ll watch some TV.”

“Ok daddeh.”

As Harry walked away to finish up some tasks, he glanced over and saw Roxie hugging Debbie, specifically hugging her pregnant belly.

“Wox-ee wub yu Deb-ee, knyo yu be gud mummah tuu.”

Debbie barked again.


Harry was mere microseconds away from the first bite of his morning breakfast when he heard the cry come from the other room. After a beat to process what he just heard, he dropped his spoon and went rushing through. Inside he found Debbie waddling about, trying to find the source of what was causing her friend so much pain, and Roxie laid out on her bed, straining with the pain in her special-place.

“NNNGGGGHHH, Daddeh, wai Wox-ee hab biggesh huwties?”

“It’s your babies Roxie, they’re coming.”

“BABBEHS! Mummah hab biggesh heawt-haaaaaAAAAHHHHHH! Oooh, pwease babbehs, nu huwt mummah.”

With Harry stroking her yellow mane and Debbie laying down to lick her face clean, Roxie strained and fought as she pushed six foals out of her, each time begging to see her children, but being refused until they were all safely out of her.

Once the afterbirth flowed out of her, Roxie was back to normal size and able to move freely. Harry lovingly stroked her back as he rolled the exhausted mummah over and let her see her foals for the first time.

“Congrats Roxie, you’re a mother now.”

Roxie had tears in her eyes as she looked down at her children. “Dey… dey am Wox-ee babbehs? Dey aww su pwetty, Wox-ee wub dem.”

“I’ll go make up some spaghetti to perk you up again, I’ll take Debbie to give you some space as well. Just shout if you need anything.”

“Ok daddeh.” Roxie was barely listening, too focussed her foals to even comprehend what Harry said.

Harry of course understood that, and silently led Debbie out of the safe-room. Now alone, Roxie admired her children for a moment, they were all very pretty; the six foals were split evenly between colt and fillies. One colt was a light blue unicorn with a red mane, looking just like the stallion who gave her special-huggies, another was an orange Pegasus with a blue mane, and the last a red earthie with a yellow mane. The fillies a yellow Pegasus with a red mane, a blue unicorn with an orange mane, and the last was just like her, peach with a yellow mane, only she was an Alicorn.

“Wox-ee wub aww babbehs, eben mun… wingie-pointy babbeh. Wox-ee wememba wha Tee-Bee say, nu am munstahs, am wingie-pointys. Hewe babbehs, mummah hab wickie-cweans an miwkies fow yu aww.”

Roxie picked up the closest foal, the blue unicorn colt and gently licked him clean, he peeped anxiously at the sudden wetness but inside his head, something clicked that this was good wetness and he chirped happily at his mother’s touch. Once finished, Roxie placed him beside her teats and picked up the orange Pegasus filly, doing the same to her before placing her beside her brother to feed.

“Nyo, aww babbehs hab miwkies, bu mummah gib huggies tu babbehs who nu dwink yet. Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah…”

Whilst she sun away, Roxie picked up the peach Alicorn, ready to clean her up and place her in her arms to sooth while she waited her turn to feed. She took one taste of her peach daughter…

And instantly something in her brain told her something was wrong.

Harry returned a little while later with a hot and fresh bowl of spaghetti, he heard Roxie singing and took that to be a good sigh, but when he opened the door he saw Roxie laying down with five foals either feeding or hugging into her chest, whilst the sixth and lone foal lay abandoned off to the side, chirping and crying in pain and hunger.

“ROXIE!” Harry yelled out placing the spaghetti bowl on a desk. “Why aren’t you feeding this one?”

“Dat am bad smeww babbeh daddeh, nu am gud.”

Harry knelt down and picked the Alicorn filly up, she was shivering from the coldness of being alone, her tiny nubs of legs clawing for some kind of comfort, her breathing horrid and raspy.

Harry turned to Roxie and glared at her. “Don’t lie to me, you left her to die because she’s a ‘monster’. What did you do to her?”

“Wha, nu, Wox-ee nu huwt babbeh, Wox-ee nu cawe dat babbeh am wingie-pointy. Dat babbeh hab bad smeww, nu gud fow gud babbehs.”

“I don’t care, feed her.”

“NU! Bad babbeh nu steaw miwkis fwom gud babbehs, bad babbeh gu foweba sweepies.”

Harry fumed as he stomp over and pushed Roxie to the ground, knocking her foals off her and pushing the Alicorn filly onto her teats.

“She’ll drink, and then I’m taking ALL your babies away.”

“NUUHUUUHUU! Wox-ee wub babbehs, nu wan bad-smeww babbeh tu steaw miwkies, babbehs need mummahs miwkies.”

“This IS your babbeh, she NEEDS your milk too. You are a BAD mother, you don’t deserve foal if this is how you treat them.”

Harry ignored Roxie’s cries and kept the Alicorn filly against her teats until the little thing plopped off with a satisfied burp. Happy that all the foals had been fed, Harry gather the Alicorn with her brothers and sisters and placed them onto a blanket before picking that up and carrying it outside.

“We’ll talk more about this when I get home.” Was all he said as he left the house.

“NUUUU, BABBEHS!” Roxie cried out, trying to chase after him, but with her stubby legs, her exhaustion and her lack of food, she didn’t even make it to the door before she heard Harry’s car start and drive off, taking her babies with him.

She curled up into a ball and wept, she didn’t even feel Debbie come over and start licking her head, wishing for her friend to be happy again.

The mood was rough after that, Harry had taken the foals to a local Fluff-Mart and refused to get them back. Whenever he asked Roxie why she had rejected the Alicorn, the answer was always the same.

“Cause bad-smeww babbeh am bad.”

Eventually he gave up, Fluffies were temperamental creatures and he figured Roxie likely didn’t even remember why she rejected the foal in the first place.

Roxie spent most of her time in the kitchen now, partly because the safe-room reminded her too much of her foals, but mostly because she enjoyed Debbie’s company and by now the swollen dog was spending most of her time in the kitchen with her bed and her food.

“Huu, Wox-ee miss babbehs su mush, hope Deb-ee hab gud babbehs, daddeh am big meanie if Deb-ee nu gud mummah.”

Debbie lay panting, enjoying Roxie’s company, when suddenly she froze, and then stood up and squatted over her bed.

“DEB-EE!” Roxie was aghast at what she was witnessing. “Nu make bad poopies on bedsies, dat am BAD fing tu du.”

Debbie, unknowing and uncaring of what Roxie was saying, stayed squatted and strained slightly, Roxie watch in horror as something started to squeeze its way out of Debbie from between her legs.


Confused, Harry strolled inside to see what Roxie was on about. Seeing Debbie squatting over the bed he realised she wasn’t pooping, she was birthing.

“Shit, Roxie stand back, Debbie’s giving birth.”

“Deb-ee hab babbehs, Wox-ee hewp, wan hewp Deb-ee hab…”

“You can help by staying at her head, just keep her calm, she might now understand what’s going on.”

Roxie nodded and waddled over to one side, Harry gently lay Debbie down on her side and quickly grabbed a pair of rubber gloves to help with the delivery. Every so often Debbie would look over to see what was going on but Harry kept her from standing up and accidentally causing damage.

“It ok Deb-ee, it jus babbehs, bawkie-babbehs be su pwetty, wike mummah.”

Debbie whined slightly at the uncomfortable feeling but with Harry’s help, she was able to birth her first puppy, a male, a slightly darker blonde than Debbie’s coat. Harry placed the pup onto his mother’s teats and watched him suckle, Debbie looked down at her first born and started panting excitedly, finally understanding what was going on.

Over the next few hours Harry (and technically Roxie as well) helped Debbie as she gave birth to her litter of six, given the Schnauzer breed mixed with Debbie’s Golden Retriever genes, Harry had confirmed that it was the grey mutt hanging around the back garden that was the father, he’d been feeding the Schnauzer but hadn’t taken him in yet, still wondering if he could handle three animals or risking Roxie get jealous without her own mate.

Of course that was before Roxie proved herself to be incapable of being a mother, since Harry wasn’t about to risk that again, maybe he could bring the Schnauzer in and just keep Roxie in her safe-room, or maybe…


Harry was snapped out of his mindless thoughts by Roxie’s screams, and he looked to see horrifying sight, Debbie had been sniffing and bonding with her new-born pups, and while five of them were blindly and contentedly pressing against their mother teats for more milk, one of them was not.

One of them had been snatched up by Debbie’s jaws and shaken so violently that his neck had snapped, small splashes of blood had sprayed across the room and his corpse lay coldly to the side.

Debbie just panted and looked around the room at the horrified faces of her owner and friend.

“Ok girl.” Harry said cautiously. “Let me just check something out…”

He slowly and carefully reached for one of Debbie’s feeding young, he didn’t get very close before she growled at him. Instantly he jumped back.

“…Ok, ok, not a maternal thing, you still got that going on. Must’ve been a runt, sorry you had to see that Roxie, some doggy mothers do that if their puppy doesn’t smell right. But she seems to be good with the others so nothing more to worry about.”

“Wha da poopies am dat?”

“Whoa, you watch yourself young lady, or I’l…”

“Am daddeh pwaying twickies on Wox-ee, Wox-ee nu gib bad-smeww babbeh miwkies cos it am bad babbeh an daddeh take AWW of Wox-ee babbehs way. Den Deb-ee gib HEW OWN BABBEH foweba sweepies, xos it am bad babbeh, an daddeh nu eben take hew babbehs way, wet Deb-ee stiww be mummah?!”

“Well now it’s different Roxie’s, Debbie doesn’t know any better and…”

“IT NU DIFFAWENT! Deb-ee knyo dat babbeh am bad bu stiww wub udda babbehs. Wox-ee knyp hew babbeh am bad bu stiww wub udda babbehs. Daddeh am biggesh meanie, daddeh wub Deb-ee mowe dan Wox-ee, wet Deb-ee be mummah bu take Wox-ee babbehs way. Wox-ee nu wub daddeh nu mowe.”

Leaving behind a trail of snot and tears, Roxie ran out of the room. Harry sighed and looked over at the corpse of Debbie’s puppy, knowing that, in a way, Roxie was right.

“I’ve really fucked this up haven’t I Debs?”

Debbie just barked.

Harry walked into the Fluff-Mart, his head hung almost as low as his mood. He didn’t know if he was wasting his time but he had to try. He approached the front desk, seeing the same manager who served him last time, luckily he wouldn’t have to explain himself too much to her.

Kathy Parker looked over and smiled. “Hey, Mr Kline right? What brings you back here, Roxie gone and gotten herself knocked up again?”

Harry smiled but Kathy could see there was little joy in his face. “No, nothing like that. This is gonna sound dumb and I’m probably wasting my time but… can I have Roxie’s foals back please?”

Kathy actually found herself stunned by the question. “Oh wow, I think that’s literally the first time I’ve heard anyone ask to take back the Fluffies they’ve given us. Can I ask why, if that’s ok?”

“It’s my dog, Debbie, she gave birth yesterday and… well not to dwell on it but she killed one of her puppies, must’ve been a runt. Roxie got mad that Debbie got to keep her puppies after killing one of them when I took Roxie’s away because she neglected one, and seemingly for the same reasons Debbie had.”

Kathy chuckled. “Mr Kline, don’t worry, you’re not the first person to make this mistake but thankfully you are the first to admit it. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking because Fluffies can talk they should be aware of their actions, but they are still animals and instinct does kick in, whether that be to find food, to sleep or even to abandon runts because they take valuable resources away from foals that would survive. From what you’ve said about Roxie, she knew her bad baby was a runt but didn’t know how to tell you without sound cold. Fluffies may understand speech but that doesn’t mean they understand language or tone or infliction.”

“’The ability to speak does not make you intelligent’.”

“Exactly, it’s a cruel Catch-22 we force onto Fluffies, expect them to be smart because they can talk then chastise them for being idiots. It’s the same with mares and ‘poopie’ foals, of course something with the mind equivalent of a child is going to prefer something shiny and colourful over drab brown, you’re not teaching her to treat her foals the same, you’re teaching her that her foals aren’t toys to be ignored if she doesn’t like them. If Roxie treated her other foals fine then they should be ok with her, obvious keep an eye on her and them, it has been some time and separation issue may have occurred, but most likely not. Just wait here and I’ll grab them for you.”

“Thank you.”

Kathy ran off to gather Roxie’s foals, leaving Harry to look around the store, he stopped by her occasionally to pick up supplies but hadn’t taken the time to examine the place. Seeing the amount of Fluffies stuck in glass cages along the wall made him sad, thinking about how the older Fluffies who had given up on finding a forever home, and the younger foals still desperately trying to find one.

Life was already cruel enough to Fluffies, he didn’t need to be any crueller.

After a moment, Kathy returned with a small box, Harry could see the edges of a blanket on the sides and the sound of scared crying inside.

“Here we are, unfortunately there was only three of them left, two of them got bought fairly soon after arriving and the third…”

“The Alicorn filly?”

“Yeah, I’m so sorry, company policy is not to tell the customer what happens to their surrenders but since you’re here, she died not long after she came here, her lungs weren’t functioning properly, she choked to death in her sleep.”

“It’s fine, I figured something might have happened once I realised Roxie might have been right about her being a runt. I’ll figure out what to tell her later.”

“You’re a good owner, a lot better than our usual customer. We could use that sort of kind-heart on shift so if you’re ever looking for another job.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”

Harry took the box from Kathy and peered inside, sure enough there were three foals, the blue unicorn colt with red mane the red earthie colt with yellow mane, and the yellow Pegasus filly with red mane, all of them cowering together, scared of what was going to happen to them.

The Red earthie looked up first. “He… hewwo, nice mistah?”

Harry smiled softly at them all. “Yeah, I’m a nice mister. You might not remember me but I’m your old daddy.”

“Daddeh?” The three foals all suddenly perked up. “Daddeh am bak fow babbehs?”

“That’s right, I’ve come to take you all home to see your mummah again.”

“Babbehs see mummah? YAY, bestesh bwite-time eba!”

As the three foals hugged and danced and celebrated, Harry finalised some paperwork before taking the three of them home, hoping this would be enough to sate Roxie’s anger at him.

Harry returned home to silence, something he expected since Roxie still hadn’t forgiven him, he found her in the kitchen watching Debbie and her puppies. Thankfully Roxie had made it perfectly clear that she only blamed Harry for the loss of her children, she wasn’t about to harm innocent Debbie who had no part in their removal, and besides, the puppies were far too cute to hurt even if she wanted to.

“Hey Roxie, I got something for you.”

“Wox-ee nu cawe, nyu pwesent nu can make Wox-ee fowgib daddeh.”

“Are you sure about that, this is a pretty special-present.”

Roxie looked over as Harry reached placed the box on the ground and reached in to pull out the three foals, laying them on the floor. Roxie stared at the foals, slowly she got up and approached them, partly from curiousity, partly from her maternal instincts unconsciously kicking in.

“Daddeh bwing Wox-ee babbehs?”

“Not just any babies Roxie, give them a smell.”

Roxie cautiously sniffed the air, the foals in turn did the same, the realisation hurt them all at the same time.



“Dese am Wox-ee’s babbeh, BABBEH!”


Roxie raced forward and enveloped her three children into her chest, the foals fully accepted her as their mother and held on tight, all crying for the time they’d lost.

“Wox-ee neba fink see yu gain, hab biggesh heawt-huwties.”

“Babbehs miss yu mummah, fink yu nu wub us.”

“Mummah AWWAYS wub babbehs, neba wet yu gu gain.”

Harry interrupted the reunion with a gentle stroke on Roxie’s back. “Now Roxie, I’m sorry to say these were the only foal I could find the others… they all went to good homes with mummies and daddies who love them. I’m sorry I couldn’t get all of them, but I know you’ll be the best mummah you can to these ones.”

“It ok daddeh, eben if nu hab aww babbehs, Wox-ee am mummah gain, hab biggesh heawt-happies nyo. Come babbehs, see Deb-ee an hew babbehs.”

“Eek, dat am bawkie-munstah.”

“Nu, Deb-ee am Dog-ee Fwiend, she nu huwt Wox-ee ow babbehs, wook.”

Harry stepped back and watched Roxie introduce her children to Debbie and the puppies. He wouldn’t tell her about her daughter’s death, she didn’t need to hear that, she could go on believing she was happy and healthy somewhere else.

This whole event had given him time to think about how Fluffies were treated, especially in regards to how they treated their foals. Maybe people were too harsh on them, maybe there was still a lot more to learn from Fluffies and a lot more to teach them as well.

As Roxie babbled on to her foals, Harry pulled out his phone and called up the Fluff-Mart, if he was going to start helping, might as well start at the source.

“Hi, is that Kathy Parker? Yeah it’s Harry Kline. Listen, about the job offer you offered me earlier…”


Ricky: “Ultrasounds will kill your fluffy. But for a reasonable price I have an alternative.”
(Ricky holds up a scalpel and makes slicing motions)
Harry: “I’m not letting you cut open my fluffy to check.”
(Ricky puts down the scalpel)
Ricky: “Darn.”


Sometimes owners need to at least listen to their fluffy Roxie was trained well but guess the childish language mistaken her as a bratty mom not caring for a runt.

Guess animal instinct still can be right even for fluffies.

Nice start for these characters :blush:


Should have stomped on her the moment she screamed.

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Reminds of the time my parents adopted hamsters 8 years ago without knowing how to take care of it…

Well is important to re-search on how to take care an animal before adopting a real one or else you just end up regretting it.


Goddamn, maybe the first owner in the entire world to admit they fucked up in this manner. Good shit.


Roxie never said she forgave him. This could turn dark. Maybe not. Depends if this go anywhere else.


Heh. I wish I had thought of that. Would’ve been good for that one story I did about the limb-losing fluffies.

Nice story. Good quick read.


Right now I am loving you so much.

I rarely see this expressed in stories.