"Dragon Quest" Part V by NobodyAtAll

Part IV

Hey, it’s Eddy!

So, we just woke up. At the inn in Rikostead.

Today’s the day. Today, we meet with the dragons of Dragon Roost Mountain.

Are we gonna find Mom there?

I don’t know.

If she’s not there, will we find someone who knows where she is?

I don’t know.

But it’s the best lead we’ve got.

After a quick breakfast, me, Dad, Erdrick and Nadia head outside.

Cal and Marley aren’t here yet, though.

So we sit, and wait for about half an hour.

Then they portal in.

“Hey guys! I thought we were gonna be late. Had to take the rest of the fluffies to Happy Fluffy Daycare.”

“Da daycawe can du wifowt Mawwey fow a fyoo bwite times.”

“Yeah, and we’ve got training with Master Luxi tomorrow.”

I smile at Cal.

“Cal, you’ve already done so much for me. I’m grateful you’re willing to help us.”

“Don’t sweat it. Let’s get going, okay?”

So, with Cal and Marley joining us, we head to the mountain.

On foot. The horses are at the stable, and Nadia reassures us that they’ll be fine.

“It’s not their first time here, Eddy.”

It isn’t a long walk there. The path leads right up to the mountain.

When we reach the mountain, we find a massive cave, two life-size statues of dragons flanking it.

“So, uh, Nadia, what’s the protocol here? Do we just walk in?”

“Ewdwick nu see a doow-beww.”

Nadia smiles at us.

“They know we’re coming. And if they didn’t want us here, they would have made it clear by now.”

“Su we am jus gunna wawk intu a mown-tain fuww of dwagons?”

I kneel down, stroking Erdrick.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared, buddy!”

“Ewdwick nu am scawedies of aneefing! Du daddeh nu knu Ewdwick?”

“Heh, fair enough. Besides, these are friendly dragons.”

So we head inside.

We find ourselves walking down a vast passageway, lined with torches.

Nadia gestures at them.

“Dragon fire. It’s a lot more potent than regular fire.”

It has that in common with hellfire and holy fire.

Random thought: if I died, and became a nephilim like Mr. F’s mom, would I be able to breathe holy fire?

Because that would be pretty sick.

At the end of the passageway, we find ourselves in a vast, vast cave.

We can’t even see the ceiling. The mountain must be hollow. There’s openings all around the walls, letting in sunlight.

But what we can see is…


A fair amount of them. Nesting on ledges, flying in and out.

And a few of them have golden scales.

The biggest dragon, one of the gold ones, notices us looking up at… him? Her?

I don’t know how to tell the difference between a boy dragon and a girl dragon, but I don’t wanna say “it”.

And the dragon flies down, all the other dragons watching.

The big dragon speaks to us, they’re clearly speaking to us, but in a language none of us can understand.

ꅐꑀ꒒ꏳꊿꂵꑀ, ꒦꒐ꈜ꒐ꋖꊿꌅꈜ, ꋖꊿ ꀷꌅꁲꁅꊿꃔ ꌅꊿꊿꈜꋖ ꂵꊿꌈꃔꋖꁲ꒐ꃔ. ꃔꁲꀷ꒐ꁲ, ꒐ꋖ’ꈜ ꁅꊿꊿꀷ ꋖꊿ ꈜꑀꑀ ꐔꊿꌈ ꁲꁅꁲ꒐ꃔ.

Me, Dad, Erdrick and Marley are wearing universal translators, and Cal’s got a Ring of Allspeak on.

But we still can’t understand it.

Nadia seems to understand just fine, and smiles.

“Chrysus. It’s been a while.”

Chrysus, the dragon, says something again, and Nadia laughs.

ꁹꆂ꓅ ꒓ꍟꋫ꒒꒒ꐟ, ꄘ꒓ꆂꁒ ꁒꐟ ꉣꆂꂑꁹ꓅ ꆂꄘ ꏝꂑꍟꅐ.

“Well yes, from your point of view, it wasn’t much time at all!”

The dragon gestures at us with a claw, giving Nadia an inquisitive look.

“They’re friends of mine, Chrysus. From the other side.”

The dragons all start murmuring in their dragon language, but Chrysus raises a claw to silence them.

He, I think he’s a he, says something to Nadia, and I think he’s asking a question.

꓅ꑛꍟꐟ ꏸꋫꁹ’꓅ ꐇꁹꁕꍟ꒓ꌚ꓅ꋫꁹꁕ ꋫ ꅐꆂ꒓ꁕ ꂑ’ꁒ ꌚꋫꐟꂑꁹꁍ, ꏸꋫꁹ ꓅ꑛꍟꐟ?

She shakes her head.

“No. But those things on their ears can translate if you speak the tongue of men.”

So Chrysus speaks again, this time in Drakonian, and our translators can work with that.

“My apologies. I shouldn’t have expected visitors from the other side to know Dragontongue. Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name, as you’ve heard from Lady Nadia, is Chrysus. I am, to put it in your words, the King of Dragonkind, and ruler of Dragon Roost Mountain. What are your names?”

He’s using his inside voice.

We introduce ourselves, and explain why we’re here.

When I tell them about Mom being a noble dragon, Chrysus sniffs me, and quickly confirms it.

He scared the crap out of Dad for a second.

“…So we’re hoping there’s something, anything you can tell us about my mom, Your Majesty. Where she is, what her real name is, something that gets us closer to finding her.”

Chrysus thinks about this, scratching his chin with a claw.

“Yes, I know your scent. I know exactly whose son you are. And I know Shannon Long’s true identity.”

“Who? Who is she, sir?”

Chrysus pauses for dramatic effect, and then drops the bomb on us.

“My daughter.”

We reel at the bomb Chrysus just dropped on us.

But I reel harder than anyone else.

“So… so are you saying that… you’re my grandfather?

Chrysus nods.

“Yes. I know now. The blood of Chrysanta, my daughter, flows through your veins, as my blood flows through hers.”

The other noble dragons all wave at me with claws.

I guess they’re my family. Maybe? I dunno. I’ll have to ask later, but Mom is my priority right now.

Chrysus changes form, into human form.

Now he looks like an old man, with golden blond hair, a matching beard, and gold clothes.

Kinda like Mr. F’s dad, but Mr. F’s dad is taller, thinner, clean-shaven, and wears a golden robe. Chrysus is wearing clothes like Lorik’s, but without the red, and without the crown.

I point out the resemblance, and Chrysus chuckles.

“I know what you’re thinking, Edward. No, Auldryn is not a half-dragon. I would know. I’ve met him, and I know dragon blood when I smell it.”

“Howd awn.”

All eyes are on Erdrick, who spoke.

He looks up at Chrysus.

“If yu am a noh-buw dwagon, wike daddeh, an daddeh mummah, den yu can twain daddeh, wite?”

I stroke Erdrick again.

“Yeah, it started with us trying to find someone to train me. But honestly, Erdrick, that’s not as important as finding Mom.”

Dad nods.

“I never stopped hoping that I would see Shannon again.”

Dad didn’t date a lot after Mom ghosted.

Chrysus smiles at Dad.

“You seem like a fine man. My daughter has told me about you, Cecil. Chrysanta did not wish to leave you. But she had reasons to do so.”

I cut in. I’m starting to feel a bit impatient.

“So why did Mom leave? And is she here?

I gesture around, at the mountain full of dragons.

Chrysus sighs.

“Unfortunately, she did not tell us her reasons for returning to Drakonia. She just told us that she had reasons. And she was here, but she left. It was shortly before Lorik reclaimed the throne of Drakonia.”

Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me.

I wanted to come here sooner! But Vic said it was a bad idea!

If we had come sooner, we’d have found her!

“So do you know where she went, Chrysus? Because I feel like we’re on a wild goose chase.”

Chrysus is confused.

“I’m not familiar with that expression.”

“It means I think Mom’s giving us the runaround! Does she just not want us to find her?”

“Dis nu am funee.”

“You’re damn right it’s not funny, Erdrick. Chrysus, please, do you have any information we can use?”

He nods.

“Before she left the mountain again, Chrysanta gave me something to pass on to you. She knew you were in Drakonia, you see.”

He gestures at a stone podium, at the center of the room.

On the podium, there’s an object that looks like a gold cube. Kinda like a Rubik’s Cube. Each square has a rune engraved on it.

“What is that?

“A clue, Edward.”

I walk over to the podium, picking the cube up.

I start trying to solve it, but I’ve never been good at solving these damn things.

In high school, I knew a girl who could solve a Rubik’s Cube in ten seconds.

I dated her for a while, but it wasn’t because of that.

“Damn it! What’s the right combination?”

Chrysus shrugs.

“She didn’t tell me. She said it was for you to solve. Edward, I would like you to stay here, so you can be trained to harness your powers. But if you wish to find Chrysanta first, I completely understand.”

“I don’t think I’m gonna make much progress until I solve this damn puzzle. So I might as well stay here until I do.”

Cal walks over, smiling at me reassuringly.

“Eddy, don’t worry, if you can’t solve it, we’ve got plenty of smart friends who can-- AAH!!!”

When Cal takes the cube out of my hands, he drops it.

His hand is an angry shade of red now.

“Daddeh! Wut am wong?”

“It stung me, Mar! Now I know how Jack felt when he grabbed the Sword of Kings.”

Chrysus chuckles again, and the dragons up above laugh.

“I’m sorry about that, Sir Calvin. But I did say that it was for Edward to solve.”

Cal holds up his red hand.

“This isn’t permanent, is it?”

We all laugh too, and Chrysus assures Cal that it isn’t permanent.

Elsewhere in Drakonia, an eagle soars through the skies.

Rather sluggishly. The eagle’s body is already starting to decay.

The entity steering the eagle’s body grumbles to itself.

“Come on, you stupid bird, don’t give out on me now!”

In the distance, the eagle sees Dragon Roost Mountain, and the village of Rikostead.

“The dragon-boy is there. And Korkea’s back. How does he keep going back to the other side without using the passageways? Is he that powerful?”

The eagle doesn’t smile, but only because smiling isn’t an eagle’s forte.

Lips are a prerequisite.

“His power will be mine soon. But I’d settle for the dragon-boy. He’s powerful enough to hold back the decay too.”

The eagle flies onward.

“It’s always good to have options.”

Part VI

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