Dustbunny Tales Part 2(by: I-Wub-Gwittew).

Once Ayla was home, she headed into her large, three-story home, carrying her new (still sleeping) fluffy foal. She decided to let him sleep through the night as he seemed extremely exhausted. She would give him a good cleaning and grooming tomorrow. She had two walk-in closets in her bedroom; one much bigger than the other. She decided to prepared the smaller one as a decent-sized fluffy safe-room, the previous week.

The floor coverings in the closet were made out of easy-to-clean, colorful, foam-rubber compression mats, perfect for a fluffy’s sensitive, leathery hooves. There was a plush pet-bed made of micro-fiber, anti-bacterial faux fur that was easy to clean and sanitize in the washing machine, as well as a soft, pink baby blanket for burrowing and extra warmth. Ayla didn’t do anything halfway, and went all-out with the accessories, which were made by “Muffin Co.” - the brand rated #1 by fluffy enthusiasts! A foal-safe litter-box, blocks, plush stuffie-friends, crayons and paper, stacking rings, and a few balls; all super-safe and super-fun for all fluffies. Yes, they were pricey compared to other brands, but since Ayla could afford the best, she got the best.

Ayla placed little Dustbunny on his new bed and covered him with the baby-blanket, tucking a light-purple, lavender-scented Muffin Co. stuffie-friend (an elephant) for promoting peaceful sleep under his little arm, which he immediately started to cuddle in his sleep, little coos emanating from his chest while he happily dreamed. Ayla had to bite her lower lip to keep from squee-ing at the adorable scene before her! She then turned-on a purple and blue star-and-moon-shaped night-lite, the light being soft, cool colors for promoting deep, soothing sleep and preventing any fears a fluffy may feel in the dark. She then quietly closed the baby-gate, performed her nightly routine - which included a warm shower and cow-onesie pajamas - then climbed into her comfy, king-sized bed for a peaceful night of sleep.

The next morning, Ayla was awoken by a tiny, cheerful voice saying, “Mummah, it am bwite-time! Time fo’ wakies!”

As Ayla awoke, she picked-up and looked at her phone and saw that it was 8:30am; a perfectly reasonable time to wake-up. She sat up and stretched with a biiiiig yawn, her back popping in several places before she swung her legs over the side of the bed and headed to the bathroom to empty her bladder and brush her teeth. She walked over to Dustbunny in the closet-saferoom to see if he’d properly used the litter-box; to Ayla’s pleasant surprise, he had. “Oh, Dusty! What a good fluffy you are! You used the litter-box like a good boy!” Ayla clapped her hands in additional praise. Dusty happily pranced in a circle, giggling and wagging his tail so much that his whole rear-end went back-and-forth with it, like a super-excited puppy.

“Dushty wan be gud babbeh fo’ mummah!” he plopped back to sit on his bottom and reached-up to her in the “huggies pose”. “Pwees, mummah, gud upsies?” he said with a big smile. Ayla happily obliged, picking him up and holding him under her chin. But, the feel and smell of his grimy fluff made her quickly wrinkle her nose.

“Ugh, Dusty, you really need a bath!” she said, carrying him to her bright, sweet-smelling bathroom. She placed him on the counter next to the sink and ran the water to a pleasantly warm temperature. Dusty, to Ayla’s eternal shock, didn’t look scared at all. In fact, he looked relieved!

“Dus’bunny WUB baff! Use’ to ge’ baff at shewtah wiff famiwy! Feew su nicies!” He continued wagging his little tail as he watched the water fill-up the sink (only a couple of inches deep, for safety). Ayla grabbed some baby shampoo, gentle and tear-free; perfect for fluffies! She picked her little foal up and placed him in the sink-full of warm water. He immediately started joyfully splashing around; clearly Dusty missed not being clean for such a LONG time! “Dushty WUB wawm, siwwy wawa! Make Dushty smeww an’ feew suuuuu pwetty!!” Ayla giggled as she gently scrubbed what felt like months of filth from the little foals fluff, mane and tail. She had to drain the sink twice because the water became so vile!

When Dusty was finally clean, Ayla grabbed a soft hand towel and rigorously dried the little foal off. Then, using a Muffin Co. fluffy hair-dryer, she carefully blew his fluff, mane and tail dry. While the dryer was running, little Dusty laid back, like the warm-air was giving him a gentle massage as it dried him off.

Dustbunny’s favorite part, though, was having his fluff/mane/tail combed and brushed, getting all the dead-fluff, knots and tangles out. The way Ayla brushed and combed felt just like when his mummah would give him licky-cleanies. Ayla also decided to trim his mane and tail to get rid of the split-ends and make it easier for him to run and play without stepping on or tripping over it. At the end of the grooming session, Ayla braided Dusty’s mane down his back and tied a handsome black-satin ribbon around the end. If he were bigger, he’d look like a proper show-fluffy.

It was very obvious why his previous owner was able to use him to manipulate drunken-women with this little guy; his head was very round, with a large forehead with a tiny, spiraled-horn, small ears, big, sparkly amethyst eyes, and a perfectly proportioned body - someone had spent a LOT of time breeding very carefully to get such a well-formed alicorn! Plus, his colors weren’t plain grey and white as Ayla initially believed. His fluff was a stunning metallic silver and his mane and tail were pearly-white with a rainbow-iridescent sheen. He was gorgeous!

“You look so lovely, Dustbunny! All nice and clean!” Ayla gushed, grabbing a large hand-mirror to give him a look at his reflection. Dusty’s face turned red where the skin was slightly visible across his nose and cheeks; he was blushing… So CUTE!!

“Fank-ou su mush mummah!” Dusty said with a bashful smile, “Dushty fink mummah am pwetties’ hoomin in da whowe wowd!” He sat on his haunches and waved and smiled at his reflection to confirm that it was actually himself he was peering at, then turned and looked at his backside in the mirror, giggling in joy. He then walked closer to Ayla to sniff her long red hair that was hanging around him like a curtain. “Dushty nebah see wong, wed mane on hoomin befo’! Go gud wiff mummah gweenie see-pwacies!” His compliment warmed Ayla’s heart.

She got her red hair from her beloved, and now disabled, father. She was terribly bullied for having red hair by the kids in school, but her daddy always told her, every single day, that her hair was beautiful; like “Ariel” from “The Little Mermaid”. He also taught her that if the kids wouldn’t leave her alone and the teachers wouldn’t make them stop, she had he and her mother’s blessing to deck the little bastards! She may get in-trouble with the school, but not with her parents - which was WAY more important. After taking 3 years of Krav Maga (starting at age 4 when the bullying began), no kid in the school had the nads (figuratively or literally) to mess with her, anymore.

Ayla stroked Dustbunny’s back with one hand and gave him chin-scritches with the other, making him giggle and coo in happiness. “You’re such a sweet fluffy, Dustbunny! You and I are going to have a wonderful life together!” she scooped the little alicorn up in her hands and, nestling him under her chin, she walked downstairs to make them both some breakfast.

Dusty coo’d, then looked every which-a-way he could as he was carried downstairs and into the kitchen. He sat in awe of the size of the new house in which he lived, as well as how clean, warm, and sweet-smelling it was. So much cleaner than meanie-mistah’s housie! Light was coming through large windows, plus the glass patio-doors that led to a large outside eating-area and barbecue. Ayla had a medium-sized swimming pool with an attached hot-tub that her parents frequently used for hydro-therapy, and which Ayla used for full-body work-outs (especially in the flaming-hot, LA Summer).

The little foal was flabbergasted that all of this space was part of his new home! “Mummah?” Dusty inquired, curiously, “Housie su BIG! Am aww housie bewong tu 'ou?” He looked at her with huge, saucer-like eyes.

“Yes-siree, Dusty!” Ayla smiled as she replied. “This whole house is mine. My parents live in the guest-house, too. I take care of them, so you’ll get to meet them when they visit today, as well.” Dusty gasped in surprise! Hoomins had mummahs and daddehs too?! He had no idea! “Dusty meet mummah’s mummah an’ daddeh tuu?! WOW! Su 'cited!” he danced his little circle-dance on the kitchen island that he’d been placed on, causing Ayla to have to leap forward to catch him as he accidentally stepped-off the edge of the counter, falling with a loud “EEP!”

Dusty!” Ayla gasped as she held him in her hands, her heart beating hard in her chest. “Please be more careful, li’l guy! You could have gotten hurt!” she said as she placed him onto the center of the island. She noticed that even though he was trembling from the sudden drop, there were no scaredy poopies or pee-pees, anywhere; she had to inquire. “Dusty, how is it you don’t make scaredy poopies or pee-pees like other fluffies do?” Dusty looked at Ayla with pride.

“Dushty fwuffy-mummah teach Dushty how nah tu make bad poopies ow pee-pees when scawdy. Say ‘skweezie poopie-pwace an nu-nu stik wen scawed su nuffin’ cum owt.’ Took pwactice, bu’ finawy weawn!” He puffed-out his chest with a big smile as he finished his story. Ayla was impressed at his ability to have ANY form of bladder/bowel control! Most fluffies could only dream of such things! Her luck just kept getting better and better, and she decided that this little fluffy deserved a little something extra for breakfast.

As if on cue, Dusty’s little tummy made a “ggggrrrroooowwwwlll” of hunger, making both owner and fluffy giggle. “Heehee! Mummah, Dushty tummeh am weady fo’ nummies!” Ayla smiled and gave his little tummy a poke, Pillsbury dough-boy style, eliciting a happy “huu-huu!”

Ayla began to make both her own and her new pet’s breakfast. She set 4 pieces of toast in the toaster, scooped some high-nutrition foal-kibble into a metal food dish for Dusty, then began to make some oatmeal the way her dad used to make for her (with butter and maple syrup, lots of calories to keep both she and Dusty going for a while). Ayla always sang when she cooked, prompting Dusty to hum along as well as dance in place with the tune.

Once the oatmeal was made, Ayla poured some over the kibble then coated every piece by stirring it up. When the toast popped-up, she took one slice and cut it in half, diagonally, then cutting it again to have two small triangles which she stuck into Dusty’s bowl, like a side-dish to the oatmeal and kibble. Little Dustbunny was salivating at the sights and smells of his first proper breakfast, and his eyes looked like they would pop out of his head on springs when Ayla placed his bowl of food in front of him. “Aww dis fo’ DUSHTY?! Weawwy?!?!” His amethyst eyes sparkled and shined with wonder as he looked from the food, to Ayla, and back to the food, over and over again.

“Yeppers!” she placed her own breakfast down on the island near Dusty as she sat down on a stool at the island. Picking-up her spoon she looked at Dusty waiting patiently for the word to start eating. “Let’s eat!” she said with a smile, scooping-up some oatmeal and watching Dusty take a curious bite of his kibble, first. A wide smile spread across his little face as he had his very first “foodgasm”.

Bestest nummies!!!” he cried-out in ecstasy, next taking a bite of a piece of toast and nearly falling backwards from the taste of all the delicious foods combined. “Mummah gib Dushty bestes’ nummies EBAH!! Tank 'ou!! Tank 'ou su mush!!!” He continued to nom the food slowly and carefully, doing his best to savor and enjoy everything she’d made for him. She spread black-currant jam on her own diagonally-cut slices of toast, alternating between bites of toast and oatmeal as she watched the adorable foal happily eat his first proper breakfast. Dustbunny finished his meal by meticulously licking his dish clean from all food remnants, then licking himself of all crumbs and oatmeal in his fluff, before having a nice drink of water from his other dish to wash everything down. Ayla almost squirted tea out of her nose when she heard the large belch come out of Dustbunny’s mouth, making him giggle as well before politely excusing himself.

Dustbunny sat and happily “conversed” with Ayla about how excited he was to have a new home and new mummah and good food; how happy he was to be clean again, and how good it felt to be able to stretch his “wittow wingies” without any dirt hindering their movements. Ayla finally finished her own breakfast about 15 minutes after Dustbunny did. He offered (hopefully) to lick her bowl clean as he did his own, but Ayla said he might get a tummy-ache because of eating too much food if he did that, so he happily settled on just getting a teeny-tiny square of black-currant covered toast, just large enough to fit comfortably in his mouth.

Dusty rubbed his tummy in satisfaction like a well-fed child, “Mmm-mm! Nummies am jus’ su gud mummah! Nebah hab sush wundafuw nummies since mummah’s miwkies!” Ayla smiled at him as she gathered their used dishes to clean them in the sink.

“Yeah, bud! I love nummies too!” she moved close to whisper in his little ear, “I even exercise mostly because it lets me eat more food!” Dusty gasped in amazement! There was a way to get to eat more food than you normally could?!

“Can Dushty ex… exew… eh… exwise wiff mummah fow eat mowe nummies, tuu?” He asked with saucer-eyes and hope in his voice.

“Of course, Dusty! When I do my exercising today, you can do some with me! It’ll be fun to do it together!” Ayla hadn’t had a workout partner in years, other than her personal trainer. I wonder what kind of exercises a fluffy can do?.. I’ll have to look that up, today…

It was now 10:30am, and Ayla’s professional/work-day was about to begin. Today was a Wednesday, which was her lightest day. She decided to give herself a semi-break in the middle of the week to keep from burning-out - which she was prone to do from overwork - so Wednesdays weren’t as packed with activity as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The doorbell rang, surprising Dusty but not scaring him, and Ayla picked him up and carried him beneath her chin to the front door to meet some of her staff. “Don’t worry Dusty,” she reassured him as he trembled at the thought of meeting more strangers. “Everyone will treat you very nice; no one will hurt you, or they’ll answer to ME!” she said with a wink. These words almost instantly relaxed the trembling fluffy; he didn’t know why, but somehow he knew that his mummah was NOT to be trifled with. He was actually feeling her energy/aura; she had high confidence in her abilities and knew what she was both physically and mentally/emotionally capable of, and that aura was palpable around her. She didn’t go looking for trouble - but she was prepared should trouble try to come looking for her.

Ayla opened the front door to first reveal her parents, her father in a wheelchair being pushed by her mother, whom she hugged and gave kisses to as they crossed the threshold into the home, before they moved into the large living room where they liked to spend their time when over at their daughter’s house. Her father was (and always had been) a tech/computer genius, and was admittedly addicted to the internet (but more people are than not, these days), so Ayla had purchased a nice laptop for him to use at her home when he was away from his desktop back at his house. He loved the laptop because it allowed him to spend more time with his beloved daughter and wife without having to be shackled to one room, but still had all the computing power of his custom self-built desktop. As for her mother, Ayla had purchased a top-of-the-line, ultra comfy, multi-functional recliner that she could watch all her favorite shows in while she cuddled the family-dog, a sweet little chiweenie-dog, “Gir”, whom she and her mother rescued from an adoption event at a local mall several years ago - Gir’s favorite things to do were cuddle and eat; he was no threat to anything other than his favorite toys.

Next came her manager, a flamboyant and very business savvy man named “Jojo Rosenthal”, who came in wearing a semi-casual-yet-fabulous outfit. Next was her personal assistant, a Japanese woman named “Suzu Masuwaka” whom Ayla had a major crush on, and of course, her hairdresser and makeup artists - Butch Fabrizio and Harper Hildegarde, respectively, all arriving to start Ayla’s professional day.

“Say,” her father suddenly spoke as he looked under her chin, “What’s that fuzzy-thing you’ve got there?”


Awww this story is supper cute and what I consider high class hug box, thanks for writing it.