Eren's Story, Part 02 (ElementAurix)

[Part 2 and 3 are backstories for a few of the fluffies, primarily the red unicorn colt in the first story but also includes the blue pegasus colt and the grey earthie colt. There is also a bit of violence and abuse in these parts, so be warned.]

Today was a wonderful day for this red fluffy, his mom and dad were beaming with pride and giving him praises all day. He had been the first of his siblings to open his eyes AND say his first words, but that was to be expected since he was the bestest baby, his mama, Candy, always told him so. She was the first thing he saw and she was a beautiful shade of red, just like his own fluff. His daddy, Hurricane, was a dark blue color, just like one of his brothers, but instead of wings like his brother his father had a glorious horn on his head, like himself. Now, he was happily suckling on his mom’s right teat, greedily drinking as much milk as he could before he was inevitably pulled away by his father.

Grumbly protesting, the red mare snaps “Whud am yu du? Bestest babbeh needs miwkies fwum miwkie-place fow gwow up big and stwong.”

Shaking his head, his father places the red foal on her chest as she quickly embraces it, causing the foal to coo lovingly. “Nu bestest babbeh. Aww babbehs gud babbehs and aww babbehs need miwkies.” He places the blue foal, who had been on the left teat, next to him before moving the orange sister foal and his lavender brother foal to feed from their mother and to quiet their chirps of hunger.

The red mare stopped muttering once she noticed it was starting to upset her favorite and began singing her momma songs. “Mommah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mommah, dwink aww the miwkies, bestest gwow big and stwong…”

The blue stallion shoots the red mare a glare before picking up the last little foal, a dark green girl with light brown spots, that was sucking on her little hoof.

The red fluffy remembers back to when his mama said, back when he was getting lickie cleanies after being the first to come out, was “Nu gud. Nu smeww wight. Kinda poopie cowow and a munstah. Gib fowevew sweepies!” when she was born, but daddy had refused and stood his ground.

Instead, he had taken her away, but he still heard her distressed peeps and when he returned he said “Nu wingies, onwy pointies. Gud babbeh nao. Mustah nu mowe.”.

She relented, slightly, “Fine, but stiww kinda poopie, onwy num bestest babbehs miwkie poopies.”

His father suddenly got very loud and he could feel his breath like he was looming over him and his mother. “NU! Aww babbehs gud babbehs! Nu bestest! Aww get miwkies and wuv. Gud fwuffy mamas wuv AWW babbehs!” while he stomped and snorted.

The red fluffy could feel his mama clinch in fear, only letting out a whimper to show any kind of agreement.

He is brought out of his memory with a shiver and goes back to struggling into his mama’s fluff. The red fluffy noticed that his other brother and sister were now being placed next to him as well, his father moving the last foal to a teat.

The fluffy knew that his father loved him, he loved all his children, but the red foal knew his father was wrong. The red foal was the bestest, just like his mama told him, and he would grow up and show his father.

Hurricane began making his way out of the box his family called home, “ Huwwicane gu wook fu nummies su babbehs can have bestest miwkies. Wuv nyu mommah Candy, wuv babbehs.” With varying levels of enthusiasm they all respond “Wuv yu daddeh.”

The red foal starts to get giddy as he hears this daddy leave, knowing what comes next. His mama places him down at the available teat as he happily goes back to feeding, kneading softly with his hooves.

“Thewe gu bestest babbeh, num aww the miwkies so can gwow up big and stwong.” Speaking softly so she wasn’t heard from outside the box.

That’s how life went for the next bit of time. The red fluffy and his siblings would play huggie tag and with balls of crumbled up trash in the alleyway under their parents watchful eyes, the blue pegasus becoming the red unicorn foal’s favorite sibling. Both his parents had been house fluffies before to humans so they shared all kinds of wonderful stories about toys, tasty food called skettis, and warm, soft beds. And when his daddy left to go look for food the little red foal’s mama gave him all the attention and love.

All was good, until it wasn’t. Some humans had come into the alleyway and they sounded angry, calling them “Shitrats!”. Hurricane moved to protect his family, trying to give them all time to get away to safety, away to where they couldn’t be reached.

The red fluffy hugged his favored brother as they all made scaredy poops, watching as their father, so big and strong, got pounded and beaten as he desperately tried to get away. There was a brief look of relief when he saw his family had all got to safety but that was short-lived as the humans laughed loudly in ways that didn’t match their horrendous acts.

The two teenagers pulled out a knife and started slashing the dark blue unicorn all over this body, even slicing open its gut, spilling blood onto the ground.

The red foal wanted to run out and save his father, but he was locked in fear. He could hear his father yelp and cry with every broken bone. They could all feel the pain from the sound of his legs being torn off.

When they were done they tossed his remains in a dumpster and turned their attention to look for them all. “Alright, now where did those little fluffies go?”

They eventually found where they were all hidden, but realized quickly they couldn’t get a hold of any of them. “Damn shitrats, we just want to have a little fun with you.”.

They got frustrated and finally left, but they still heard the words that continued to strike them in fear, saying they would be back later.

The fluffy family stayed in the hiding spot for a couple days but eventually the mother mare needed to get food to be able to make any more milk.

Candy said to her children, “Mommah be back soon. Need nummies for miwkies and nums.”

That is how it went for almost a week, fearfully running to hide at the sound of any humans coming down the alley, but that is when something amazing happened.

One day some humans, one a woman and the other a man, left something on the ground for them all, it smelled heavenly, but none of them were willing to come out. Not the red colt, any of his siblings, or even his mama.

As it got dark, the couple decided to leave and the fluffies slowly left out of their hole with trepidation. As mama got close her eyes lit up and she even started to drool onto her bestest baby.

The little red fluffy shouted, much louder than he meant to “Wawa bad fu fwu…” but he was cut off by his mama excitedly whispering “Skettis!”

The red fluffy and his siblings were all eating solid foods Candy would bring back, only still giving the red and blue colts any of her sweet, delicious milk, but the smell before the little fluffies was unlike anything he could have imagined.

The fluffy family all began to devour the ambrosia after taking a small test bite. There was so much that Candy let all of her children have some without waiting.

The squeals of pure joy filled the alleyway and that was all it took for the approaching footsteps to go unnoticed.

A shoe came down on the back half of the green filly, letting out a sickening crunch. Chewed up sketti and boo-boo juice oozed out of her mouth as she gave a pitiful attempt of a scream.

At the same time, his orange and pink siblings were snatched up and let out a muffled, “Bad upsies.” while another shoe came in and kicked the container of sketti and the mare, sending her skittering several feet.

The red colt didn’t even need to look up, he recognized the voice of the two teenagers from before…the ones that killed his daddy. “Oh boy, what kind of party did we run into?”

From the other side of the blue and red colt, they heard “I dunno, a shitrat spaghetti party and they didn’t even have the decency to invite us? After how much fun we had last time?”

The little red fluffy all let out a torrent of scaredy poops in unison with the rest of his family as the mare yells, “NU! Nu huwt Candy’s babbehs. Am gud babbehs!”

Letting out a disgusted noise, one of the humans says “And now they are being a bunch of party poopers!”

As the humans circle them all, the one not holding any fluffies yet picks up the sobbing, mushed body of their sister. “Dude, this little shit was an alicorn! See, look at the scars on the back. Why couldn’t you step on a different one?” He quickly drops her with a wet thud, before stomping again to finish the job.

Tossing one of his held siblings over, “Let’s check these then, maybe we’ll get lucky.” they both carefully inspect either fluffies. “Nope, earthie.”, “Me too.”

They both grin as they each grab a hold of the tails, causing shouts of “Bad upsies! Nu wike! Taiw pwace hurties!” before they both shouted “Spin to win!”

Both boys began twirling the fluffy around and around at their sides, swinging as hard and fast as they could while both fluffies released everything they had left in the ways of screams, shit, and piss.

Suddenly, both fluffies make a loud snap as the orange filly’s tail breaks at the base while the pink colt’s tail hair holds several more vertebrae. Both fluffies shoot out as the orange body smacked straight into the wall a second before the pink one. Both made an unsettling, wet pop.

“I win!” shouted one of the guys as he pulls out and lights a cigarette.

During all this the red mare had made it back to the two remaining brothers, gripping them both tight in a hug as she frantically cried. “Nu huwt bestest mommah. Nu huwt bestest babbeh! Nu mowe fowevew sweepies!”

“Oh, bestest babbeh” the smoking teenager said in a mocking tone. “I want that one as my prize then.”

He stomps down on the mother’s back and the young colts shutter as they hear her spine snap. All she can do is chirp and peep as she cries, unable to move as her weight begins to crush her children.

“The bestest has to be this one, the other one has a pitiful excuse for a horn.” The guy holding the cigarette grabs ahold of the blue pegasus as it lets out a “Nu huwties! Wet fwuffy gu!” examining it as he blows a puff of smoke at the little blue colt, causing it to cough horsley.

“Wingies huwt. Nu wike smoke munstah!” cries the colt before the man starts poking it with the embers of the cigarette while only holding him by the wings.

The colt lets out a shrill “Buwnie huwties! Huu huu! Nu mowe pwease!”

“Oh, you don’t like that? Here, let me just put it out then.”

The colt looks relieved only to suddening realize the human is now holding its head, the red embers coming directly for its eye.

The red colt hears his brother’s wails of agony as he still lays stuck under his mother’s limp body. It suddenly cuts out and he suddenly realizes he is all alone. Alone with these monsters. Not knowing why, everything starts fading to black.

You and his wife are making his way back to the alleyway, fresh cups of coffee in hand, ready to see if the fluffy family had finally come out to eat the spaghetti you left out. By now, if they had come out and eaten some then the sedative should be kicking in. Then they could see if any were good to keep and the rest would try to be rehomed or brought to the shelter.

As you approach, you both hear crying and talking, but the talking is human, not fluffy.

You hand his coffee to his wife and take off in a sprint. “Hold that, sounds like some sick fucks got to them first.”

As you round the corner, you see two teenagers standing amid a scene of blood, gore, and shit. Looking at what they have in their hands you see that they are trying to light the wings of a dark blue pegasus on fire with a lighter.

It is then that the two teenagers notice you and the anger and disgust on his face. “Shit, a fucking bleeding heart cryboxer. Let’s get the fuck out.”

They toss the blue colt down on the red mare’s back, which puts out the meager flames, and haul ass down the other side of the alleyway.

Seething as you rush forward “You sorry sacks of shit. I’m going to find where you live and bury you alive in fluffy shit!” Hollow threats, of course, but felt good to give them a scare.

You kneel down to examine the blue colt and look for any other possible survivors as his wife catches up to you. You can see the poor thing is still breathing but needs help quickly. “Thankfully, the sleeping pills seem to have taken effect. I think there is a shelter near here.”

You check around but don’t see even the slightest movement from any of the other piles of bloody fluff that were once foals. You are about to leave but decide you should confirm the mare isn’t clinging to life. As you shift her limp body to check for a pulse you notice a pile of similarly colored fluff under her.

You pause a moment and see the rise and fall of its little chest and grab him as you set the mare down next to him. his wife puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort you and says, “Let’s get there before it is too late.”

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It occurs to me that a serial killer/slasher movie monster could probably use Fluffies as bait to lure teens.




Imagine teens who kill fluffies being hunted by such a serial killer. It would be kind of karmic.


Oh god

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How about a horror “artificial creation” crossover?

Fluffy meets Splice meets Species.