given that fluffys reproduce rapidly (which i think has been established as how they survive in the wild in the cannon) would fluffys evolve at a faster rate? i have kinda seen this in gr1m1 s comic about the bowl fluffy.


Maybe they would, but you will never notice because evolution it too fookin slow, even if you speed it up a bit


nope no point to evolving fluffies if you get rid of their quirks they stop being fluffies


At least not the fluffies we all hate and love

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if they are not the fluffies the we hate and love what’s the point of calling them fluffies


The same as calling humans monkies
Except from indicating the predecessor, none

Theoretically you don’t get rid of all traits in every subspecies.

Jizzcoveredcrocs has a shapeshifter Fluffy mad science project with cosmic awareness of the 4th wall and has Hellgremlin tendencies towards other Fluffies but is is bound by Asimov Laws Of Robotics for Fluffies and genuinely loves her owner.

@Turboencabulator has Fluffies nearing human intelligence who are predatory and have psychic powers, but enjoy living like Fluffies in some ways and just pretend to in others. Plus they love their human companions.

Frankenfluffy has very little Fluffy mentality, but is bound by physical Fluffy limitations.

I’m writing mostly about Fluffy ghosts who’s minds are free from the limitations of their physical form with their programming only surviving as memories, but their personalities remain shaped by their lives regardless so even in death they play, compete, and seek comfort from each other.

The easiest way to keep Fluffy evolutions as clearly Fluffies is by giving them a love for their owners and/or other Fluffies, and absent that keeping them somewhat limited by their programming or maximum mental capabilities (like keeping their knowledge of mathematics at base four, or defaulting to Fluffy pack structure).

Yes, they would but an evolution advantage can only be take roots in a popultion, they need to survive. There is no isolated population in the fluffyverse that can develop undisturbed.

Hey. hey. hey.

It’s magic, not psionics.

And to be fair the only one that’s near human would be Lightning and he probably tops out around a ten year old.

Though on the original question it turns out that the rate of reproduction does not have a significant impact on the rate of evolution, but rather the ratio between reproduction and environmental forces culling the less well-developed for their evolutionary niche.

But as always, the headcanon rules.

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There are wide swathes of land that just are empty space. Plenty of plains across America, forests in Canada where the Ferals went after Cleveland, small islands in the Pacific Northwest people can maroon Fluffies on where they can survive (which has happened with cats, dogs, and rabbits).

One a Fluffy group survives long enough to be passing on knowledge and have had the initial natural selection, mostly the extinction of colors that are counterproductive to survival, they should be able to survive. Invading idiot Smarties are an issue, but Hellgremlin Smarties are usually portrayed as domestics or arbitrarily Bestest that stayed near human populations, who would not likely be tolerated by a pack of survivalist Ferals the way urban Fluffies submit to the current Smarty.

From that point on its all about avoiding predators, if any. Which is where pressure for evolution would likely come from. Population growth is also an issue, but presumably in time Feral packs would become knowledgable enough to police their own numbers or would form wolf-like family structures where once you breed you’re out of the herd for good. If nothing else, they could hold on in cycles. Excess resources results in population boom, results in die-off where the living feed on feces (the way real horses do) and the dead, then resources become abundant as the land rebounds.

Everything is a fluffy if you call it a fluffy

My own Headcannon is that thanks to the fluffies stilling being unfinished, their biology and DNA is a bit wild and chaotic, That after several generations, thanks to high attrition rates and their messed up DNA fluffies will adapt to the more hostile and harsh environment they live in faster. Instead of looking like oversized plump hamsters/guinea pigs that have a passing resemblance to horses, their body shape looked more horse-like perfect for speed and agility, their bones no longer brittle, soft footpads become leathery and tough.

Fluffy Pegasi wings are no longer useless decoration but actual working wings, with the trade-off of Fluffy Pegasi being a bit smaller and slimmer than their earth fluffy counterparts.

Fluffy unicorns. Let’s start with a more grounded approach, the horns on their heads became larger, bone and muscle connections are more reinforce in the head and neck areas because their primary attack is ramming enemies with their horns.

The less grounded evolution of Fluffy unicorns? Well, they develop psychic powers!!! XD

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Except Fuzzies.

People who call them Fluffies are never heard from again.

Take a fluffy strip every fluffy trait from it call what’s left a fluffy and everything is a fluffy

Everything is a fluffy

They say if you say that in Cleveland three times while looking in a mirror a Jellen will appear.