Fallout day 2: scavenging (Thatmotherfluffer)

I wake up, tired and hungry. I hear eating noises, so I sit up and see Joo eating everything she can. “Joo, you fat fuck!” Is all I can say. I restrain Joo, and try to see if anything can be salvaged, but there’s hardly anything that can be saved, so I feed the rest of it to my fluffies before noticing a red box and opening it.
Inside of the box I found a note saying “Dear future me, if you’re reading this, I have packed some essential items for your survival. I hope you find some use in them.” I immediately noticed the gas mask and put it on. In the corner of my eye, I noticed some tubes and oxygen tanks and attached the tubes to my mask and the tanks. The tanks have straps on them to make it easier to get around, so after putting them on, I cautiously open the hatch and climb out. I pull out a little red wagon, and some plastic milk jugs before closing the hatch. I immediately hear muffled screaming and see a red stallion bolt past me. I stick my leg out to trip him and after picking him up, I am horrified to see ropes of flesh holding his eyes and mouth somewhat closed. I drop him in shock, and watched as he scampered away, still screaming. After recovering from the shock, I pull my wagon all the way to a nearby Fluff-Mart.
I open the doors to find the store in disarray. Shelves pushed over, blood everywhere, and quiet sobs. I was so desperate for food I tore open a bag of kibble and stuffed my face with it. My meal was quickly interrupted by the sound of foals crying, so I get up and walk towards the sound, hoping to find some breakfast. I see a group of brightly colored foals hugging eachother and crying. As I approached them they all went into the huggies pose and as I picked up the first one I blacked out. Waking up, I pick up a scent of copper, I quickly approached the foal pens and see one poopie babbeh, curled up in the corner, crying. As I realized what happened, I poured some kibble into the autofeeder, and left.


Why he blacked out? Something to do with the scent of copper, was it from his tank?

And the colored foals run away when he went unconscious and left the poopie baby?


Blacked out due to hunger, the copper smell was foal blood, and I felt the brown foals alive out of guilt

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A I see

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