Farmer Huggins (Artist: Titanfluff)


Freshly cooked fluffies…whats left of it. It wiped out the whole farm :sweat_smile:


It even send some of them flying


On the bright side, about 350 humans just died and the farmer can sue the airline for a massive profit.

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“On the bright side” You say about the technicolor inferno covering the hillside.

Be more specific man.

The loss of such wonderful mutations that can only come from when Fluffies can breed freely without care for breeders creating colors to please wealthy manchildren, nor young Smarties obliterating their herds by invading the yard of a hillbilly, is tragic to be sure.


Devil’s advocate time.

The selection pressures on fluffies favor fluffies evolving to be even more vibrant. A big part of this is fluffies terminating their own earth colored offspring, while favoring more attractive colors themselves. If fluffies can actually evolve out of their random coat color assignment, vibrant variance is more likely to come out of it. Fluffies themselves have a strong bit of programming to terminate abborents too. They have a built in idea of what a fluffy is, and even if a pocket of them lose this trait a sufficiently motivated mini-herd could come in and wrecking ball the whole thing.

Fluffies are closer to skunks than mice in terms of favorable traits. They are far more likely to go the route of “Yes you can see me, no you don’t want to eat me” than “I need to stay hidden.” They have some volitional control over using shit as a defense mechanism and stink themselves if not washed, so likely that trait would present itself more even if the only threat is other fluffies.

Nature itself gave us the peacock tail. A caloric deficit that is largely tied to mating more than anything else (kind of murky, thought the sexual dimorphism between peahens is interesting.) Lion’s manes are in a similar boat. Leave a species to it’s own devices and sometimes you get something ridiculous. Fluffies have especially bad odds of not evolving into something worth the hell gremlin title.

And while the “cute fluffies playing in a field” works way better for the visual gag in this specific picture, aggressive smarties and toughies are more likely to breed than better tempered fluffies. Especially in a setting like this, hedonism is likely to win out.

Though I agree it would be an interesting experiment, but one likely to end the same way for the fuffies if there are any responsible humans overseeing the project.


And nothing of value was lost.

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They just can’t flee away from their destiny can they?

I hope the farm owner gets huge compensation for this.

Man walks up to sign that says; 322 Days without a fluffy death.
Erases the numbers and wrights 0.

I need more of this

Wow, fuck you Bane.