Favourite Box & Why?

why:Because a good sadbox history tends to have all the most important aspect of the fluffys
fluffys being designed to give love
fluffys giving said love to their loved ones and just being happy(a little bit of hugbox as a treat,and to give them hope,after all despair is nothing without hope,and fluffys going “wan die” cicle too fast is too boring for me)
fluffys suffering(the “what” caused said suffering here tends to be a mix of phisical,psicological abuse or just fluffys killing themselves for being so stupid,you name it,there is probably a sadbox history about it ,this is the best part)
and the ending even if its hugbox,tend to get the fluffys scared in a way they wont recover,or worst(for the fluffy off course) ,the “hugbox ending” is just a pause till the next sadbox part of the story


Abuse, because it’s therapeutic and I thoroughly enjoy it.


Where’s ‘All box is best box?’
Hell with this ‘favorites’.
I like different things for different reasons.


Neutral for me i suppose.
I like content of all varieties and dip my toes in them whenever i can.

Hugbox is obvious. I like the idea of having a fluffy friend i can chat, play with and keep around. Fluffies balled up in a fluffpile in their safe rooms just make me smile.

Abusing fluffies who are bastards or fluffies who didnt do anything wrong, or right either. Is something i enjoy, but i get a little saddened when a good, loyal and well behaved fluffy gets treated poorly.

Sadbox is another one i enjoy, especially pictures or stories in alleyway settings. Bonus if babbehs are seperated from mummah.

Well… i suppose i just listed my top 3.

Sadbox, because unlike abuse which is usually just hilarious, sadbox can either be truly sad, or the funniest shit on the site.

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