Finding a Style, and Expression Practice (By: GreaverBlade)

Everybody here is amazing. The encouragement over the past couple days kept me practicing. I think I finally found an overall style that I like. “Nostril comma” just appeals to me, and I can wrap my head around manipulating it for different expressions.

Special thanks to @fluffersnuffer4.0 for their guide that helped me figure out eyes.

Special thanks to @BadLuck for letting me know that this is a habit forming activity.

Special thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V for saving me a bunch of time.

Next up, learning how to properly color things.


Looking good.
The jump in quality from just a doodle to this in just a few days is fucking amazing.
Clearly you have talent.

As for coloring, tight closed lines, the fill tool is your friend.

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It looks really good dude.

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It’s rare to see somebody who can both write and draw competently. Looking forward to what else you might put out.

Thank you! I really appreciate that.

This is so cute, I love it :heart_eyes:

your drawing program should have layer capability! Layers help you keep the elements of your drawing separate so that you may work on the drawing in a non-destructive manner. You can draw your lineart on one layer, and then make a new layer underneath to put your colors. Personally I like to separate each one of my flat colors on their own layer, but do what feels comfortable for you!

Play around with your program and see what else it can do to help you :purple_heart:

I did that with the gift piece for Dragonixa. Your explanation (and helping me realize I’m on the right track" gives me a real confidence boost to start tackling colorized content next.

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you got this!