First and Last, Doodle (Pastry_Knight)


There is literally no excuse for this. That mare is definitely litter box trained and that foal has definitely seen their mom use said litter box.

That mare needs the sorry stick for a bad parent and that baby needs to be put in a diaper to let their shit cake all over them for at least two weeks.


That mummah’s got a pompadour!


|If shoving the critter’s nose into it and saying NO is good enough for dogs, it’s good enough for fluffies.

That said, if it’s eyes are open, it should be about 2 weeks old at this point and if it’s only just making it’s first poopie now, that turd should be the size of the baby (assuming the constipation didn’t kill it beforehand).


“First poopies and first bad poopies at the same time? It’s not looking good for this one…” Owner shakes their head pondering if they should save themselves time and just kill it now.

Also if it’s eyes are open, I am assuming that this is ‘not’ their first poopies btw…


That chubby babbeh squirming excitedly in the first panel, looking up expectantly for a happy response, and then the immediate visceral followup is so good


Twist: every single fucking day, the foal shits on the floor, and his Mummah calls it his first poopies. She thinks sleep resets everything.


Owner adopted a littertrained foal from fluffmart since his fixed mare kept asking for babbehs.

Foal was corrupted by mummah saying he was just a little babbeh and could do anything.


God seeing that foal expression make me want to pick it up and spike it into the ground. This little bugger must have seen it’s mother use the bathroom in a specific location (litterbox) numerous time and instead of following it’s mother lead like a good little foal; it made the active decision to simply shit outside that specific locate and then expect you to be happy about it.

I’m almost tempted to say that fluffies are just smart enough to weaponize their stupid to see just how far they can get away with stupid shit.


Bad poopies go back in the poopies place


Hey, at least she ain’t no square. Now can it, I hear all the cool fluffies are going to that Sock-Hop for all those cool rocking roll songs.

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A fluffy with short term memory loss? oh dear…

(mischievous story ideas are now brewing)

There should be a change to the “Good Fluffy song”

Instead of simply saying shit doesn’t smell good on the floor, it should say that owners hate seeing shit in general and the only way to hide it is in the litter.

Maybe that might stop mares being so proud of their foals shit.


“blueberry please stop bringing random foals into our home and insisting their your babies, i’m getting tired of this”

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