First batch of adopts! (By Spacesheep)

They are 5 dollars each and I will message you my PayPal upon claiming! I had a lot of fun with these and plan to finish the rest of the ones I had sketched out if this goes well! Now onto the adopts, we have Sad Bean, Cotton Candy Delight, and Sweetie Pie! Genders and everything else is up to you! You’re free to cuddle them or abuse them, whatever you may choose once they’re yours! I did have a small idea for sad bean though, perhaps he’s sad because he doesn’t have a home and carries his whole life in that little backpack? Also I have separate files for each of these that the buyer will get upon purchase!


ohhhhhhhh gosh they’re soooo cute!!

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun drawing them so I hope they get good homes!

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Greg & Mike have would like to purchase Sad Bean please!

Oh man. Having just read Karn’s Fourth of July— getting mad Candyfloss vibes, haha. These came out super cute!!

Sure thing! I’ll message you my PayPal!

Thank you so much!