flat face baby By Poverty



This… THIS ENCAPSULATES MY FEELINGS! The only more perfect feeling would be crushing it’s skull bare handed and feeeeeeling the mush between my widdow fingies. Yes. Also

“Daddeh?” Dumb shit rat. Get fucked.


From the title, thought good Mr. Daddeh would let it live, horribly deformed.
Somewhat in the manner of pug dogs, just one specimen at a time.

A good skull smashing is never amiss, though!


Are you my long lost twin or my long-lost soul mate?

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they made a bigger mess by killing it, how ironic


This is the first fluffy Poverty had done that didn’t look innately horrifying to start. Wow.

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This is beautiful in all levels. Get fucked, shitrat! XD

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I’d probably want to prolong it’s suffering, but that’s just me.

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Genial, volvio uno de los mejores diseñadores de estilo de fluffys

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Yessss!! I am so glad you posted something new, one of my fave artists on here! Your style is so unique.

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Excuse my language but that shit is fucking stunning