Fluff and Co. Part 12 (by roguesoul)

Fluff and Co Part 12

by roguesoul

(Twenty Three POV)

When she’d lived with her mummah things had been better, sure she didn’t get mummah songs since mummah was always eating nummies from the nummy tube- but her mummah was warm and gave the bestest milkies! She knew it was different than she was supposed to have, no huggies or toys, but she had warm snuggly sleepy time with mummah and her sisters.

Than one day the smelly human came. He was smaller than the masked human who washed down the safe room, with brown fluff on his head and smelled yucky, like bad nummies. He picked her up and looked her over, and she leaned her head into his hands. “Dah-daddeh?” she asked, and he smiled at her.

“It’ll do,” she squirmed and tried to get closer to him, wanting a hug, and his hand wrapped around her holding her aloft.

“Wub!” she leaned in and knocked her head against his hand, she knew she should be wrapping her hooves around him, but she couldn’t- fluffies didn’t have leggies, her sisters didn’t, her mummah didn’t. At least the human was hugging her, holding her as they-left?

“Muh-mummah? Wewe?” she said in broken voice. The human makes a grumbling sound, and she knocked her muzzle against his palm again. “Mum-mummah, mummah!” she shouts, looking for the mare. She wanted her mummah, she wanted her sisters!!

“Oh, shut up you little bastard!” her ears went flat, and she made peepees, and the human made a bad sound as his hugging fingers squeezed tighter. “Bitch!”

“Don’t pop her, Blake!” a large human came up to her, giving hurties to the other human, and she gasped for breath as his fingers loosened around her. “This ain’t your first day-” the other human picked her up by her scruff and she whined at the tension forced on her throat.

“Nu-hic-huwts!” her voice was rough, these had only been her first words after all. She was only a week old, not that she knew that.

“Either scruff them or put them in a box to carry them, helps you avoid the splatter,” she felt tears pricking at her eyes.

“Huu! Mummah! Wan Mummah!” she shouted, before- “AHHH NU!! OOF!” she hit the bottom of the box with a thump, her hips aching painfully.

“There,” a little milk came up from her tummy as she was shifted around to the smaller human, “Now get her up to breeding!” she snuffled, looking up just as the world went dark.

The next few weeks were the worst time of her life so far.

The nummies tasted so bad- no where near as good as her mummah’s milk. And her tail hurt so much, the human having taken it away! There-there had been boo-boo juice everywhere, and it had smelled so bad.

She was getting bigger though, and as time went on the nummies started tasting better.

However, she was lonely. No mummah, no sisters, and the human didn’t talk to her anymore. He just made frowns and groans, eventually she’d get him to look at her. As he came in to give her nummies, the filly looked up at him quickly, her head knocking against the wall of the safe room to get him to look at her.
“Daddeh!?” she shouted, watching him roll his eyes, and she knocked her head against the wall again. “PWease!” he glanced at her and she took the opportunity, “Pwease taw tu fwuffy, nu-nu wan be wone!” He pours in her nummies, and for a moment she thinks he’ll pet her- but- “NU! NU PWEASE!” she squirms trying to move closer, hating her nubs, “WAN TAWKIES! WAN PETTIES!”

He keeps moving away, and she lets out a loud whining scream, “NUUUU COME BAT!!”

“SHUT IT!” her ears went flat, and suddenly she wanted the human to leave.

“…gu-g-” she says in a choked voice, before the human reached down. She tried to move away, but the human grabbed her mouth. For a brief moment she thought he was going to break her mouth, tears dripping down her face, as his fingers went in her mouth and grabbed her tongue. “Eh-eh,” she tried to pull away only to have the human squeeze it painfully. “HIBTH!” she cried out.

“Do you like your tongue, bitch?” the filly tried to respond, only to have it pinched- nail digging into the sensitive organ. “Nod!”

She responded quickly, though it hurt as she nodded and tried to pull away.
“Good-now,” it was pinched tighter and she screwed up her eyes in pain, “Do you want me, to cut your tongue out?”

Her eyes went wide and she rapidly shook her head, “Oooh, oh!” she pushed out, shivering in fear.

Her human pulled out, something sharp, and she tried to pull away- nubs painfully rubbing against the floor. “If you,” the sharp thing moved closer to her tongue and she squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation. “Want to keep your tongue, than you will shut you stupid fat mouth, and be fucking quiet!” The sharp thing pulls away, and finally, the human lets go.

“Hu-mmm,” any words are stifled, she forces her lips shut, she likes her tongue, she loves her tongue- she doesn’t want to lose her tongue.

“Good,” she feels a small rush of joy at that, just, just a little bit and the human gently pats her on the head.

He goes to leave, until chuckling, and it’s a horrible sound. “Oh, one more thing,” the sharp thing moves above her eye, and the filly squeezed them shut in desperate fear, “You call me daddeh again and I’ll tear your eyes from your sockets, tongue from your mouth, and make you into a damn enfie bitch.”

She nodded desperately, making a choked sound, biting her tongue so hard boo boo juice leaked over her fur.

She’d never talk again, never, never, never.

The days pass slowly, the same over and over again. Food, wash down, nap, silence, silence, nap, food, wash down, sleep, repeat. It was only the chatter of the fluffies around her that kept her going, though she could barely understand them.

She wondered if the human had taken their tongues, if that’s why her mummah was so quiet.

She wondered if her sisters had their tongues, had their eyes, she wondered if they were still alive…if they missed her.

“…hu-huhm,” she wept quietly, pressing her forehead against the floor of the safe room, eyes squeezing shut. Then there was a noise, a loud noise, and she fell silent once again.

So pass the chalice of that bitter-tasting wine, gowned from head to toe in all midnight attire. This growing moon, it leads us closer to the time. So, just hold that skull up high and dance around the fire,” the song was scary sounding, from the growl of the human’s voice. It was also scary that the human was coming now, he wasn’t meant to until after food time.

She was terrified, what if he’d heard her crying, and was here to take her tongue! She loved her tongue!

“There you are bitch!” she looked down, keeping her eyes shut, hearing the human knock his hands against the wall of the safe room.

“Come on, let me see those baby blues,” his voice was scary, and she looked up terrified, blinking away tears, “Don’t worry, girlie,” she sniffed, tilting her head, “This is a good day!” She blinked, looking up, her mouth opening to ask before she quickly bit her lip again.

The man motioned and the filly heard a something lift behind her, “Mawe wittwe,” it, it was another fluffy! She turned her head, eyes going wide at the sight. The fluffy was big, the biggest fluffy she’d ever seen, even bigger than her mummah! He had leggies, which made her wonder why no other fluffies had them?

He was pretty too, he had a very green coat and his blue mane was long at curly, and-and he had a horn and wingies? That was…weird, wrong, it seemed wrong. But, but the human wasn’t saying anything, and she didn’t want to be in trouble, so she kept her mouth shut.

“Does it matter?” the human said, and she glanced back at him, tilting her head.

“Nu, stiww mawe,” the fluffy came close to her, and she made a small squeak as his nose touched her poopie place. It was cold, and she shivered at the odd sensation. “Pwetty mawe.” She felt hot at that, and squirmed slightly. No one called her pretty, she was good, but not pretty.

“Have fun then,” the human left, and the filly turned to look at the stallion, her head tilting at the look on his face. He looked, weird, and she wet her lips.
She wondered if she should talk, but what the human heard? Instead she made a small hum, quiet, and the stallion’s ears flicked. “Mawe mus be enfie mawe, nu tawky fwuffy, wight?” She didn’t know what ‘enfie’ meant, but she knew the other part and nodded. The stallion made a huffy, breathy sound and she matched it, watching the other fluffy laugh. She wanted to talk, she really did, but fear made her swallow her words.

“Gud, Fiftee wuuub enfie mawes,” he growled the words, and the filly narrowed her eyes as she felt hooves on her back. Some-something pressed against her poopie place, no-no her-

“…w-” she wanted to ask, tried to, but she felt the human’s hand in her mouth, a phantom touch and she saw the sharp thing in her see place, and instead she bit her lip painfully as the thing pressed into her special place. She made a small hum of pain, whatever it was it was big, and-and wasn’t supposed to be there. Her special place was a special place, it wasn’t meant for things, this was wrong.

“Ohh, oh yus,” the stallion growled, and the mare’s eyes closed as she made an uncomfortable whine, “Feew gud, su-su gud,” the hooves on her back felt heavier-rougher on her hips. “Mawe feew gud,” she knew in her heart it wasn’t a question, but she shook her head.

“Me-Meep!” she squeaked, her head looking back as the stallion’s mouth was at her back, teeth digging into skin, and she desperately squeezed her eyes shaking her head rapidly. “Ssss-” she couldn’t get the words out.

“Feew gud, su-su, mmmff,” he moaned, and began to move faster and the filly’s lips pressed together as she moaned in pain. “Mmmff, feew gud, gud-gud-gu-” he was going faster, harder, rougher, and the filly managed a louder moan.


They said it together, the stallion drowning out the voice of the filly, and her mouth opening in a moan before she clenched her mouth shut. No talking, no talking, no talking- ever, ever.

“Good work, Fifty,” she jumped as the human walked up, and she looked up only to see through blurry tears- noticing she’d been crying.

“Tanks mistah Bwake, can-can hab tweat nao?” the man smiled and laughed, motioning behind her.

“Get back in your pen and I’ll get it for you,” the stallion padded off, and the wall to the safe room shut behind him. The filly looked at the human, before looking back down. “As for you bitch,” she jumped as a hand moved down by her, and her eyes squeezed shut- half expecting him to be holding the sharp thing.

Only- for him to press his hand to her cheek.

The mare sniffled, and wept, leaning into the touch.

“Good work, One.”

The filly mouthed the word, eyes opening to look at him, head tilting questioningly.

“Yeah, One,” he nodded, “That’s your new name.”

One. She had a name, a real name.

“Tank-” SLAP “MEEP!” she flinched, a pained cry leaving her as the human struck her across the face.

“Yeah, no, we’re still not friends,” she held her face gingerly, boo boo juice leaking from her mouth, “I’m not your daddeh, and if you died today than I’d be no less happy.” The human stalked away, and One opened her mouth slowly, feeling something in her mouth and she spat it out.

It was a tooth.

It happened only a week later during sleepie time, a pain in her tummy that ripped through her.

There was no humans there, but she couldn’t get the words out, only letting out wordless keening as she was torn apart.

It hurt, it hurt so much, like a sharp thing digging into her tummy- but as she squinted down through the dark at her belly she couldn’t see any wound. It hurt, why did it hurt so much!?

“Mmmmu-muum,” she moaned, and something inside her, inside her brain was telling her to push- to go poopies. It almost felt like she was going poopies, but she just had-why, why did she feel?

“UMmmah!” she screamed, hating herself as she spoke, terrified the human would appear out of the dark. Did he do this to her? He’d been giving her different nummies lately, maybe this was why, he was trying to hurt her!
“Hu-huu,huwwtts,” her words were all broken, and she wept. Something broke inside her, and she began to cry, head raised up to the darkness. She wanted her mummah, she wanted her sisters, she wanted huggies, she wanted pets, and cuddles and talkies! “Ahhn! Wah-wann!” she felt another wave of pain and she screamed, trying to push the pain away- push the badness away.

“Annn, hannnnn!” she screamed, senseless and sad, and in pain.
Something smelling of boo boo juice and something else eventually spilled out of her, and she passed out in reckless abandon.

End of Part 12


So, real quick- sorry about the weird ending, I had to split part 12 in half because it was getting too long, so part 13 will be up real soon with the end of this. Until then feel free to speculate, I look forward to what you all might come up with!