Fluff Yes Characters (roguesoul)

(these are the main fluffy characters for an upcoming story, Fluff Yes. I am still taking suggestions for the characters in this image of the fluffies, and Chapter 1 will come out in a next few weeks)

Bernard has been around the longest… His mother was a stray/feral that was killed by a dog who escaped his leash. It was an accident. He had two siblings, both who didn’t make it, but Bernard was luckily rescued a few days after his mother’s death by the dog walker. She had wanted to keep him, but her apartment didn’t allow fluffies and Bernard was surrendered, though the dog walker, Beatrice, has become a volunteer. He is a very sweet, very loving fluffy. He gets along best with Mango and Fluffyshy, and gets along worst with Bailey. Admiral seems to disregard him completely. He has not met Tommy and Truffles yet.

Bailey was rescued as a newborn, or I suppose rescue is the wrong word. Her mother and three siblings were tortured and killed by a closet abuser who decided to keep one of the foals for her conscious. While Bailey is very well behaved with humans, she is not good around other fluffies. When she was about a year old her owner bred her in order to sell the foals, but after one litter of foals the woman decided to give up on fluffies all together. Bailey gets along best with Admiral, her special friend. She disregards Fluffyshy, hates Bernard, and is afraid of Mango. She has not met Tommy and Truffles yet.

Admiral was kept as prized breeder, and was very well cared for and well trained. The man, who’s decided to remain anonymous, got a new apartment that did not allow fluffies and he ended up selling his whole collection. Unfortunately, Admiral ended up in the same home as Bailey. They have become special friends, but Bailey is a bad influence on hi, and he has taken on some bratty behaviors due to her. We’ve tried to separate them, but they both start screaming, fighting, and Bailey nearly entered the ‘wan die’ circle. So, we’ve kept them together with our other fluffies, trying to get them to settle. He is not a Smarty (hell-gremlin variety) but he is a smarty friend, smarter than normal, with leadership skills. He gets along best with Bailey and Fluffyshy, he is nervous around Mango, and respects Bernard, but tends to disregard him. He has not met Tommy and Truffles yet.

Mango is my personal fluffy and best breeder. She’s an alicorn that Beatrice produced over a year ago and decided to hold back. Her mother has since past away (RIP Olive Oil) and Beatrice hand raised her. She’s far smarter than the average fluffy, but is well trained and behaved as a smarty friend. She sees no need to be in charge of the herd and is lazy, allowing Admiral to be in charge. She does have some issues regarding her alicorn nature, as almost all of the fluffies are scared of her. She gets along best with Bernard and Fluffyshy, Bailey is afraid of her, and Admiral is nervous around her. She has not met Tommy and Truffles yet.

Fluffyshy is the youngest, less than a year old. She is our second newest rescue, and while she is very sweet she has some issues. Fluffyshy was kept by a ‘Princess Pusher,’ a breeder who was breeding specifically to look for fluffies that follow the morph of characters from the Hasbro TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s a lucrative business as both bronies and breeders alike will pay top money for these morphs, but it wasn’t worth what happened with Fluffyshy. The mare was too young when the breeder began pairing her, and most of his males were trained that failure to perform meant punishment. As far as we can tell, and were told, Fluffyshy began fighting back against her owner, and ended up seriously damaging one of his prized stallions penis’ with a well-aimed hoofstrike. She was then half pillowed, into a huggie fluffy, where her back legs were removed for better access. Eventually Fluffyshy, along with the rest of the fluffies, were seized by Animal Control after the first breeder broke his parole, and while most of the fluffies had no trouble finding a new home, Fluffyshy was far more difficult to adopt out. In the end we took her in. Fluffyshy follows her genetic morph being shy, nervous around strangers, a lover of animals and plants. She is fine with stallions, for reasons we’re not sure, and she is fine with foals, but she DOES NOT like human men and is very nervous around foals, almost skittish. She gets along best with Bernard and Mango, she is nervous around Admiral, and doesn’t like Bailey. She has not met Tommy and Truffles.

The most recent rescues are Tommy and Truffles. We are not sure if they are strays, or feral born, but either way they seem be a strange mix of the two, especially with their colors. Truffles is a gorgeous fluffy, and she’s obsessed with being clean and looking her best- which is rare trait for ferals. But she seems to be almost pessimistic in nature, similar to fluffies we’ve seen that are close to entering the ‘wan die’ cycle. She seems interested in toys, but like they are going to be taken away from her at any time, and at other times like she’s never seen certain toys or foods before.

But Truffles is at least less stoic and interested than humans than Tommy. His name was Toughie, but we changed his name and he seems to like it, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. He is standoffish, and very nervous around humans, normally slipping up and calling us ‘munstahs’. We know he was in a herd, that both him and Truffles were, it’s how they arrived here. The incurring incident was reported the day Truffles and Tommy came to us. A group of kids, most likely teenagers, were seen loitering in a local park and a nervous mother called Animal Control after hearing screaming coming from where they were. We don’t know the extent of the damage, or what damage was done, and while Tommy and Truffles were not hurt, but were the only fluffies that were brought in to us.

They seem to be friends, possibly special friends, and they are seldom apart in their temporary safe room. It also seems that Truffles is pregnant, possibly on her second trimester, but whenever she is talking about ‘babbehs’ she falls silent when we enter the room. We haven’t introduced them to the resident fluffies yet, wanting to make sure they will be safe with Mango first.