Fluffies and Butt Stuff


Use this

  1. insert into the butthole
  2. twist several times
  3. pull out and goodbye poopie-place

Fluffy but,meet beltsander.
If that’s to extreme you can always dunk the backside of an offending shitrat in a mix of chilli powder,asbestos and shredded fiberglass insulation and hope for an sufficiently entertaining outcome.

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  • Figging: Shave a finger of ginger into a small buttplug shape and insert. Also works urethrally.
  • Capsaicin
  • Shaving and icing
  • Shaving and exposure for humiliation
  • Lidocaine: Numb the sphincter so it can’t help but continually leak and be disgusting, prompting further punishment
  • Thumbtacks in the cheeks
  • Cork it unti it’s begging to be allowed to take a dump. Constipation can be excruciating.
  • Wax its buttfluff
  • Caning instead of spanking
  • Smear its bum with honey and stake it out near a fire ant hill
  • Branding or cryobranding
  • Taco bell

cheese grater? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just watched how they use it… :laughing:

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fluffs who are old and their stamps are all healed up would be seen as roll models as for those who feared the stamps.
and for fluffies who want to rebell… an older fluffy still getting burns and still fighting back would be seen as a hero


You ever see the cat silencer from Postal?

Nuff said.




Nair their tails to leave them with naked nubs

Diaper with a mesh panel so their mess leaks anyway and they’re still in trouble

Diaper with a see through panel so everyone can see their mess

Tail plug, for fluffies with otherwise removed tails

Anal bleaching

Ginger root plug

Meds given via suppository

Except asbestos isn’t an irritant. It’s only deadly if you disturb it and fibers start flying. That being said, a fluffy who inhales a shit-ton of asbestos all at once can speed up the disease process considerably!


You could intentionally sever the sensory nerves such that the fluffy’s first warning that they need to poop is when it starts involuntarily sliding out, thus guaranteeing constant punishable bad poopies. Alternately you could sever the motor nerves such that the fluffy can’t hold it in as they waddle to the litter box. OR JUST DO BOTH!


Pineapple juice and sand enemas

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A thing to consider is that the dosage makes the poison.
It’s of course a matter of head cannon but i like the idea that the majority of things that is dangerous or unpleasant to humans is dangerous or unpleasant to fluffies but it requires much less of the substance to reach the critical amount for a fluffy.

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I’m not disputing the weakness of fluffies when it comes to harmful materials. I’m saying just rubbing asbestos on a fluffy’s butt isn’t going to do anything to the butt. Unless the goal was to rub the asbestos to irritate the fibers so that then the fluffy could inhale them.

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Surely a drunk fluffy dying of alcohol poisoning is a little more amusing than the usual SCREE of pain.


not only that, but if you shove everclear or some other hard liquor up there, it’ll sting and burn, potentially causing permanent tissue damage, assuming the fluffy survives the event

I’m gonna suggest going in the opposite direction: coffee.

A coffee enema with the strongest coffee known to man would probably render a fluffy mind-breakingly knurd.


Piercings. Shiny hoop piercings that are pierced behind the anus such that the ring goes into the anus and exits outside the anus, hooking around the sphincter. Size larger than the anus.

Draws attention to their ass with it being shiny and jangling, it’s embarrassing, it’s uncomfortable, and can get caught on turds.


What is that, and where can I get me one?

All this time I didn’t realize @DDxDisaster was into butt stuff