Fluffies in fantasy, by ThatSmugBastard97

It was still warly morning on the edge of the village of Acorncrest as the young wizard Iolas escorted the three fluffys from his backyard, to the door of his home. It had required some convincing when it came to the pink mare, who had been hesitant to follow their “new daddy” and her “special friend” to their new home, but after some well chosen words, she had put her foal on her back and followed the young half-elf and the stallion.

As he opened the door to his home, Iolas made sure to give the fluffys what they would need. Figuring by their size, that they’d be similar to take care of like cats he decided to pull out small bowls that he’d use for food and water to the mature ones… Well as mature as their limited mindset would be considered at least.

He reached into the cupboard before he stopped himself and withdrew his hand and closed it. He then turned towards the small critters and squatted down.
—“So I was just wondering, what do you “fluffys” even eat?” He asked as he looked at the two fluffys
—" Fwuffy eat nummies, Daddeh." The Orange toned fluffy responded and looked back at the young man.
—“Fwuffy eat da bestest nummies, fo bestest miwkies, fo bestest babbeh!” Rose cut in quickly, and sat down her foal in front of her, as if expecting that Iolas would empty out his pantry just because of it.

Iolas facepalmed and rubbed gis eyes with his pointer and thumb.
—“Well that doesn’t narrow it down in the slightest…” he thought to himself. He had his gaze go towards the roof and thought for a second.

The wizard looked back down at the two, thinking that maybe if asking the right questions would tell him what their desired “nummies” are.
—“So what type of nummies do you fluffys eat?” He asks and as he sits down on the floor infront of them.
—“Fwuffy wuv sketties! Sketties am bestest nummies fo fwuffies, daddeh!” Both of them said and started to tip tap in a weird dance in excitement. Even the foal seemed to chirp in anticipation.

Iolas looked at them in confusion.
—“What are Sketties?” He asks himself, then look at them perplexed before standing up and start walking towards the pantry.
—“I’ll see what I can find, but I don’t know if I have these so called Sketties.” He starts to look around to see what he had that he could part with. He found a bag of rice grain, a few things other things and thought of making them some rice porridge. Maybe they could eat that.

He grabs the bag of grains, a jug of milk, and some salt and water. When he was done, pours it in the bowls, and dashes some cinnamon over it before serving it when it had cooled a bit.
—“Here you are, fluffies. Its not “Sketties”, but I think you’ll like it.” He said and put the bowls in front of the two big fluffs.

The fluffies looked at the bowls and sniffed them before the pink one gasped and exclaimed with joy:
—“Smeww wike pwetty nummies!!!” As she started to dig in of the rice porridge.
—“Fank ou, Daddeh! Fank ou fo pwetty nummies.” The orange one said happily and started to eat as well.
—“I’m not your… Whatever.” He said and shook his head.

He looked at the fluffies as they ate and noticed how dirty they were.
—“Anyways. If the three of you are gonna stay here, then you’ll have to be cleaned up a bit.” He says and look at the two older fluffs as they look up from their food and looks at him quizzically.
—“Wat Daddeh mean? Fwuffy am cwean.” Rose said as she had porridge all over her face.

The young wizard sighed and stood up. He put on a kettle of warm water over the fire and went to get something he could bathe the fluffies in.
—“What are they. Where are they from? I’ll have to get to the bottom of this mystery.” He thought to himself as he found a basin to clean the fluffies in.

As he pulls out the basin, a sound could be heard at the back door of the house. He looks over and sets down the basin on the table and goes towards the door. And as he opens it, there’s nobody there, but he hears:
—“Dummy Hoomin! Dis am Smawty wand nao!!!”