Fluffy Adoptables for sale (Weikzu)

Due to the comments on my last post I decided to work on two adoptables! I accept any amount through Paypal since it is the only means of payment I have

Heart Mare Owner: @Spacesheep
Invern Unicorn Owner:


Ahhh these are so cute! How much would you be wanting for the heart mare? (I just don’t wanna offer too low lol)


I misread that as ‘inverse unicorn’ and my brain was like ‘Wait, so it’s like a horn shaped indent in the skull?’


Same here. That unicorn doesen’t look like its derped!

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Maybe he cant actually open that eye?

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Offer what you consider! They are my first adoptables and I will accept any offer n.n

It’s winter :0

Jesus we’re paying money for fake adoptions now?

Hmm, would you do $5?^^

Yeah. It’s like paying for a commission but you gotta do the work yourself.


its okay for me ! I will send you my paypal privately :smiley: