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heavy impressed by charming
she finished preparing the smarties, she grab a needle and filled it with the needed chemical compound. The stallion cries out, “wet smawty out, dummeh wady, gib sketties an’ mawe ow get sowwy poopies!” she just huffed and turn to him, “oh don’ you worry about a thing. I’ll get you everything you ask for, once I’m done with you” he looked puzzled and then he saw the needle,
he struggled against his restrains, “nu wan’ needwe, wet smawty go, wet sma-” she inject the needle into his shoulder, he let out a screeched and begin sobbing. She didn’t pay a mind to the shit and piss he shot out or his tears he cried. She just went to the other legs. She smirks as he looked to her tearing, “nu mowe owwies. W-wet smawty go, gib back weggies, nee’ weggies” she huffed, “aw sorry but I’m not done with you just yet.” She grabs the butt plug and some wipes.

he begin sobbing again as she finished cleaning. She saw a moment of relief on his face when she stopped. She then slams the butt plug into him. He let out a loud cry again and begin struggling and sobbing. She paid no mind to his pain as she prepped some glue and a knife. She turns to the stallion and went to his privates. He begins crying and sobbing again. she grab his balls and he yelp, “nuu! nu gib owwies tu wumps pwace!” she thought on it for a moment then cut out the balls completely and glue the wounds shut. He kept sobbing and begging for her to stop then She grip his no-no places, “mummah nu pwease, nu take peepee pwace, be gud fwuffy, nu gib mowe owwies.” She huffed, “I’m not your mom piece of shit” in one clean cut she chop it off. She lesson to him scream then he passed out, “finally, took this shit forever” she pour glue over his pee whole and painted it to match his fur color. she then went to work on his face. She removed all his teeth and tong. She fixes a tub into his mouth and glues his mouth into a nice smile. She smiled at her work; the tub in his mouth made it look like a toy bottle could be place in it. his eyes begin to open and his head snap up and it look like he tried to sat something but realized he couldn’t speak,
she had to hold his head still as he struggled as removes his eyes and replace them with the pinks one, gluing his eyes wide open. she smiled to herself watching him sobbing, “and now were done” she noticed the time and smiled, “alright, it’s time I go get my daughter, wait right there, I’ll be back soon” she headed out the door as he lays his head down crying silently in pain.

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Never felt as sorry for a smarty as I am now-


As source material goes, you could do a lot worse than Charming. Easily one of the best abuse stories ever.


and this is only the beginning btw, i got a few random ideas for this boy