Fluffy Lava Lamps [chapstick]

fluffy lava lamp

Do you like nontraditional light sources? Do you want a blob of sentient biomass in a glass jar? Are you just a stoner? Then this product is for you! The new Hasbio Fluffy Lava Lamp contains a newly-developed form of fluffy biomass that will “wake up” when heated by the lamp. Heated biomass will rise and split off from the central mass, bubble to the top, cool, and sink back down to fuse with the rest of the biomass once more! Best of all, the liquid inside the lamp will sustain the fluffy indefinitely- no dealing with mealtimes or waste! Get yours today!

WARNING: Do not leave the Fluffy Lava Lamp on for extended periods. Do not remove the Fluffy biomass from the lamp.


just kinda had a thought about a mostly-sentient fluffy lava lamp. the central mass has the same general level of intelligence as the standard fluffy, but as it splits into bubbles, so does its intellect, before it morphs back together into one blob. probably for the best, considering the thing is trapped in a lamp. they’d be too preoccupied with uppies to do much more than chirp anyways.
might elaborate a bit more on this someday but i already had to rewrite this post after losing my draft so today is not that day


Seems like a different way to play Cave Explorer…


Can it be animated?

i mean, it can be? hypothetically? animation is a hell of a lot of work though my man.

'Em lavalamps are also quite loved by autisticals.

Gives me two reasons to get such a lamp.


-has a brain fart- me want-

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The Lamp!

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Looks tasty.

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