Fluffy mare changes by ShititsMe

Fluffy mare changes
Hello!! more “anatomy” driven by ShititsMe and now its the turn of the fluffy mares.

The fluffies vagina its always semi-open coz they dont deppend on hormonal cycles per se so the body needs to be always available to the “enfies”. The modus the mare gets pregnant its by the enfies themself the act causes the mare to ovulate and prepare the uterus for the first stages of the pregnancy and delivery between 2 and 4 foals per litter (there is low chance to not get at least one poopie babbeh in litter upper to 3 foals).

In the pregnancy the vagina enters in a “swollen state” and this helps for many things like, aiding the innefficent body of the mare to prevent forced misbirths, blocking the entrance and prevent forced enfies, taking the fur away leading a clearner exit for the foals, etc.

In the later states of the pregnancy the breasts prepares to the huge hunger of the foals for the nexts months producing little drops even a few days earlier to the “biggest poopies” and after the cleaning of the foals the mare produces the exaggerated quantities of milk. The breasts change their size really fast, in a matter of a week the breast goes form the normal state to the lactation state.

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