Fluffy Pharmacopeia Ep.3 Pt.2 The Four P’s: Psychology(Part1)

Chase looked at the herd in his yard from his phone he decided to give them them a false since of security while he decided on how to approach his next video. He needed to explain the surprisingly difficult topic of fluffy psychology and he needed to find an easy way to show case it even if it meant doing things he found repulsive. He sighed heavily rubbing his face before going to his recording room to start the process again.

He takes a deep breath, recites a few words to himself, and hits record.

“Hello everyone! This is Chase from Fluffy Pharmacopeia and this is part two of The Four P’s, today we will be discussing psychology specifically fluffy psychology. Now that sounds simple seeing as fluffies are dumber than rocks and incapable of any subliminal thought past food sex shit and sex. In fact like human psychology is unbelievably complex maybe not in the same ways but using the core components of typical psychology we can get a better understanding of how a fluffy mind works. Thankfully for us we have a whole herd to test with, I will make a disclaimer however these fluffies are on borrowed time these test may make or break them but at the end it is necessary for us to observe. Now by the time I’m recording this the herd in question has spent about ten minutes in my yard getting acclimated so with that time I’ve been coming up with multiple test to subject them to the first is, environmental changes and their affects on the psyche. Since they’ve been outside in the yard enjoying the grass I’m going to be introducing myself to them for the first time that way we can all get a judge of character and as they get used to the comfort of we’re they are I’ll take it from them and see if what kind of stress that brings about, don’t worry though I’ll be recording as much of it as I can and I’ll edit myself in when it comes time to explain everything. All that said let’s go meet our guest.”

Chase stopped the recording and proceeded to his back porch, watching the herd make a mess of his yard, eating his grass bare and shitting where they pleased it seems they already made them selves at home. Perfect Chase thought, he starts recording on his security cameras and walks outside. As he walks out the fluffies continue about their lives oblivious to him, Chase just sits there waiting to see when they do notice his presence. After about five minutes Poopeh looked up from a fairly large pile of shit left for him to clean up and saw Chase standing there, as programmed he went up to him and sat up.

Hewwo nice mistah, be nyu daddeh?

Hearing the tell tale words of ownership the herd finally comes to the realization that Chase was standing there. They all come up with excited and expectant looks in there eyes, all except Smarty, who came up with cheeks puffed and instantly started to make demands.

DIS SMAWTY WAND NOA! GIB SMAWTY SKETTIS AN TOYSIES NAO!” he stomped his foot after almost every word, after finishing his demands the video cuts.

Chase is in his office and begins to speak.

“Well as you heard that’s what’s known as a smarty, a smarty is a fluffy who usually thinks they are better and smarter than the average fluffy and therefore take leadership roles of herds however this is more mental disorder than a leg up as I’ll explain along with the other negative fluffy dynamics and roles we’ll be seeing in this episode.” Multiple little diagrams pop up on the video labeling different conditions and roles in a herd specifically this one.

Smarties and Smarty Syndrome:
Smarty Syndrome is a term used when a fluffy, usually a bestest babbeh thinks of itself as better or above other fluffies. This is usually marked with a unicorn as they have a supposed higher intellect compared to those around it, however it would be more accurate to say that smarties are simply more confident and egotistical than the fluffies it surrounds itself with, while there are some instances of smarties having legitimate higher average intelligence compared to its herd it is generally easy to neglect as even a smart fluffy is borderline severely autistic by human standard. Smarties are pretty easy to spot as they tend to announce themselves quite often, when not announcing themselves you can usually spot them by their size and body language. Smarties tend to be bigger than the rest of their herd simply cause they are often selfish with food and other resources. This being sad not all smarties are bad though very rare there are some smarties that can be proper leaders as in caring for the well being of others usually becoming a smarty because their strength and compassion, but it’s pretty uncommon so don’t expect it. Smarties usually become leaders by sheer overwhelming confidence or based of shows of strength, either way it’s usually best to neutralize a smarty in case of an invasion as breaking Smarty Syndrome is next to impossible.

Toughies are one the more simple to define roles in a fluffy herd as they usually only serve to functions: protect the herd or follow the smarty. Toughies typically fall into these roles based of their own mental and emotional capacity, a smarter more compassionate Toughie will protect its herd even at the cost of its own life often in vain but that’s semantics, however a Toughie with limited knowledge and a more selfish personality will follow the smarty acting as it’s body guards or doing it’s dirty work this typically follows a trail of abuse and rape. Most dysfunctional herds have Toughies that blindly follow their smarty no matter the action or consequence usually leading in their death or the deaths of other fluffies. Toughies as the name implies are a tad more resilient compared to others and are often earthies since they are larger and sturdier than other species of fluffy.

Bitch Mare Syndrome(Bestest Mummah):
Bitch Mare Syndrome is usually exhibited in domestic mares as they have an unrealistic standard on motherhood though ferals do occasionally show this as well. Generally a Bitch Mare will be very selective of her foals and have certain expectations of them typically their color. BM’s are always easy to spot as they will constantly call themselves bestest mummah or reference bestest milkies and tummeh babbehs. BM’s like smarties are extremely demanding especially for comfort items like “skettis” or toys and shelter often again referring to their foals as a guilt tripping method. Similarly to smarties BM’s also come from being bestest babbehs as they are often spoiled and therefore have unrealistic expectations for the way they should be treated. BM’s are also the primary if not sole contributor to bestest babbehs usually choosing which foal looks the most like them or their partner if not that then which ever one has the most appealing colors, BM’s also have a large disdain for poorly colored foals or poopie babbehs these foals will often be neglected and forced to eat the feces of the mother and other foals if they are lucky otherwise they are killed outright usually as a sacrifice or out of spite in the case of a domestic. While not all mares can become BM’s it’s very easy for them to become one especially if they are just reaching sexual maturity as they have not had the time to understand parenthood or being an adult fluffy, if you have a mare that is demanding or begging for babbehs do not give in and do not under any circumstances let them outside as almost 69% of BM’s are runaway domestics who leave solely to get pregnant.

Bestest Babbehs:
Bestest Babbehs are as simple as it can get, they are the favorite foal or foals(in some cases) of the litter. This is usually because the foal is the same color as it’s mother or father otherwise it’s because they have a by fluffy standard appealing color. BB’s tend to be fat, lazy and bratty as they spoiled by their mothers. Thankfully a BB can be taught out of that behavior, but be warned if a BB refers to itself as a Smarty it’s too far gone and will be basically impossible to cure. All in all its best to teach a mother to love all her babbehs though a feral will have a harder time doing so as it goes against their programming.

Poopie Babbehs and/or Fluffies:
Poopie babbehs are always poor colored foals usually being brown or dark green. Poopie fluffies occur mostly in feral life though if a mare has BM then even in a domestic or sheltered life they can resort to this level of abuse. Poopie babbehs are neglected and abused often forced to eat their mother and siblings feces as well as licking them clean, in some cases it’s been seen that poopie babbehs will be defecated on and end up being crushed and suffocated in the feces, garnering no attention or worry from the mother. Even though they are abused and often killed before reaching adulthood they do have a noticeable higher survival chance from outside influences like people or predators as they can camouflage into their environments better than their technicolor companions ,though it is still extremely low.

After the explanations are edited off the video Chase appears again with a final addendum.

“Before I let you guys go back to the video, I want to specify something. While I call this fluffy psychology it would be more accurate to call it programming as they are given specific behavioral and emotional connections by design if you really wanted to trace it back, mares in Hasbio labs were probably programmed to kill unfavorable colored foals as a means of quality control as well as choosing bestest babbehs and the like. Like all programming though it can be edited and this is we’re the psychology comes into play, you can teach a fluffy to love all foals and eventually overwrite that genetic programming, but if it’s already happened once it’s extremely difficult to remove those behaviors. Just something to keep in mind, now back to the video.”

Ok that’s it for this chapter I was going to finish but I was and still am suffering from major writers block and having such long explanations on different fluffy positions and trying to give reason to them almost burnt me out I’ll make part two hopefully faster than this. Regardless I hope you enjoy and sorry for it not being complete any ideas and criticisms are always welcome.


I’m intrigued to see what Chase’s plans are, he looks to be going for a non-violent option which could be interesting, although I fear Smarty is too far gone.

The others though? Could be easy to turn them against him, help show that Smarty is a fucking idiot.


Well I like to try and improv stories as awful as that sounds with a rough idea in my mind that I cycle through a few times. Chase is going to be violent for sure but gradually as so far as I can see he still is focusing on education with his videos it just so happens that abusing fluffies can be very educational. I will say this I have no plans of letting smarty live I just don’t believe smarties are curable in any form once the word is uttered from a fluffies mouth it’s as good as dead.


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Im curious what comes next, I hope Chase cab at least spare Poopeh. But its your story so will wait and see.

Sure, Sunflower deserves a Litter Pal!

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